At A Glance

  • Age: 10 years, 4 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


I picked up Murfy on 6-2-12 and transported him and 12-204 Sibu back to Iowa. Murfy was crated during the transport because transporting two big dogs was just safer that way. His intake indicated that he got carsick but I had no issues with that and neither did the person who brought him from Minnesota to meet me.
This is what I’ve learned about Murfy in the few days we’ve had him:He loves to play ball and will chase it and bring it back, dropping it at your feet, for as long as you’re willing to throw it.He inhales his food but will take treats gently from your hand. You can take his food dish from him but he will continue to try and eat from it if you do.He pulls, hard, on a flat collar but is getting better every day at walking with a gentle leader but still doesn’t like it.He is a velcro dog. If you’re up and moving, he will follow you every step. If you sit, he will sit or lay down too. FM & FD work from home and after exercise, he’s very willing to just lay on the floor of one of our offices. He hasn’t shown any desire to get on the furniture.He loves to get pets but is doesn’t give many kisses.He loves to play ball.
He has happily met several people with no issues and does very little jumping up in greeting except first thing in the morning after he’s been crated all night. He has pretty much ignored the neighbor’s dogs and because we don’t currently have a resident, I’m unsure how he is with other dogs but before coming here, he lived with his brother, Rex 12-207. We don’t have cats so unknown on that too but he has supposedly been around them with no issues.
His signs to go out are very subtle, pacing or sometimes nudging the door knob, because of that, we’ve had a couple of accidents. These were simply because FM and FD weren’t playing close enough attention.He doesn’t like to go outside by himself and will stand at the door looking in, and not move, if someone doesn’t go out with him. This may be because he’s still not completely comfortable here yet or because we don’t have a resident dog to show him the ropes. After all, he’s always had his brother with him before now.For a 15 month old dog, he is very mellow but still has lots of energy. He’ll need to be walked regularly along with playing the ball with him.
He really doesn’t like to be crated but will willing go in when told “kennel up” because he knows he’s going to get a treat for being such a good boy. He gives a few whines and a couple of barks and then settles in for the night.Did I mention he likes to play ball?
He goes in next week to get his wellness check-up and to get micro-chipped and will be ready for adoption after that.

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