At A Glance

  • Age: 17 years, 6 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


10/11/05: Mango arrived at his new foster home on Sunday evening, Oct. 09 in Ankeny, Iowa. We did not know much about Mango before meeting him - he was surrendered by his former family, still a very young pup, Golden/Poodle mix, and very sweet! What an accurate description of this little guy with his curly coat. We also knew there were concerns about Mango's leg - neurological damage.

The first night was a little rough getting adjusted as we are a little rusty on being a foster home and Mango had to refresh us! Last night was much better - Mango sleeps through the night with ease and so far has been doing great with house training and crate training. Keep our fingers crossed. I was surprised last night as I held him in a recliner that he did not fuss or squirm. So content to just sit there with me. He is very gentle and seems to be getting along just fine with my two resident Goldens. He is not a very brave soul though and is easily spooked by the noise of other canines outside. Mango loves toys and is very, very playful and bouncy and wags that tail a bunch. Mango has a nickname here - "Manny".

This is the news from the vet regarding Manny's leg:

1. Tough decision what to do - possible amputation - we are being referred to a neurological specialist/director at the Iowa State Univ Vet School.

2. No sensation/feeling on top surface of foot - does have some sensation/feeling deep in the nerve - vet was able to tell this by feeling his foot/leg and reaction from puppy

3. Not really concerned about infection at this point - we did not receive any antibiotics for Mango's sores on leg - but did get some tips on how to wrap it and received a spray to aid the skin's healing.

4. Mango was on prednisone previously from another vet in Waterloo - we are not continuing this treatment. Does not recommend prednisone for such young puppy. Also, Mango is being treated for fecal parasites and ear mites.

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