Mattie (Matilda (Piper) 13-212)

Matilda/Piper 13-212Matilda/Piper 13-212


Matilda (Mattie), previously known as Piper, is one of the sweetest dogs ever. You can’t help but smile when you look at her eyes and that face! She has a spunky side, loves having fun, and is quite the clown. Mattie was adopted but came back to RAGOM because her family was concerned about her anxiety while they were away at work.

At a Glance #13-212

Mixed Breed Born: July 2011
Female 50 lbs

Status: Adopted


Matilda (Mattie), previously known as Piper, is one of the sweetest dogs ever. You can’t help but smile when you look at her eyes and that face! She has a spunky side, loves having fun, and is quite the clown. Mattie was adopted but came back to RAGOM because her family was concerned about her anxiety while they were away at work.


Thursday, August 2, 2018

Miss Mattie was adopted by the F family. She joins another RAGOM Golden Lab named Daisy, a kitty named Rosie, and a work-from-home brother. They are all absolutely thrilled to have Mattie as part of their family.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Mattie (Matilda/Piper) has been a social butterfly lately. We went to Petapalooza at the State Fairgrounds in June. Even though it was a rainy day, we met lots of nice people and got to sniff lots of new dogs. She also got to go to Dog Days of Summer at the Bent Brewstillery in Roseville this past weekend. She met a 150-pound Great Dane and her tail never stopped wagging.

All the rain we have had lately has forced the varmints into hiding, so Mattie loves to explore the yard to find out where they have been. Her tail wags constantly when she's on the hunt.

We also went to another Meet and Greet at Chuck and Don’s in Edina a couple of weekends ago. It was by far the most relaxed and outgoing Mattie has been at a get-together. She met a younger couple and their dog and promptly rolled on her back for belly rubs. She had only previously done that in the safety of my home, so I was happily surprised. Yay Mattie!

We discovered that she does not have any storm anxiety. She also came through the 4th of July with flying colors. She was not spooked at all when people were lighting off firecrackers all day long. There was only one moment when she got a little scared.

We had gone out for the last time of the day just as a neighbor lit off a bunch of bottle rockets and roman candles. That even got my normally unflappable resident dog to jump a bit, so it was understandable.  Once we came back inside, she only needed a couple of minutes to realize she was safe and all was well.

Foster Dad, on the other hand, was a little irked that the neighbors kept at it until midnight, as the 5th was a work day.

Mattie would love to find her forever home with another confident dog and with a family who can give her free roam.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

While we get ready for another trip to Chuck & Don’s for a Meet & Greet, I thought I would give a quick update to clarify some things about Ms. Mattie.

At the last Meet & Greet, she did well with younger kids. I have her listed as "Children age 10+" because she likes to play vigorously. Younger kids around 6 or 7 would be okay as long as they know how to play with dogs appropriately and have some adult supervision. Mattie would probably love to sleep on a two-legged sibling’s bed at night for extra snuggles, regardless of age.

Because of Mattie's past fears and anxiety, she will require another large, confident dog in her adoptive home. In her foster home she gets along well with her canine companion and benefits from his company when I am away. 

When she first returned to RAGOM, her foster had a cat in the home. There were slow introductions and supervision for the first few days. Once Mattie was clear on the rules, she and the cat got along famously. So, yes, she can go to a home with a dog-savvy cat.

Mattie’s ideal forever home will have a 6-foot privacy fence. However, it’s not critical. She does fine with my 4-foot chain-link fence, but I always have her on a leash while in the back yard. This is probably more about me being a first-time foster.

My neighbors have their Lab mix on a pulley run from their house to a tree because her energy level is very similar to Mattie’s, and she does just fine. Mattie would also do well on a tie-out as long as she got exercise and play time. She is very quick to go potty and will come right back in the house.

Matilda/Piper 13-212

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Mattie is happy that the snow is finally gone and the entire back yard is free for an all out run with her foster brother. She loves all the new smells and has become a bit obsessed with the bird’s nest under my deck. She’ll go back and play with my resident for a while, and then rush up the stairs to make sure the birds haven’t left.

She is also fascinated with the Pitbull/Lab mix that lives a couple doors down and wishes Izzy could come over for a play date. She is easily redirected with a “Let’s go” command, the signal that play/potty time is over and it’s time to go inside.

Matilda/Piper 13-212

She went on another RAGOM Meet & Greet a couple of weeks ago and did much better. It was a beautiful day and we were outside, so I think she felt more comfortable. She went up to everyone that stopped by, because you never know who will have treats in their pockets.

She sat nicely for some small kids and accepted their pets and ear scratches, and did not seem at all nervous. One little girl even got a big, slobbery kiss.

Matilda/Piper 13-212

She has gotten more comfortable with the routine here, and it seems like she is always smiling. She gets a full-fledged wiggle butt when she receives attention and it seems like she’ll wag her tail off. She loves tummy rubs and being brushed, but is sensitive about her nails.

She has decided that the queen-sized bed in my spare bedroom is now hers. However, if it’s nice enough to have the windows open, she will also hang out in the office while I work.

Matilda/Piper 13-212

Saturday, April 21, 2018

"Mattie here. I thought I’d write my own update this time.

"I moved to Brooklyn Park in late February. I quickly met a big klutz named Gulliver, and we became instant friends. Gulliver is a nice boy and gives me my space when I need it, but we love to wrestle and play. I love the big back yard here.

"One of my favorite things to do is to grab a ball and tease him until he chases me. He’s getting faster, but I’m still lightning quick and can turn on a dime. I love, love, love running in the yard! It gives me a chance to stretch my legs which, by the way, are starting to look fabulous. Hubba Hubba!"

Mattie/Piper 13-212

"Since I’ve moved to Brooklyn Park, I’ve gone on several adventures. Foster Dad takes me to school every week so I can improve my confidence and hang around with other dogs. We get to climb on obstacles and do some fancy tricks.

Foster Dad says I’m a star! I’ve also gotten to go to a couple of things called Meet & Greets. I’ve met a lot of furry friends and humans… and gotten LOTS of treats!

"There are all these people, and dogs, and a multitude of new smells. I have to say though, it’s a bit overwhelming for me. Foster Dad says I act a bit aloof, but I don’t know what that means. I’m very affectionate and friendly when I’m in a comfortable environment.

"Foster Dad reads in bed every night, and I always make sure I say goodnight to him. Once I get my last pets and ear scratches for the day, I sleep knowing I’m safe and sound. It helps having Gulliver around, because when we’re not playing, he’s pretty mellow and relaxed."

Mattie/Piper 13-212

Foster Dad here. Before Mattie originally came into RAGOM, she had a rough life through no fault of her own. Because of her past, she needs to be in a home with another larger, confident dog. She needs to have free roam as she will do self-harm if crated. She would be perfect in a home where someone is home all day or with older kids who could let her out to play after school.

However, the key is in having another dog to keep her company while her humans are away. She is spoiled here because I work from home and we take several play breaks throughout the day. She usually spends the day on her "throne" so she can watch the world go by.

Mattie/Piper 13-212

Mattie is a very sweet and wonderful girl despite her past. She would really love a family she could call her very own. Whoever adopts her will be rewarded with undying affection and loving kisses.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Ms. Mattie has made amazing progress in the past month as she has become more comfortable in her environment. She even got to go to her first RAGOM Meet & Greet at Chuck & Don’s in Shakopee last Saturday and made a lot of new friends. 

Matilda/Piper 13-212

We started a training class a few weeks ago for confidence and bonding. She is a star when it comes to picking up new things. In last week's session, she was practicing walking on uneven surfaces and overcoming minor obstacles and she did really well. She also has laser-like focus when she knows that training treats are available for positive reinforcement.

We have been working a lot when we are outside playing. She originally did a lot of jumping up in excitement, but she has learned that this is not acceptable, and she gets treats if she comes up and sits nicely.

There is also a very busy walking path about 40 feet past my back fence. She used to be very reactive to people and dogs walking by. She has learned that running along the fence and barking doesn’t work so well and that it is better to sit nicely, wag her tail, and get rewarded. She also sits nicely until I put her food dish in front of her. Yay Mattie!

Matilda/Piper 13-212

I originally thought she needed a 6-foot privacy fence, because the snow had melted a bit and then refroze, creating a 2-foot high "shelf" along the edge. She could have easily jumped over, so she had to be on a loose leash when outside. However, now that the snow has melted, she respects my 4 foot chain link fence and has made no attempt to climb over.

Again, working on becoming less reactive has helped immensely. She would love to have a fenced in yard and another dog to play with. A tie out or zip pulley would also work as long as she gets walks and play time. She would make an excellent jogging partner!

She loves chasing my resident dog around and loves to taunt him with a ball in her mouth. She even gets the zoomies and can really stretch her legs in the back yard.  She also loves finding sticks and will toss them up in the air in joy over her new found prize.

Matilda/Piper 13-212

As for indoor play, there is nothing Mattie likes more than playing tug with me or my resident dog. She and my dog both happily growl and tug with one another every morning while I have my coffee. Lots of play bows! However, if her foster brother needs a break, she is just as content playing by herself.

Matilda/Piper 13-212

Mattie is ready for a furever home where she can have free roam and another confident dog to keep her company. Her adoptive family will need to be committed to continuing her training and giving her mental stimulation and exercise.

Here is a video from a couple of weeks ago playing with my much larger resident. As you can see, she can hold her own while still playing nicely.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Mattie has settled in quickly in her new foster home in Brooklyn Park. She is an absolute sweetheart and loves her people as well as her canine companions. She may not be a Golden Retriever, but she has mastered the Golden paw and nose nudge when she is looking for pets or a scratch behind the ears.

She will also readily flop on her back because she LOVES belly rubs. She does not resource-guard food, toys, or beds; she has not had any accidents in the house; and she does not counter-surf.

She has had free roam here and has done wonderfully. She is very quick to do her business so that she can go about her important job of making snow angels.  

While she has been settling in we have not yet gone for a walk, but the plan is to get a couple in this weekend while the weather is nice. We have, however, had many long play sessions in the back yard. I discovered that she loves the Frisbee and can make some pretty spectacular leaps to catch it. However, she is just as happy fetching a ball and playing "keep away" with my resident dog.

With the snow in the back yard, she happily bounces or springs while running after a toy. She will then make a beeline back to you so the game can start over again.

She also has a play growl which is distinctly different from a fearful or warning growl. She has also entered into to some stellar all-star wrestling matches with my resident dog. Even though she is outweighed by 20 pounds, she usually wins. She plays very appropriately and is respectful when her foster furr-brother needs a timeout.

Despite having spent most of her life as an only dog, she is very good at picking up calming signals from her canine friends.

Mattie has a past history of a strong prey drive and going after smaller dogs. For that reason, she should have a 6-foot fence or a tie-out or tether line for her safety as well as the safety of smaller dogs, bunnies, and wandering cats.

She does have excellent recall and will usually come very quickly when called. However, she gets very focused and excited when she sees something she wants to go after.

Her perfect family is either home all day or can limit her time alone to 5 hours or less, because she damages crates and hurts herself trying to get out. Her forever home should be committed to continuing her training, but she learns quickly, aims to please you, and has fun doing so.

Because of Mattie's past fears and anxiety, she will require another large, confident dog in her adoptive home.

It's hard to believe she is 6 years old because she has the energy of a 2 year old. For that reason, she will need lots of walks, exercise, play time, and fun activities to keep her engaged. I think she would be a natural for Flyball and would be in absolute heaven doing Barn Hunts. Look how sweet she is! Who wouldn't love that face?

Thursday, February 22, 2018

I’d like to introduce you to the sweetest girl—Matilda (we call her Mattie)! She is a 6-year-old Labrador Retriever. She has a constant smile on her face and a tail wag clocking in at 100 miles an hour.

She was a little nervous when she first got to our house, but she quickly settled into our daily routine. She has been so easy to have around. She loves our resident dogs, and after a slow introduction, she gets along great with our dog-savvy cat.

Mattie, previously known as Piper, had her wellness check, and everything is perfect as far as her physical health. She weighs 50 lbs and is up to date on her vaccinations and preventatives, and her fecal was negative (always a yay!!).

The family who surrendered her adopted her from RAGOM when she was 2 years old. They’ve had her for 4 years, but recently, she’s become increasingly anxious about being crated when they leave for work. They made the heart-wrenching decision to return her to RAGOM and let us find a new home for her.

Since she’s been here, I’ve given her free roam and she hasn’t been crated. I’ve explored leaving her for longer and longer periods of time, and so far we are up to 5 hrs and she’s doing just great. There haven’t been any problems at all. When I get home, she is always standing at the door with a smile on her face and her tail is a’wagging.

Mattie is an excellent listener and is all about pleasing. She has the basic commands down and she absolutely loves it when we do any kind of training, especially when there are treats involved. There haven’t been any potty accidents at all. She slept in the bedroom on her dog bed the first couple of nights.

On the third night, I left the bedroom door open, and sometime in the night, she wandered out and ended up on one of the beds in the living room. That has been her routine since—she seems to like that independence. She doesn’t make a peep all night.

We go for a couple of walks a day, and she walks well with an Easy Walk harness. She lives for anything outdoors, and she’s “all in” when we go for a hike at the local county park that has groomed trails, or in the woods behind the house (we live in the country). She really has fun when we play fetch, and that can be with a ball or a stick—she turns into a total goofball!

Mattie is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. She is so tuned in to people. The first night she was here, we were watching the Olympics skating competitions. Adam Rippon was performing in the team event, and it was so moving I got teary-eyed.

Mattie came over to me and looked at me so concerned. She hardly knew me, but is so sensitive she wanted to make sure I was OK. What an incredible girl. I think she’d be a fantastic therapy dog.

Mattie’s main challenge is she doesn’t have a lot of self-confidence. She isn’t fearful, but she really does need to get her confidence built up. I’ve been working with her, and she is so open—it is a thrill watching her blossom and grow.

A good match for Mattie will be a family who:

  • likes working with their dog (commands, classes, training),
  • likes a buddy to take along so she can see lots of interesting stuff and places (mental stimulation), and
  • is active and likes to do lots of physical activities.

This will help her be the best dog that she can be!

Mattie is sensitive and affectionate—you can’t help but smile when you look at her eyes and that face! She has a spunky side, too, and she loves having fun and is quite the clown. She is a sweetheart!