At A Glance

  • Age: 20 years, 6 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 75.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased



Introducing the cutest little guy ever - adorable Mr. Nugget! Nugget is a 10 yr old, 47# neutered male, and our vet believes that he is an English setter, possibly mixed with some form of retriever. Well, whatever he is, he's absolutely gorgeous, and we're thrilled to welcome him as our newest RAGOM foster! Nugget (aka Lug-Nut) is quite the package: soft, silky pure white coat, with absolutely beautiful tan markings. Pitch black eyes that just sparkle with fun. A goofy little smile that just doesn't stop! You can't help but fall in love immediately!

Nugget had lived with the same family his entire life, after having been found wandering in their yard as a young pup. He was quite obviously loved and cared for, but unfortunately his owner died, and there was no one else left to care for him. In stepped a good samaritan, and Nugget was on his way into RAGOM - lucky boy! He has now been to the vet, and is UTD on all vaccinations and preventatives. He is heartworm negative, fecal negative, and has been microchipped. He is currently having some issues with either allergies or reaction to the flea treatment he had prior to coming into RAGOM - slightly infected skin, drippy eyes, and a minor bilateral ear infection. He will be treated for this for the next two weeks with a prednisone taper to calm everything down, as well as antibiotics for his skin, eyes, and ears, and is already doing much better. He takes his medicine with no problems whatsoever and stands by calmly when I put his eye and ear drops in - what a treat!

Though Lug-Nut is approximately 10 years old, he acts like a dog half that age - I seem to have a special gift of acquiring seniors that act like adolescents! He has a very good energy level, and absolutely loves going on our twice daily walks. He pulls on a flat leash, so I will start working on a gentle lead with him, but weighing only 47#, it's not much of a problem anyway! He does not appear to have any separation anxiety and had no trouble at all when we had a fairly loud storm a few days ago. (He wasn't very happy, however, when our neighbor's tractor mower backfired....poor little guy started shaking like a leaf!!!) He gets along great with the resident puppers, Belle & Bear, loves people of all shapes and sizes, and has had no issues with meeting the parade of dogs that live and socialize in our neighborhood. Cats are unknown, but I can get him cat-tested if necessary. He is housetrained, and either has been going to the door, or acting antsy if he needs to go outside. He does not like a crate, but I've had no trouble with him with free roam. He sleeps like a trooper all night long up in our bedroom, on the floor next to our bed. He's a very smart boy, and extremely treat motivated. He doesn't appear to know any commands other than "sit" and coming when called, but we'll see what else we can learn while he's in foster care. He hasn't played with any toys yet, though does love rawhides and hard bones!

Nug is one of the most gentle little souls that I've ever had the pleasure to foster, and doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body. He will make a wonderful dog for someone with or without kids, and he'd be fine either with or without other dogs - he is most interested in being with his people. He'd be perfect for someone looking for a bit of a smaller dog, plus he doesn't appear to shed the way the resident dogs do - a definite bonus! He will need someone fairly active, who likes to be outside and take him for walks, as he has a lot of years left in him - again, do not think he is a sleepy senior! But he's also absolutely terrific at curling up at your feet, and taking a well deserved snooze. He absolutely loves being outside, so will either need a fenced yard, or someone willing to keep him completely safe until he is trained to his boundaries. This is one fabulous boy - if you're the perfect family just for him - and I absolutely know there is one waiting out there for him - please contact your placement advisor!

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