Maggie 18-131

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Maggie 18-131Maggie 18-131


Maggie came to RAGOM from an out-of-town humane society. Maggie is a senior girl who still has a good amount of energy. She is house trained, behaves and listens well, and needs daily exercise.

At a Glance #18-131

Mixed Breed Born: November 2007
Female 45 lbs

Status: Adopted

Maggie's Well-wishers

Michelle H
"We hope you find your forever home soon!"


Maggie came to RAGOM from an out-of-town humane society. Maggie is a senior girl who still has a good amount of energy. She is house trained, behaves and listens well, and needs daily exercise.


Tuesday, July 23, 2019

We are so happy and excited to announce that Maggie has found her forever home! She has waited quite a while for somewhere to hang her leash and it was worth the wait. Maggie found the perfect forever home.

Thank you, Hannah, for opening your heart and home to an older girl. It takes a special person to adopt a senior dog and you are definitely that. As a foster of many senior dogs, I know they deserve a lot of love and a nice warm place to lay their head no matter how much time they have left. You share the same thoughts and I know you will give Maggie the very best home she could ever have.

Maggie, have fun with Hannah. You will be well taken care of and will get all the love you could ever want. We miss you, but we are so grateful and happy that you have your very own forever home!

Maggie 18-131
Maggie 18-131

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

I know it's been a while since we have written in about Maggie. She is doing well and is loving the winter being gone so we can be outside in the sunshine and warm temps.

Maggie put on a little weight over the winter because there was so much ice and snow. After having both of her ACL's repaired, we didn't want to chance taking her for a walk and having her fall. So we have been going on some walks to see if we can get a few pounds off of her.

We have Maggie on Apoquel for her skin issues again. We had stopped it over the winter, but once the warm weather came she had started licking her paws. The Apoquel does seem to help. We also try to give her regular baths.

If anyone is looking for a sweet, older girl, Maggie might be for you. She loves attention and would be fine as the only dog. With other resident dogs she does need slow introductions. Maggie would be so happy to find her forever home.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Here's a big "Happy Spring" from Maggie! Everyone is so happy the snow is melting and there are spots without any snow at all. The road is finally clear of all that bumpy, slippery ice so we can start going on walks again.

Maggie has returned to her original foster now that Foster Mom is moving better after surgery. We are glad to have her back with us.

Maggie has had a little trouble getting rid of an ear infection in one of her ears. At the last vet appointment she had just a little bit left, so it was treated. We will take her back in about a week to see if everything looks good. Maggie seems to be a dog that has trouble with ear infections. We have her on a lamb dry food and no chicken or turkey to see if that helps at all.

Maggie also developed a little bit of lameness in one of her back legs recently. Since she had ACL surgery in both hind legs last fall, I was concerned. The vet thought with her age and having both surgeries she probably has arthritis. With all the snow and ice she may have slipped outside and caused that.

Maggie was on some anti-inflammatory medication for a short time and that seemed to help. We will have to watch her and see if she might need to repeat that treatment.

Because of her lameness, Maggie would do best in a home without many stairs. She is in a rambler style house now, so there are only a couple stairs to get outside. Maggie would not be able to handle going up and down a lot of stairs each day.

Maggie continues to wait for her forever home. I know there is one out there for her. She would love to give someone lots of love and companionship.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Maggie is doing well and is stealing many hearts! In addition to being very bright and affectionate, she is a lot of fun. She has a Kong in the shape of a ball. Last week she dropped it at my feet and I tossed it. She came back and dropped it at my feet again, leading to a rousing game of fetch.

She does a twirl when asked if she wants a treat and sits patiently waiting. She also does a little dance when she is petted by her tail. She is in good spirits with her new mobility, thanks to RAGOM paying for her two ACL surgeries. Again, don't be fooled by her age!

She loves riding in the car, taking walks, playing tug of war and toss, is great with stairs, and enjoys her naps as do many of us! In general she has a wonderful, sweet loving personality. I totally adore her, and so want Maggie to find her forever home.

Maggie runs to great her new friend
Maggie runs to great her new friend
Friends united
Friends united

I've had Goldens and Golden/Lab mixes all my life. My last two were from RAGOM. Zoey was a Golden/Lab mix and 9 years old when I adopted her, and she stayed with me for four wonderful years. So I know the joy of these breeds.

My work is gradually taking me away from home, and I want Maggie to be with a person or persons who can give her the love she enjoys and deserves on a constant basis.

Complete an Inquiry for Application for Maggie—you'll be most happy you did!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

I have fostered Maggie for a month, after her previous foster family of five-plus months had to sadly transfer her due to other pending issues. Don’t be fooled by Maggie’s age, just having turned 11 on November 21st. She is healthy in every way and very active. Her vet said she is fully recovered from her second ACL surgery.

Maggie is very smart, loves to hop into and ride in the car, plays retrieve with a ball, enjoys a peanut butter Kong, walks, has great hearing and teeth, and is not on any meds! She is very affectionate and well mannered. She gets up in the morning only when I do.

I saw her grief when she had to say goodbye to her first foster mom, and as a result she has experienced some signs of separation anxiety. I have worked with her and this has been getting better over time.

I have gone through this previously with other dogs and have trained them to trust that I’ll be back when I leave with, “Guard the house.” Maggie picked it up quickly. I think we are past the worrisome stage.

She needs to be on a Gentle Leader, otherwise she often greets with a bark and wagging tail. She sometimes needs slow introductions to men, as she will bark at them, then it’s all good. Maggie has a warm heart and is very affectionate. She is completely loveable and youthful.

I’ve had many Golden and Golden mixes over the years, and she is very special. Friends have called her adorable and I have often been asked her age by strangers. When I have them guess, four is what comes up frequently.

To meet Maggie, fill out an application, and we can set a date! She needs to be in a home where a person or persons are with her most of the time.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Maggie had ACL surgery on her left hind leg on November 8th. She is doing really well. She has the same treatment plan as she did when she had ACL surgery on her right hind leg back in August.

I think I am having a deja vu moment.

We have various stretching and strengthening exercises that we do a couple of times a day. It does not take long to do them. Maggie can be adopted during her recovery time as long as the adoptive home is willing to continue her treatment plan.

When Maggie has to go outside, she will need to be kept on a leash for another six weeks. She goes potty on a leash with no problems. She is moving around very well and the vet was very happy with her progress at her 2 week check up this past Wednesday. Maggie recovered very well from her first ACL surgery and I expect her to do the same with this one.

Maggie would be so happy to find her forever home. Please let us know if you'd be interested in having a loving, senior girl join you for the holidays.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Maggie had her 8 week post surgery check up last week and the vet thought her leg was doing great. We are waiting on the final report after the X-rays are read by the specialist.

Look at my flexibility. The yoga is really paying off!

Maggie has recently become lame on her left hind leg, so we are having that checked also. We should have results from that soon. It's not unusual to have one leg repaired and then needing it on the other leg. We know Maggie had injuries to both of her hind legs at some point in her life and it wasn't addressed at the time they happened.

We have been going on short walks so that Maggie gets some exercise. She isn't happy when she is left behind and Harry 18-160 gets to go, so we take them both for a short walk and then Harry gets to go again for a longer one.

When Harry leaves for the longer walk, we give Maggie a Kong with peanut butter and treats to keep her busy. She is a happy girl when she sees the Kong getting filled.

Ready for Tricks or Treats. I love treats!

Maggie is an easy girl to have around. Even though she has more energy for an older girl, she enjoys long naps and hanging out wherever I happen to be. Maggie would make a great companion for someone who would love to have a dog but doesn't want to take on a puppy or younger dog.

We will update again soon when we hear from the orthopedic vet. 

Friday, September 28, 2018

Maggie is doing really well. We are about 5 weeks out from her ACL surgery. I think she is getting really tired of not being able to run and go on walks, but it won't be long and we can start on the walks. She seems to be moving on her leg much better, so that is a good sign.

Maggie is not so itchy since she has been on the Apoquel. For now, we are not feeding her any food with chicken or turkey. I do think that has also been helping. It's hard to know exactly what was causing her skin issues but changing her food was definitely worth a try. I have been brushing her quite a bit and I think her coat is finally losing less hair. The better food helps that, too.

Maggie can be in a home as an only dog or with another dog. She is somewhat of an "attention hog" so she would probably like having it all to herself. If I'm not paying attention to her at times, she reminds me by letting out this little, low growly noise. She's saying, "Hey, do you not see me? Just want a few pets please." After her pets she will lay down, satisfied with a little dose of loving.

Even though Maggie will be 11 years old in November, she is like a spring chicken. Everyone that meets her can't believe she is a senior dog. I think she is like the Energizer Bunny that keeps on going.

If anyone out there has a soft place in their heart for a senior girl, Maggie would love to meet you. Senior dogs are just so grateful for the love and care that they receive. A warm place to sleep, some food and love is what everyone wants in their golden years.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Maggie is a Golden Retriever and Labrador mix who will be 11 years old in November. She is a senior girl but she still has a good amount of energy. She loves going on walks, which we do twice a day. She is house trained, behaves and listens well, and needs daily exercise. Maggie is a sweet girl and a Velcro dog who wants to be right by her people. 

Maggie came to us with a couple of medical issues. It seems that she has had chronic ear infections throughout her life. The tips of her ears turn under due to a hematoma forming on each ear from shaking her head a lot while having those infections. We are currently treating an infection in both ears.

Maggie also had torn her right ACL some time in her life. When she arrived here she would not put all of her weight on her right back leg. She would touch her toe down but it was clear that leg was causing her pain.

Maggie had ACL surgery on August 23 and she is doing well. She must be kept on a leash while going outside for 8 weeks. She is also doing post-operative care, which includes daily exercises to help with range of motion and strength.

Following doctor's orders and taking it easy after ACL surgery.
Following doctor's orders and taking it easy after ACL surgery.
Room service is great!
Room service is great!

Maggie was laying on her bed resting when our other foster dog, Summer 18-133, walked over, backed up, and plopped down on part of the dog bed. It was pretty cute! Maggie gets along well with her foster sister Summer and our resident cat. She is a great girl who would love to find her forever home.

Is there room for me?
Is there room for me?

Maggie's ACL surgeries were costly, so if you would like to donate towards her medical expenses, RAGOM would greatly appreciate it! You can also sponsor Maggie—just click the red "SPONSOR MAGGIE" button here on her page.