At A Glance

  • Age: 22 years, 2 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 85.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


Hello everyone!  My name is Murphy and I am a wonderful 11 year-old senior looking for a forever home to spend the rest of my golden years.  I arrived at my foster family's home a few days ago and things are going really well.  I have enjoyed spending time with my foster parents as well as my 3 foster brothers and sisters.  We have been pretty busy the first few days. 

My foster mom quickly learned that I like to eat things like napkins and tissues.  She was wiping some gook from my eyes with a tissue and then I decided to eat it when she was finished.  Hmmm.  So, they think it best to keep trash cans hidden or out of my reach.  I am gentle and friendly to everyone I have met.   My foster mom gave me a stuffed rabbit for a welcoming present and I decided that it was mine and nobody else's.  So, just to be safe, foster mom gives it to me at night for bedtime only. 

The second day we visited the vet and I was negative for Heart worm - yeah!  My eyes are irritated and the vet did a little screening test and saw that I had a scratched cornea, but it is healing.  She thinks it must be from scratching my eyes from any previous allergies.  My eyes are a bit irritated so I have some cream that my foster mom is applying a couple times a day in hopes that the redness and irritation go away.  Because I am a Golden, the arthritis seems to have kicked in. I still like to walk a good pace, but later realize I am quite tired.  The most difficult thing at my new home seems to be going up and down stairs.  The stairs do not have carpet on the them, so that gets tricky and I have gotten stuck a couple times, so I always have someone with me going up and down stairs.  When my foster family has to leave me at home alone, they just baby gate the stairs and that works just fine.  I can still have free roam. 

Yesterday, I went to Minnehaha Creek with my foster mom and the kids and I got to wade around in the water.  Foster mom wanted me to stay in shallow water with little current to make sure I didn't float down stream.  My foster sister threw the ball a few times, but then I just dropped it and it floated away.  Oh well, I know there are tons more tennis balls in the yard at home.  I just like to fetch them and drop them.  We also had a picnic and my little foster brother had a really yummy sandwich, so I decided to try a bite.  He didn't like that very much so he gave the rest to me.  Yum!!!  They are going to have to learn to keep their food high above my mouth.

I LOVE to get brushed and it sends me into a deep relaxation and when I get a belly rub with a brushing session, that is the best.  You can see how much I like it in the photo below. 

There will be more to come as I get to know my new foster family. 


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