At A Glance

  • Age: 6 years, 9 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


1/23/07: Introducing Max the Mighty....mighty handsome, mighty sweet, mighty manners.....well you get the pic. I picked Max up from an outlying vet that was kind enough to hold him for me til I could get there. Due to circumstances Max's family had to find him a new home. He had been an indoor at one time, then the new family got him and he has been an out door dog for the past 8 months.

Now about Max. He is 13 months old, beautiful teeth, soft coat, wiggles his whole body in joy, loves to play tug and fetch, is great with my cats and gentle with my old resident Reba. Oh my gosh he is a doll and I will be so happy once his eye is taken care of. It just runs and runs and he rubs at it which makes it more irrated. He's about 61 lbs of muscle, great legs, nice sized feet, blocky head, big chest and just prances when he walks.

I picked Max up about 5:15 Tues. eve. He rode the the entire hour's drive home sitting on the seat never making a peep. A few nudges for a pet. He went to the vet and got a quick bath. I got him home, cleaned his ears, cut his nails and whenhe was dry I used the furminator and brushed him. He is sssooo sweet. Kept him on lead and in the kitchen just to see if the past boys left any invitation to him to mark. Nope. Did his business outside, not an accident all night. Went to bed, invited him up, laid his head on the pillow next me and proceeded to start snowing. He stayed on the bed for awhile, then got down and slept on the floor. Quiet all night, got up this a.m. and nothing chewed and no accidents.

Max has been to the vet this a.m. and had his exam, bloodwork and updated on ALL his shots. His left eye has entropian (sp) which is when the eye lashes grow INWARD......oh so painful. His eyes (both) are red and so we put him on a steroid so he will be ready for surgery on Thurs. At that time he will be neutered and have his eye done. He was wonderful for his exam etc. Good news is no heartworm or lyme and I dropped off his "other" sample before work. He would not go potty at the vet.....soon as we got home out he went and did his business.

I have gated him in the kitchen area today while I"m at work, so will see just how good he is and how good the kidneys are:) He loves the kong and bone for chewing and of course he has to have a ball....thought he should take one with to the vet. Last night he came up behind me and I hear this low growl.....I turn around and here he is with a booda tug ready to play. Loves to play, but isn't crazy and settles down very nicely. While Max was eating last night, Coulter my young cat, came up behind him. Max turned around, Coulter stood up on his hind legs and proceded to sniff Max right on the nose. When he was done he walked away and Max went back to eating. He has respected the baby gates, no jumping or crawling under. Max knows his name and to come and sit and takes his treats very nicely.

This is one Mighty great dog. So if you are an approved app and been looking for that wonderful new family member...look no further, he is the real deal.


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