At A Glance

  • Age: 18 years, 8 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


11/2/06: Meet Mr. Sunshine!! Murray is a happy, healthy purebred 3 year old. He is slightly thin at 68 pounds and has a luxurious deep red coat and big brown eyes that just melt your heart. He was surrendered to the Human Society in Iowa because his family was moving and could not take him with them. When he first came he was very timid and afraid, but after a week we have earned a lot of his trust. He is UTD on all of his shots and has been microchipped. He is due to be neutered next Tuesday and then he is good to go.

It has been great to watch his true puppy personality emerge. We call him Mr. Wiggle-Butt because the minute you are on your feet he is up and raring to go. He is so excited about going outside that his body just vibrates and wiggles with sheer joy. (see picture :) When he is outside he loves to run, head held high and just a prancin'. His favorite thing is to chase after toys and carry them in his mouth. So far he only teases me with the idea that he might bring them back as he races past me for another trip around the yard.

He still is battling some serious ear infections, but he is much more comfortable now with the antibiotics. I am watching him closely as he is starting to exhibit some tentative signs of some allergies. He scratches once in awhile and he is licking his feet. The vet has said to give him some time and watch it as it may just be the fall pollination that is triggering it. He seems very comfortable and I have supplemented with minor Benedryl. I am considering putting him on a sensitive diet to see if that helps any.

Murray is a perfect gentleman around all types of people and animals. He loves our cat and immediately accepted our 9 year old lab and does not harass either of them. He is good with children as well as adults and is just happy to see them and hopes they will play with them. He is so full of joy that there is a possibility that he might knock down little children, but it certainly wouldn't be out of malice.

He is clearly housebroken. There has never been an accident. He goes all night and all day while I am at work without a problem. He prefers being where you are, and adores having his head and chest rubbed, but he also is content to just lie by your feet as long as he is near you. After only 3 days, I feel completely comfortable giving him free reign around the house.

He is a young dog so he is still in need of some training. He does sit and with some coaxing (outside) he will come when he is called. But, I wouldn't feel comfortable not keeping him on a leash for his walks until he is better trained. He still shows skittishness at times. He is frightened by loud noises and sudden movements and will bark if he is scared. If you make any sudden moves he might cringe or drop to the ground especially if he thinks you are angry with him. So, a patient, calm voice works best for him. I don't think his timidity arises out of having been beaten, more likely he is just insecure in so many new surroundings with new people. He clearly wants to please you and make you happy.

Murray is an easy dog to care for and fits in well with our family. But, it is his personality that makes him a true golden. You just can't help lovin' the Big Guy. He would be a great addition to any family that is willing to be patient with him and meet his high energy needs.

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