Miki (Mikaela 18-057TD)

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Mikaela 18-057TDMikaela 18-057TD


Miki is very sweet with people and dogs. She lived on the streets of Turkey, but has adapted well to home living. She likes to go for walks and is very food-motivated. She does not mind being crated.

At a Glance #18-057TD

Golden Retriever Born: March 2012
Female 48 lbs

Status: Adopted

Mikaela 's Well-wishers

Michelle H
"We hope you find your forever home soon!"


Miki is very sweet with people and dogs. She lived on the streets of Turkey, but has adapted well to home living. She likes to go for walks and is very food-motivated. She does not mind being crated.


Monday, December 17, 2018

Miki got her Christmas present early. She went to her forever home today. She will be the best present that her new mom gets this year.

I know that MIki will enjoy a more action-filled life in her new home. Some days she will stay with her mom and work at home. Some days she will go to the office with her mom. Lots of new experiences await Miki in 2019.

I can't think of a better way to celebrate the holidays than welcoming sweet Miki to your home. Have a great life, sweet girl!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Miki is doing great. Her skin infection is gone.

You will see that her adoption status has changed, showing that she is now available for adoption. Her right knee has healed, and since she is not showing any lameness in her left leg, no second surgery is needed at this time. It is very exciting for Miki to be able to look for her forever home. 

She likes to walk every day, and is happy to spend most of the day indoors, in the same room where I am. She would enjoy a home where she can get frisky once in a while. We are all seniors in my house, and so things are pretty calm and maybe a bit boring for her.

I think that her only vice is that she likes to eat dirt and graze on house plants. I have blocked her from my plant room. 

Does Miki sound like a match for your home?

Monday, September 17, 2018

Miki had a great time at Goldzilla. She got to reunite with other Turkey dogs and the woman who rescued her. She was thrilled with all of the smells and sights and TREATS!

We were working in the information booth next to the car photo area. The photographer was using a squeaker toy to get the dogs in the car to look at the camera. Miki thought the squeaker toy was for her and wanted to claim it. Eventually she got bored with the noise and forgot about it.

As we walked around the grounds we kept ending up at the booths with free treats for dogs—Miki was very good at locating them even without a map.

Miki at Goldzilla
Miki at Goldzilla

Her right knee is healed and I think that her left knee surgery will happen in a month or two. She developed a bacterial infection on the skin of her throat. The vet shaved the fur there to let the air get at it. She is on antibiotics for 10 days and a skin ointment. It is looking better already. We are not sure what caused the infection. It could be allergies.

Thanks to Michelle H. for the gift in Miki's name. It is so nice to see her mentioned.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Miki got good news this week, and she celebrated by having a happy roll on the grass. The x-ray of her knee 8 weeks out from surgery got a thumbs up from the surgeon. Things are healing as they should be.

It will be another 4 weeks before she can have unrestricted activity. She is walking about 45 minutes every day, taking it slowly and sniffing everything along the way. We hope that her healing stays on track so that she can go to Goldzilla next month!

Mikaela (Miki) 18-057TD
Mikaela (Miki) 18-057TD
Mikaela (Miki) 18-057TD
Mikaela (Miki) 18-057TD

Thursday, August 2, 2018

As you can tell from this latest photo, Miki is bored by her need to take it easy while her knee heals. She really wants to run around like crazy, and I just can't let her. She had made progress and no longer does the three-legged hop. (I kept telling her that she was a dog and not a frog. I am sure that helped!)

We take 30-minute, slow walks most days if it is not too hot. 

In two more weeks she will get her leg x-rayed to see how the healing has gone. We are really hoping (not hopping) for the best!

Mikaela 18-057TD

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Miki has been recovering from her knee surgery. She is on limited activity, which is frustrating for both of us. She can take about-15-minute walks and has to go slow.

She wants to do more, but is not ready for that yet, as it has only been three weeks since the operation. She is walking on the leg, but still switches to three-legged hopping to go faster. 

Miki got tired of her crate, so now I confine her in my bathroom when I am not home. She is content to be there and even goes there on her own to relax.

I have put extra rugs down to make it safer for her to walk around my house. Hard wood floors are to easy to slip on.

We have a special routine for going outside, as she can't do steps yet. I keep her on her leash and use a towel under her belly to lift her back end on the two steps to my back door.

She continues to be a super sweet girl.

Hanging out with my human and chewing on a toy
Hanging out with my human and chewing on a toy

Friday, June 15, 2018

Miki had surgery on her right knee today. It went very well. There is an eight-week post-operative protocol that we will be following.

She is not allowed to walk outside without being on a leash, as she is not allowed to run or jump. Her movement must be very carefully restricted: no stairs or slippery floors. When she is ready, we will be doing physical therapy and massage.

The hardest part is that she can't go for our regular morning walks. Since my other dogs need to walk, I am going to put Miki in a crate with some food tomorrow and hope that she won't be too upset. I hope it goes well.

Pretty in pink
Pretty in pink

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Miki is doing well, but has decided that she does not need multiple baths. She has figured out the signs of an impending bath and manages to be in another room. She still behaves well in the tub, but is not very cooperative about getting in.

She had a bath yesterday, and part way through, my water heater stopped working. I had to go to the basement to turn it off and on again. I could not believe when I returned to the bathroom that Miki was still in the tub! Amazing that she had not jumped out!

We are waiting to get an appointment for her first knee surgery. 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Yesterday, we learned that Miki will need to have surgery on both of her knees. She has had ligament damage in both knees and the worst damage to the right knee.

The vet also said that Miki's skin is in bad condition and that she needs to be bathed regularly with medicated shampoo. I gave Miki a medicated bath yesterday, and she was very cooperative. She did not want to get into the tub, but once she was in, she stood nicely and was easy to handle.

After the bath, she was very happy. She ran around in my bedroom, barking and rolling around on the carpet. She was very frisky! I think that she feels much better and less itchy now. We want to get her skin in better shape before the surgery so that the bacteria on her skin does not affect her incision.

Since Miki needs two surgeries, she will be in RAGOM's care for a few months. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

We had young dog visit us last week, and Miki amazed me by running all around the yard playfully, chasing the visitor. I was worried that she might hurt her bad leg, but she seemed fine after the visit.

Miki has an appointment with an orthopedist on Thursday to evaluate her knee and the test results from the tests to detect the type of arthritis she has.

She is enjoying her day-to-day routine (especially the walks and the peanut butter). When we do green bean treats, she gets very excited and sometimes catches my fingers as she goes for the treat. If I verbally correct her and tell her to sit, she is very careful and gentle when taking the next treat. She is starting to respond to her name and pays more attention when I whistle for her.

We hope to get good news on Thursday so that she will be ready to be adopted. 

Monday, April 30, 2018

Meet Miss Miki! She arrived in the US just a week ago, and has been adjusting very well. Despite getting a grooming before she left Turkey, she needed a bath when she arrived. She had serious mats all over her body. Most of them are gone now, but she will need some shaving around her back end where the mats are the worst.

Miki on the day of departure in Turkey
Miki on the day of departure in Turkey
Miki on arrival
Miki on arrival
Miki enjoying a bath
Miki enjoying a bath

Miki has done well being allowed to free-roam in my house. At first, I crated her at night due to a couple of accidents. Last night, I left her out of the crate, and she did just fine! She has had a lot to adjust to in the last couple of weeks and has been very pleasant through the whole process.

Her health is good with one exception. Her right back leg is weak and she does not put her full weight on it. X-rays showed arthritis. She is having another test tomorrow to see if it is septic arthritis or "normal" arthritis. If it is septic arthritis, she will be put on antibiotics.

Having a weak back end means that she doesn't jump up on furniture and would do better in a home with few stairs. She has confidence walking on carpet, but the linoleum in my kitchen makes her nervous. I put down rugs in the kitchen so that she feels better. For some reason, hard wood floors don't bother her.

She rides nicely in the car. She pulls on the leash a little at the start of the walk, but then settles down. She loves walks and peanut butter! I am guessing that she may never have tasted peanut butter before coming to my house. I use it to help my dogs take their pills, so she had to get a taste, too. She is a fan of peanut butter.

My dogs bark when they are excited (for walks and meal time). Miki was quiet at first, but now she joins in the barking chorus before walks and meals.

She likes to chew on Nylabones (her teeth are great and very clean). We don't know her exact age, and there are times when she gets frisky, rolling around on the floor and pulling dog toys apart. My dogs are both seniors, and she is always happy to take naps when they do.

She loved the snow patches the first day that she was here. I think that she is sorry they are gone (I'm not sorry).

She is doing very well and will make a great addition to some lucky family.