Mandy Joy


At A Glance

  • Age: 19 years, 9 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Mandy Joy is a beautiful purebred Golden Retriever. She was born December 5, 2002 and is now 2-1/2 years old. Mandy comes to us from a puppy mill in Missouri where she was used to breed puppies. When she first arrived, she was very scared. She found her safe place on our family room couch. I?d get her off the couch to go outside and as soon as she came in, she immediately would hop back on the couch. It also took her a few days to relax enough to eat. We put a shallow bowl of food on the couch and she would eat a little. I started bringing her into the kitchen to eat, blocking the other dogs out of the kitchen so they didn?t eat her food. I would add chicken, hotdogs, tuna, etc. to make her food more enticing, put a few pieces on the floor near her, look away from her and slowly she would move over to the food bowl and eat. She now can be fed with all the dogs. She also will get off the couch on her own, run around the house with the dogs and goes outside with them.

Mandy is a darling girl. She gets along beautifully with the other four dogs here. Surprisingly, she immediately knew how to go up and down stairs, and she hasn?t had one accident in the house, seeming to know that outside is where the bathroom area is. She loves to be petted. She?ll crawl right up in your lap to be petted if you want her to. She has met people in my backyard and runs right up to be petted. She?ll nose the other dogs out of the way to be petted. She loves to be petted. I leave her with free roam of the house during the day and she hasn?t bothered anything. She sleeps by the side of the bed at night and is super easy to have around. We will now start to expand her horizons. She still falls flat to the floor if scared, so going for walks and riding in the car will be new experiences to help her learn that no one is going to hurt her.

Mandy will need a home with a gentle-voiced, relaxed family, positive motivation, another dog in the home and a fenced-in yard. If you want a beautiful, friendly girl and would like to help her develop into the self-confident dog that she deserves to be, you would enjoy meeting Mandy Joy.

Mandy Joy
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