At A Glance

  • Age: 9 years, 5 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 65.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Hi, I'm Maggie, a purebred Golden Retriever. I am about 65 lbs, potty trained, micro chipped, and have all of my shots. I am also up to date on flea and Heart worm preventative medications. I do not have any health issues and I love big people, little people, cats and dogs. I really like to play with other dogs so I would like my new home to have another large dog to play with. If you do not have another large dog that likes to play, that's ok but I will want to play with you for several hours a day or go to a place like a doggy day care where I can play. Please read my foster parents notes below and if you are interested in meeting me in person, contact your RAGOM Placement Advisor. 

Maggie was surrendered to RAGOM and came to our home on April  25th. The Surrendering Owner (SO) made the difficult decision to surrender Maggie after her other dog tore an ACL and had surgery last year. The ligaments were not healing because Maggie and the other dog were constantly playing and the SO could not keep the other dog quiet and resting. SO's vet recently warned that if she could not keep her dog from playing that more costly surgery would be required. The SO took excellent care of Maggie. She trained her with the commands: sit, stay, leave it, down, and to give high fives. The command heel while walking on a leash is a work in progress. Maggie eats high quality grain free food by Blue Buffalo Wilderness and her new owners should maintain this diet. She is very sweet but can be a little shy in new situations. She needs a few minutes to warm up when she meets new people and dogs but after the warming up period she bonds very quickly. She is very calm inside the house and does not chew inappropriate items, have any storm or separation anxieties or resource guarding issues with humans or other dogs. She grew up on a horse farm and had contact with animals of all sorts. When we walk her, she does not pull on the leash but she zig-zags left and right and wants to stop and smell all of the new city smells she has never experienced. Maggie does not need a fence; she was allowed free roam in the horse pastures while walking with the SO and at our house she uses a tie out. She is crate trained, which is where we keep her during work hours but we have no reason to believe she needs to be crated. Maggie likes to keep close to her humans and sleep in her human family's bed. She will snuggle with you for a few minutes and then will go down and lie at the foot of the bed without being told. I assume the SO taught her to do this. Finally, Maggie loves to play with toys and other large dogs. She has always lived with another large dog and she would prefer one in her new home. In summary, we feel that Maggie needs the following in her new "furever" home:

  1. Lots of love and attention
  2. Commitment to feeding her a high quality dog food 
  3. Continuation of her training while walking on a leash
  4. Lots of exercise and play time with another dog
  5. Humans that don't mind her snuggling in their bed
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