Maple 18-231A

Maple 18-231AMaple 18-231A


Maple is one of 11 dogs RAGOM rescued through an auction sale on October 27, 2018. She is a young girl and weighs just under 64 pounds. She is learning the ropes of living indoors. She is quickly learning by following the lead of my resident dogs.

At a Glance #18-231A

Golden Retriever Born: April 2016
Female 64 lbs

Status: Adopted


Maple is one of 11 dogs RAGOM rescued through an auction sale on October 27, 2018. She is a young girl and weighs just under 64 pounds. She is learning the ropes of living indoors. She is quickly learning by following the lead of my resident dogs.


Saturday, April 20, 2019

After nearly six months in foster care, Miss Maple has been adopted by the F family! Her new Dad is retired and her Mom mostly works from a home office. Plus, Maple has a big sister, Sadie, who will hopefully show her what dog toys are for. Maple and Sadie have a super big backyard to romp and play in.  

Maple 18-231A

While Foster Dad misses his snuggle partner, Maple, and all of the kisses she gave him and the resident dogs, he couldn't be more happy that Maple found such a great forever home. Congratulations Maple and the F family!

Maple 18-231A

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Miss Maple has been doing well in foster care. She has been busy this month attending RAGOM Meet & Greets. She went to the Shakopee Chuck & Don's event on February 2, and the Lakeville Wag 'n Wash today. She is starting to enjoy going to the events as she loves to get pets and affection from most anyone. She even tolerated wearing a tutu at the Lakeville event.

Maple 18-231A

Our progress with Maple continues to go well. Maple will walk in and out of the event store locations without needing to be carried.

She has also recently mastered the art of eating her kibble out of her dog dish without Foster Dad having to hold the dish, although she sometimes needs a little encouragement to start eating. I praise her each time when she completely eats all of her kibble, much to the dismay of the resident dogs who think she may leave them some food.

Look to see us at one of the upcoming events in March. We are hopeful someone will see Maple for the gem that she is! 

Maple 18-231A

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Maple wants to wish all of her fans a Happy Holiday Season!  

December has flown by and Maple has been busy. She went to her first ever Meet and Greet in Shakopee on December 8th. She met lots of nice people and got plenty of pets, hugs, and treats. 

Getting in and out of the Chuck and Don's store was a challenge. Maple is still very leery of walking on a leash, and car traffic and humans walking by made her stop and refuse to move any further. So Foster Dad carried her in and out of the store.

Maple is in recovery mode from her spay surgery on December 20th. She also had a big cyst on the top of her head removed while she was spayed.

She has some great care providers at our clinic. In fact, the doctor who performed her surgery is interested in adopting Maple. They would be an ideal home if only they had another dog.

Maple is best buds with resident dog, Bella. They are like two peas in a pod. Bella is helping to show Maple the life of being a member of a house. We are still working on the housetraining (thankfully much fewer accidents) and also on what is appropriate to chew on (dog toys, YES....rug, collars, and pet beds, NO).  

Happy Holidays!



Sunday, November 18, 2018

Maple 18-231 was one of nearly 280 dogs sold at an auction in Missouri on October 27. Fortunately, Maple and 10 other lucky dogs were saved by RAGOM. Maple is a retired breeder dog who came from Iowa and is now in foster care in Minnesota.

Maple will be three years old next April 19. She weighs in at just under 64 pounds and is fairly healthy at her initial vet visit. She has an infection in both of her ears, so we are administering medicated drops on a daily basis. We have yet to schedule her spay appointment.

Maple is doing well in foster care. She adores my resident dog, Bella 18-110, as they are close in age. Bella is trying hard to get Maple to play chase outside and engage in the zoomies at break neck speeds. So far, Maple mostly observes and sticks close to Foster Dad like a second shadow. Maple does not understand what dog toys are, but she does enjoy gnawing on many of the nylabones.

We are working on housetraining. The first week was great with only one or two accidents. The past two weeks we have had numerous accidents. We have to figure out a better training schedule in getting Maple out mid-day while Foster Dad works. Weekends while Foster Dad is home more has helped reinforce our potty breaks outside with fewer to no accidents.

One other area we are working on is getting Maple used to walking on a leash. Right now that is a terrifying experience and we have not been able to enjoy walks. Hopefully she will relax and follow her pal Bella soon on adventures outside of the backyard.

Unlike a number of retired breeder dogs that I have fostered, Maple loves to be close by me. She is lying next to my chair as I type this. And at night she jumps up on the bed with her pal Bella. They have a big competition going on who can be close to me and get more prized petting and snuggling.

Check back for future updates on Maple and her new adventures!