Panda 10-358


Hello RAGOM! My name is Panda, me and my littermates were born on October 18, 2010. My mom was a Golden Retriever and my dad's breed is unknown. I am a sweet little boy, who craves to be with humans. I still have a lot of fun with my littermates and you will often find I am the first to start play. I would love to find a forever home, but will need to stick around my litter mates for a little bit longer. Foster dad took me to the vet and I have been de-wormed and had my first injections. I am scheduled to be neutered on 12/9/2010, and I can go home to my forever family on 12/13/2010. So if you are ready to have a bundle of Panda love in your home for Christmas please contact your placement advisor. Although I cannot leave my litter until 12/13 my foster home is ready to meet applicants.


At a Glance #10-358

Mixed Breed Born: October 2010
Male Weight not specified

Status: Adopted


Hello RAGOM! My name is Panda, me and my littermates were born on October 18, 2010. My mom was a Golden Retriever and my dad's breed is unknown. I am a sweet little boy, who craves to be with humans. I still have a lot of fun with my littermates and you will often find I am the first to start play. I would love to find a forever home, but will need to stick around my litter mates for a little bit longer. Foster dad took me to the vet and I have been de-wormed and had my first injections. I am scheduled to be neutered on 12/9/2010, and I can go home to my forever family on 12/13/2010. So if you are ready to have a bundle of Panda love in your home for Christmas please contact your placement advisor. Although I cannot leave my litter until 12/13 my foster home is ready to meet applicants.



Saturday, January 5, 2019

Hello and Happy New Year RAGOM friends!

We wanted to take a moment to thank you and send an update on our amazing dogs, Panda (10-358) and Kelly (18-014A).

Panda turned 8 in October. He’s the best, best, best dog. He’s so smart and looks right into your eyes with a wise, sweet, kind look. He’s a cuddler and doesn’t have any idea how big he is. He weighs about 90 lbs and is tall and lanky.

We had his DNA tested this winter – the results said he’s 62% Golden Retriever, 12.5% Boxer, 12.5% St. Bernard and 12.5% mix. We think that sounds about right when it comes to his temperament, size and look.  

We also think he’s 100% the best. He’s such a good boy! He still plays fetch with his tennis ball with deep enthusiasm, loves to swim in the lake in the summer and new this year, has lots of fun playing with his energetic one-year-old fur-sister, Kelly (18-014A).

Panda 10-358
Panda 10-358
Sister Kelly 18-014A and Panda
Panda 10-358
Panda 10-358
Panda and sister Kelly 18-014A
Panda 10-358
Kelly and Panda
Panda 10-358
Hey, Kelly, wait up!

Monday, October 21, 2013

We wanted to send an update, some pictures and another thank you again to Ragom for our best dog in the world, Panda. 

His birthday is today - 3 years old! We think Panda is perfect! He is friendly, happy, cuddly, and we think, a Golden at heart. He weighs 86 pounds and is tall with very long legs - we often get asked if he is part Great Dane. We say, Great, yes. Dane, maybe. Someday we will have him tested but for now we love him for his one-of-a-kind self. 

Panda will retrieve his tennis ball for hours and hours, loves fetching his frisbee from the lake, is the very best cuddler at night or when the kids are home sick and is my energetic running partner. He is also the best alarm clock for our elementary and middle-school aged kids. Even when he plops up right on their beds and sits on them early in the morning, they can't help but laugh and smile at him. 

His foster mom made the right prediction when we adopted him - we do spoil him rotten! He is too irresistibly sweet and lovable. 

Thanks to Ragom for rescuing Panda so we could love him to pieces! And happy birthday to Panda's littermates! 

Anne, Stephan, Evelyn, Noel & Panda

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I wanted to send an update and a thank you to RAGOM, for our wonderful puppy, Panda.

Sometimes what’s best for your family just presents itself – and it might not look anything like you expected. This was true for us!

In December we came to the RAGOM site looking for a young female golden with a “golden” look. In January, we met our Panda! We just knew this adorable half golden boy who was black and white was meant to be a part of our family. And it has proven true. We feel so lucky.

Panda has the BEST personality. He loves, loves every dog and human that he meets, follows me wherever I go and is so laid-back for an 11-month old puppy. He is so smart (he's in Level 2 of his training), LOVES playing with his tennis ball in the back yard or at the dog park and is adored by our 8 and 10 year-old children as well as many young nieces and nephews who met him over the summer. We loved introducing him to the fun of summer with boat rides, jumping off the dock into the lake to swim after his Frisbee and running around at my parents’ farm.

It's also been great to keep in touch with Panda's litter mate brothers, Puma and Gus. Watching them play together is so great - they just love each other.

Thanks to Kelley, his foster mom, who raised Panda to be such a well-socialized puppy and let us be his forever family. We couldn’t love him more.

Here are some pictures of Panda’s first summer. Thank you so much for rescuing his litter – we feel so, so lucky he is a part of our family!

With thanks,
Anne, Stephan, Evelyn, Noel & Panda

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hi everyone!!!  Panda went to the Vet today for his 12 week shots and checkup.  Well, he is a good little eater.  He weighed in at 23.4 pounds.  Wow!!  I knew it was getting tougher to pick him up and carry him around!!  He got his first Lyme disease shot and 2nd distemper.  He is so treat motivated that I don't think he even knew he was getting 2 shots.  What at GREAT boy!!  The vet says he has the true golden personality in a little black and white body.  Panda really is a sweet keeper.
He is about 99.5% potty trained.  An occasional accident is my fault for not seeing his whimper at the door.  It is only a pee accident.  He is 100% poo trained and I can't remember the last time he had a poo accident.  He is great on the leash.  He knows basic commands like, No, Sit and Stay.  He loves to ride in the car.  All new sights and sounds!!!  He is very smart.  He loves to play and run around.  But, he also tires out and goes for a nap pretty quick.  When we nap, he is a complete cuddler.  He is a typical male dog, he just wants love and to be next to his humans.  He loves to be next to you and cuddle.  He needs soft attention when he is tired and he sleeps so well!!  He is almost sleeping through the whole night.  It kinda goes in spurts where he will sleep from about 11 pm til 7 am for 2 or 3 days and then on that odd day, he will get up at 3 or 4 and want to play and go out.  That is becoming less and less though as he is more active during the day and sleeps less during the day.
He plays great with the bigger dogs and really respects their boundaries.  He loves loves loves to retrieve.  We have some small squeeker tennis balls that he absolutely loves.  He will chase the ball down and bring it right back.  He could do this for hours.  Then the bigger dogs want to get the ball because he is having so much fun, and then he becomes a game of keep away!!! 
His chewing is much much better.  He mostly chews on the bones that we give him and knows that chewing on furniture and fingers is not OK.  He is very smart and picks things up very quickly.
I know once you meet this little guy, you will fall instantly in love with him.  He is just the cutest pup I have seen and he will make you and your family very happy!!  I know he has been a joy to have around our house.!!  Contact placement to meet our little guy.

His favorite little tennis ball

He loves playing with the bid dogs!

How could you refuse a face like this?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Panda continues to be such an awesome puppy.  He is so smart and is really learning the "rules" of being a well socialized and gentle puppy.  We have been working extensively on three areas:
Potty Training - We are about 98% there.  He has had no poo accidents in a couple weeks.  When he has a pee accident it is my fault because I am in the middle of something and can't get to the door fast enough for him.  When he needs to go out, he sits by the door and sometimes he whimpers.  He is such a great learner.!!   I think it helps having other dogs to show him the ropes.
Redirecting his chewing from fingers and pants legs to toys and chew bones.  He has come a long way from a few weeks ago.  He must stop trying to chew fingers and toes, because his bite is getting stronger and it can sometimes hurt.  He is about 95% there with his chewing.  He is very treat motivated, so when he licks our fingers, he gets a treat.  Again, it also helps that he sees the other dogs licking our hands and fingers and not biting them.  He also understands a firm "No". 
We are also working on our commands like, No, Sit, and Stay.  Because he loves his treats, its been pretty easy to train him.  It's pretty funny when I get the treat bottle and his little bottom immediately hits the floor.  I don't often even have to say "sit" anymore.  He is super smart and very observant.  Its fun to watch all the new sights and sounds through his little puppy eyes.
Speaking of eyes....I have never seen a golden mix with bluish/hazel eyes.  His eyes are incredible and makes him that much cuter!!  As I write this, He is almost 11 weeks old.  He's a good eater and weighs in at 18 pounds!!  I don't think he is going to be a huge dog... I am guessing maybe between 55 and 60 pounds. 
Some milestones we have totally mastered:   Taking a walk on the leash.  He loves his walks.  At first he fought the leash, but when we took him and our resident out for a walk, he caught on very fast and now we have no trouble at all.  Again, it helps having other dogs that can show him what is acceptable dog behavior.  He also loves to ride in the car.  His tail never stops wagging.  He respects baby gates and the limits of what is allowed in the house.  He has learned to respect the other dogs and know the limits of "play".   The big dogs sometimes play rough, and Panda is the first one to seek shelter under a table.  It is pretty funny.
He likes his crate and does fine in it when we put him in there.  We have given him free roam with the other dogs in the kitchen and lower level when we go out sometimes.  He has not had an accident and we are so proud of him!  We have left him alone for as long as 3 hours with no messes.  Keep in mind that is about all his bladder can stand at this age, so we respect his schedule and understand that being gone 8 hours will not work for him at this age without an accident.
Our sweet Panda loves loves to cuddle and he is very good at it. When he finally gets tired, all he wants to do is cuddle.  If you are  on the floor, he has to be in your lap.  Sometimes I will take a nap at the same time as him and I will let him come into my bed.  That is a favorite time for both of us, I think.  He cuddles up next to me on a pillow.and we both sleep like babies for a little while.  I cannot simply say enough about how awesome this sweet boy is.  He definitely has the golden personality with his love for his humans and how smart he is.  He might look like a lab mix, but his heart and personality are definitely Golden!!!  In the attached pictures, you can see he has about 15 white hairs on the very tip of his tail!!   Soooooo  Cute.
Contact you placement advisor about this special boy and I know you will love him and his golden personality!!

Panda loves to retrieve!

Panda loves playing with the big dogs...notice his white tipped tail!?


My favorite squeeky toy!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Our sweet Panda has been with us for 2 weeks and is doing fantastic.  He is 9 weeks old and completely adorable!!  He is a typical puppy with a lot of energy.  Some things to remember about puppies in general and Panda is...
-they love to chew, chew, and then chew some more
-they seem to have boundless energy and want to play all the time - then they poop out just as fast and nap for a couple hours before the fun starts all over again
-He still has the occasional pee pee accident, but that is more my fault for not paying attention.  He is fully poop trained and actually whimpers when he needs to go out.  He has been awesome to potty train!!!  He is super smart.
-He is well socialized and he gets along great with my two resident dogs - although they do put him in his place sometimes because he can really be a pesty little foster brother.  He really wants to be one of the "big dogs" and its so funny to watch him try and act like a big dog. 
-He still gets up super early in the morning.  He is still a baby after all, and well, he sleeps like a baby too.
-He kennels up just fine and has no accidents in his kennel when we are gone.  The longest he has been left in the kennel is about 3 hours as we are aware that his bladder is still not that large.
Other cool things about Panda is that he is a total love bug.  He wants to be around you all the time and sometimes he even gets in between my feet and I have come close to falling over.  He loves to lay ON my feet when I am cooking over the stove and sometimes when he wants to sleep and I am sitting on the floor with him, he will lay on my feet or my lap and just snuggles up.  I love that about him.   He loves sitting in the sink in the kitchen!!  Makes for easy bath time, but sometimes he whimpers and looks up at the sink and I know he wants to sit in it again - however there are times when dishes are in the sink and Panda can't share the sink with the dishes!  He is also easily trainable because he is totally treat motivated.
He does have his wild times too, usually in the mid morning - he loves to run around the living room and then when it seems he is getting a little too wild for the living room, we put him outside so he continue to run off all that energy.  He literally runs circles around our resident dogs.  The evenings tend to be much more mild for him.  From about 4 o'clock on, his energy level is reduced dramatically.
We  brought him to the vet last week and got him his booster shots and had his neuter surgery looked at.  Everything was great.  He weighs 13 pounds, so its evident Panda is a good eater!  We clipped his nails and he did great with that.  The vets exact words about Panda the puppy is "totally awesome"!  He will be due for more booster shots in a couple weeks.
Some things we are working on with Panda are his chewing and redirecting to toys and bones.  He is starting to understand the word "no", but that is still inconsistent.  He does not have free roam of the house.   He is allowed in the kitchen and the lower level living room.  That is for his safety as well as the safety of some of the rooms in the house that are not real puppy proofed. Specifically my 18 year old son's room.  We are working on the leash.  He is not used to it at all and does not like it.  We are taking puppy steps in that area.  He really should not be walked for any distance yet anyway because his legs and stamina could not take it.  I would walk him to the end of the driveway and back for a sufficient walk for him at this time in his life. 
I know the minute you meet this special puppy you will want to take him home!!  He is just too sweet and cute to resist.  His forever home should have lots of patience and know the challenges of a puppy.  A kennel for him to either sleep in or stay in when you are not around.  Good chewy toys for his chewing pleasure.  A fenced yard would be preferable so he can run off his energy without being tied down.  Another resident dog is also preferable so he can continue to learn what dog behavior is and also to be more socialized.  NO small children under the age of 5.  My niece who is 5 met him and he was in a wild time and got real mouthy chewy with her and she did not like that.  His little bites do hurt sometimes. Obedience training is a must for all family members and Panda.  Cats are unknown with Panda but I am guessing your cat would need to find a place to get away from Panda.
Enjoy the pictures of our sweet little foster boy.  If your interested in meeting Panda, let your placement advisor know and we can see if Panda is your forever perfect, sweet, adorable puppy.

Fun in the snow!

Let's Play!!!

What a sweet boy!

Panda and Stefy


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Panda came to his new foster home on Monday, December 13th.  First off, he is one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen.  He is a golden mix.  His mom was a purebred golden and dad is unknown.  He has the typical puppy behavior.  He likes to chew chew chew.  He loves to play tug with some of the smaller rope toys.  We are working on potty training, I think he is starting to get the hang of it, but we still have occasional accidents when I am not paying attention.  We thought that nighttime would be a hard time for him due to the fact that he had just separated from his litter mates, but he did not even peep.  He slept in a comfy box next to my bed so I don't think he felt alone.  I am so proud of him.   He is adjusting well to our house and routines.  He is a real cuddler.  He loves to be held and he gives great puppy kisses!  He is a real gem!
I will write more later this week as we get to know him.  Enjoy the pictures of sweet Panda!