At A Glance

  • Age: 19 years, 8 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


3/23/06: LuLu arrived at our house this past Saturday and is settling in very nicely. She was returned to RAGOM because her family had a new baby, so had no time for LuLu. Although she's not a Golden, she seems to have the heart of one. With the exception of when we come home from work or from an outing, LuLu is a pretty mellow girl. She's also very gentle compared to our 3 year old male Golden.

LuLu is a 3 year old Bloodhound mix. She weighs about 54 lbs. Her coat is very different from that of a Golden. It's actually a nice change because her hair is a lot shorter and is much easier to manage throughout the house compared to our Golden's hair. Speaking of hair, LuLu got a bath the first day she got to our house. As you might imagine it wasn't the most exciting event for her, but she did very well while being groomed.

For the most part LuLu responds well to commands -- sit, stay, come and down. She has been through obedience training, but it certainly never hurts to take another class. She also does very well on walks. LuLu would be a perfect walking or running companion. We do use a Gentle Leader on her when we go for walks, otherwise she has a tendency to pull. She doesn't seem to mind the Gentle Leader one bit, so it works out!

LuLu is truly a very mellow girl. She has hardly given us any trouble since she's been with us. When we ask her to "lay down," she obeys. When we ask her to "kennel up," she obeys. When we ask her to keep her nose out of the garbage, she obeys. LuLu likes to wrestle with our Golden, so once in awhile things get a little out of control, but both are easily calmed down.

LuLu seems to really like dog beds. One of the beds we have has now become "LuLu's bed." She also likes to lounge on the couch, but she's totally content with being on her dog bed. LuLu also loves stuffed toys. She has found several stuffed toys throughout our house and brings them to us. She also seems to enjoy Nylabones and balls.

We think LuLu would be an excellent addition to most families. However, we feel she would do best in a home without small children or cats, and a home here she's the only dog. When LuLu first arrived at our house there were a few incidents where it seemed that LuLu felt threatened by our Golden. She did growl at him. It seemed as if she was jealous that we were giving attention to our Golden and not enough to her. That only happened a few times and has since not been an issue. It's possible that LuLu was feeling stressed about being in a new environment and that triggered her behavior. With that said, we believe she would do the very best in a forever home where she's the only dog and perhaps doesn't feel threatened by children who are about her size or smaller.

If you are an approved app and are are interested in meeting LuLu, please email [email protected]. She is a great girl and is waiting to meet her forever family -- she's a catch!

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