Preston 08-501


Sponsored by: The "M" Family

 Happy Valentine's Day to a Sweetheart of a boy! From Ashley B, Cashew, and Max

XOXOXO from a secret admirer whose initials are Aivee 12-097. It's Valentine's Day, May you always remember, I'll be your May if you'll be my December!

 Love from Zeek Bacco (11-355)




September 1, 2012Please help us welcome Preston back to the RAGOM fold. This boy is super sweet!

We are fortunate to temporarily foster Preston until his permanent fosters are available. However, I have a feeling he will be adopted before he gets to move to their house. Preston originally came into RAGOM in 2008 from a puppy mill, and was estimated to be 4 years old. Eventually he was adopted by his Foster Mom and Dad, they believe him to be 6 or 7 years old. This boy was loved a great deal. However due to a change in their family dynamics, Preston was surrendered. Preston's new two legged baby brother was too much for him. His baby brother was just getting to the crawling, climbing, walking phase and was too stressful for Preston. Preston ended up biting baby brother when he was climbed on. For the good of Preston and baby they made the heart wrenching decision to surrender Preston to find a less stressful home.

We just picked Preston up yesterday and still need to get to know him better and update him on his shots. We will fill you in with a full update in a few days. I wanted to get Preston's bio back up on the site, so we could share the photos from his photo session with Sarah Beth Photography this morning. You will notice his right eye is cloudy, but his eye sight is not affected. His Surrendering Owners said they worked with their vet to figure out what it was and even did an "eye lift," but there was no change. I think the cloudy eye makes him even more adorable!

Enjoy the pictures! Thank you Sarah Beth!

At a Glance #08-501

Golden Retriever Born: October 2004
Male Weight not specified

Status: Deceased


Sponsored by: The "M" Family

 Happy Valentine's Day to a Sweetheart of a boy! From Ashley B, Cashew, and Max

XOXOXO from a secret admirer whose initials are Aivee 12-097. It's Valentine's Day, May you always remember, I'll be your May if you'll be my December!

 Love from Zeek Bacco (11-355)




September 1, 2012Please help us welcome Preston back to the RAGOM fold. This boy is super sweet!

We are fortunate to temporarily foster Preston until his permanent fosters are available. However, I have a feeling he will be adopted before he gets to move to their house. Preston originally came into RAGOM in 2008 from a puppy mill, and was estimated to be 4 years old. Eventually he was adopted by his Foster Mom and Dad, they believe him to be 6 or 7 years old. This boy was loved a great deal. However due to a change in their family dynamics, Preston was surrendered. Preston's new two legged baby brother was too much for him. His baby brother was just getting to the crawling, climbing, walking phase and was too stressful for Preston. Preston ended up biting baby brother when he was climbed on. For the good of Preston and baby they made the heart wrenching decision to surrender Preston to find a less stressful home.

We just picked Preston up yesterday and still need to get to know him better and update him on his shots. We will fill you in with a full update in a few days. I wanted to get Preston's bio back up on the site, so we could share the photos from his photo session with Sarah Beth Photography this morning. You will notice his right eye is cloudy, but his eye sight is not affected. His Surrendering Owners said they worked with their vet to figure out what it was and even did an "eye lift," but there was no change. I think the cloudy eye makes him even more adorable!

Enjoy the pictures! Thank you Sarah Beth!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sometimes a dog comes along that makes every day that much more special.  For us, Preston is one of those dogs.  He spent the last 7 months in our home, waiting for his forever family. He loved going to Meet and Greets and touched everyone that he met - volunteers, fans, and friends. Everyone would just melt when he stretched out his paw, trying to entice some pets. He really knows how to work a crowd!  He is one of the most sweet, loving, and special dogs we've had the privilege of fostering.  People would meet him and comment how they just couldn't believe he wasn't adopted yet.  We couldn't believe it either!  While he was waiting for his forever family, we enjoyed having him as a member of ours.  Then one day at a Meet and Greet, an amazing couple came over to talk to us.  They had been reading all about him and thought he'd make the perfect addition to their family.   They recently lost their senior Golden and their dog Marley was missing a companion.  They sounded incredible, and Preston and I left the event crossing our paws that they applied to adopt him.  Well, all that paw crossing worked!  We went down to their house the day before Easter and introduced Preston and Marley, and they got along extremely well.  Preston even got to meet his new kitty sibling!  The cat would prance in front of him, and Preston didn't know what to make of it.  He would back up and come over to me, and then he would get interested and put his nose out to smell the cat.  Then he would back up again.  Then Marley gave chase and Preston's ears perked up, probably thinking, "Oh, so THIS is what we do with that thing!"  They were so cute together.  On Easter morning, we all confirmed what we already knew to be true - Preston had found his forever family!  Who says Santa Claus is the only one that brings good presents?  :)  We got to enjoy Preston for one more week before he went home, so we made sure to spoil him with some of his favorite things - belly rubs, bones, and ice cream!

When Preston's new mom came to pick him up, Preston greeted her at the door and then went and laid in his bed and took a snooze.  At one point, I called him over to me at the table.  Instead of coming to me, he went to the opposite side of the table to see his new mom instead.  I just melted at that point - Preston knew he was going home, right where he belonged!  We sure do miss him around here, but seeing Preston go to such a wonderful new home is exactly why we foster.  We are so thrilled for everyone involved!  Preston has already met several new neighbors and friends, and of course loves them all.  He and Marley are doing great - they are the perfect match for each other and we're so happy they have their senior years to enjoy together. We want to thank the M family for sponsoring Preston, as well as all of his wonderful and thoughtful fans for all the tokens.  You sure know how to make a guy feel special, and I know he's extremely grateful.  We also want to thank Jeanine and Tyler for temp fostering him until we could take him in.  I know you loved him just as much as us, and he was such a lucky, lucky, boy to have spent time with you.  We can't thank you enough!Congratulations on your new life, Preston - it's everything we dreamed for you and more!  


Monday, February 25, 2013


Hi Everyone - it's me, Preston!  I had another great weekend and thought you'd want to hear all about it!  I went to the Meet & Greet on Saturday and had a really fun time!  It was extra special because we were celebrating Joy's birthday - I just love that peanut, she's so sweet!  You want to know what else was extra special about the event?!  A wonderful couple came just to meet ME, Preston!  Can you believe it?!  They were so wonderful and nice, they had been reading all about me and came just to see me!!  Wow, I felt so very special!  I hope I get to see them again soon, they were so very nice and I know they really liked me, too!  :)

After the event we went to stay at the relatives for the weekend - one of my favorite places!

We hiked thru the woods and did some snow shoeing ...

.....then I helped make sure all the bird feeders were filled.....

.....and then I came in and took a nice long nap in front of the fire.  Ahhh....relaxing weekend at it's finest!  


I did have another small seizure this weekend, but again they are not frequent.  My last one was 4 months ago and it was a small one, too.  Shortly after, I was rolling in the snow and playing like nothing had ever happened.

In other news, Foster Mom took me to the vet on Monday because my awesome sponsors, the M Family, contacted RAGOM about my cloudy eye. Their dog had the same problem and was diagnosed with Uveitis, so RAGOM had mine checked out to be on the safe side.  This is why I love being a RAGOM boy!  I should start by telling you that everyone LOVED me at the vet!  They kept saying how sweet I was and everyone wanted to pet me!  Of course being the wonderful boy I am, I leaned right into them and let them love me up!  Then they did the pressure test on my eyes and I was a very brave boy.  And the best news of all is that things looked pretty normal!  She could tell my eyes were aging a little, which is to be expected in a handsome 8 year old boy like me.  :)  She said the pressure test in both my eyes was good, and believes my one eye is cloudy due to some sort of trauma - like getting scratched or something like that when I was younger. I made sure to stop on the way out so everyone could pet me again.  It was pure torture, I tell ya.  :)

After the vet, Foster Mom took me to Chuck and Don's to pick out a special treat for me and my foster siblings. Being the social butterfly that I am, I said Hi to the staff and then went behind the counter to help them work.  I think I was probably the cutest greeter they've had in a long time!  Foster Mom just laughed and said I was way too cute.  What can I say, I'm pretty dang irresistible.  :)


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wow - I just can't stop smiling!  Foster Mom just told me my page was decorated for Valentine's Day!!   

I want to start out by thanking Ashley, Max, and Cashew for thinking of me - I know you follow my story and I feel so very special that you thought of me!  I'm sending a big sloppy kiss down to you in Iowa.  Next I want to thank Aivee, who was rescued from a puppy mill with my foster sister Betty last March.  Aivee - you're such a sweet heart!  You are such a special little girl and you've come so very far. My Foster Mom reads your updates to me and I'm just so proud of you!!  Finally, I have to send a special thank you to Zeek for thinking of me!  Zeek was my foster families very first foster.  He hit the jackpot the day he was adopted and he is living the good life now.  I was even able to meet him this weekend when he came to surprise my Foster Mom at the last event.  We were both so excited to see him!!  Thank you so much for thinking of me, Zeek!  Well, now that my page has been decorated for Valentine's Day, hopefully cupid will know where to direct my forever family!! xoxoxo - Preston


Monday, January 28, 2013

I've been having lots of fun since my last update!   

I've been cuddling with Foster Dad.....

....lounging on the bed with my foster brothers.........and running and playing in the snow.  The only thing missing from these pictures is my forever family.  I've been waiting for 5 months and they haven't found me yet.  If you have another large breed dog, no young children, and a fenced in yard, I could be the one you've been waiting for!

Monday, January 28, 2013

From Foster Mom, Dad, and Siblings Preston you are a superstar! We know you will find your forever family soon. Preston, you are a superstar! We know you will find your forever family soon! Love, Jeanine and Tyler From Mary and Carl From Mary and Carl Merry Christmas to the Golden Seniors! From Anonymous Merry Christmas to the Golden Seniors! From Anonymous

Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!  It's your pal Preston, coming to you with another update!  I don't even know where to begin, I've had a lot of fun and adventures these past few weeks!  It all started a few weeks ago when I got to meet my foster cousins - they have fur just like I do!  They live on a lot of land and we all ran and hiked thru the woods.  I had lots and lots of fun!  Their humans were so nice to me and even sent a Christmas gift home for me!  I can see why my foster siblings love to spend time with them.  Then, not long after that, a pretty little girl came to spend Christmas with us!  You may have seen her on the website, her name is Gypsy 12-414.  She was rescued from a puppy mill just like me, so we bonded and had lots of fun together.  Because we were all such good boys and girls, Santa came and brought us lots and lots of yummy treats and toys!  Some were from foster grandma, too - she loves me just like her own.  I felt like such a lucky boy! 

  As if I wasn't having enough fun, we went down to see my foster cousins again for New Years!  We got to hike in the woods again and there were some new humans that weren't there the last time.  They loved me, too!  Auntie Jill just couldn't believe I haven't been adopted yet - she knows what a sweet boy I am and loved having me come to visit her.  I hope she knows how special she made me feel - Uncle Gary, too!  My foster family is so lucky to have them in their lives.  After we recovered from the holidays, I visited another volunteer's house to meet their cat.  My Foster Mom hadn't officially tested me yet, so to be fair she wanted to see for her own eyes if I like cats or not.  I made her so proud and I PASSED THE CAT TEST!  YIPPEE!!  I went up to it when it was on the floor, sniffed it, and then walked away to see what was in the toy bin.  The cat was out the entire time we were there and I didn't even notice.  Let's see...what else should you know about me?  Well, my two favorite times of the day are in the morning when we get up and at night when my humans come home from work.  In the morning, I run around the room with Betty and we try to drag everyone out of bed to go on our morning walk.  I run around and shake my little butt super fast because I'm just so excited!  Then we go on our walk, come home and eat breakfast, and take our morning nap.  Well, my foster parents stay up and get ready for work, but the rest of us catch some zzzz's!  I have free roam during the day and just hang out and sleep.  Then when my humans come home, I wake up and bark a few times in excitement because I'm just SO happy!  I race down the stairs to see them, grabbing a toy along the way.  If I can't find a toy, I pick up the next best thing - one of their shoes!  I run around them in circles and try so hard to put my butt down to say hi, but I'm just way too happy to do that.  Instead I run outside and do a few laps around the yard in excitement - usually with the toy or shoe still in my mouth!   Then I flop down in the snow and roll around. I love, love, love, fluffy toys and I'm almost always cuddling with one.  My friends Jeanine and Tyler gave me the cutest stuffed animal for Christmas and it's one of my absolute favorites.  I sleep with it almost every night!  I love going to events because I love all the love and attention I get.  I'm so sweet and gentle - I love getting pets from everyone that I meet.  I do just fine with the kids that come to visit me at events, so if you have grand kids or nieces or nephews that come to visit you, I would do just fine with them.  Puppy mill dogs like me just can't have kids living with them permanently, but visiting kids are just fine.  I love people so much that I would be the perfect dog to visit nursing homes - I love giving everyone the "Golden paw" and charming them with my good looks.  I could sit for hours and let people pet me.    Before I go, I want to thank everyone again for the winter icons!  Thank you Jeanine and Tyler, Mary and Carl, and my Anonymous friend for thinking of me.  I really hit the jackpot the day I became a RAGOM dog!  Your pal, Preston


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wow - am I a lucky boy or what?!  I want to send a great big THANK YOU to Mary and Carl and Jeanine and Tyler for decorating my page with holiday icons!!  Thank you so much for thinking of me, I feel so special!  When Foster Mom told me about them, I was so happy - roll in the snow happy!!

 We got a lot of snow at my foster home last week - almost 16 inches!  We've had a lot of fun playing outside.  My foster sister Betty is experiencing snow for the first time.  She was rescued from a puppy mill in March so this was the first time she ever played in the snow.  She had so much fun!  I did, too!!  All day long we went in, out, in, out, in, out.  Then a few days later my foster parents got new snow shoes and off we went - can you tell how much fun I had?!  I can't wait to do it again soon!  

 I want to wish all my fans out there a very Merry Christmas!  I can't wait until Christmas Day - there are some presents for me under the tree!  Oh boy, I can't wait to open them!! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Preston had a great weekend! He started at the groomer on Friday and was a perfect gentleman - he was a big hit and the staff just loved him. He traveled to both events over the weekend and got lots and lots of pets - his favorite thing! Everyone commented on how soft he was. His most favorite part of the weekend was meeting Santa! I just had to include this picture because Preston looks so happy! He can be camera shy at times but this one really captures his spirit - I think it's my all time favorite of him! I heard him ask Santa for a new stuffed pheasant for Christmas, which is one of his favorite toys. Little does he know, I have a direct connection to the big guy so his wish might just come true! :)

Preston has been in foster care for three months and we really can't believe he's still available for adoption. It's true he has some requirements and needs but he is such a wonderful boy! He's by far the easiest foster we've had. As we've gotten to know him, and he's settled in more, we've learned that Preston doesn't necessarily need a female in his forever home. He was very attached to me in the beginning, but now he's Foster Dad's best friend! Preston can be found going to him for pets almost more than me these days. It's so great to see how much they've bonded.

Preston will be out and about later this month, so please check back often to see which events he plans to hit up. In the meantime, please contact your placement advisor if you're interested in meeting this sweet guy!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Preston looks so happy, doesn't he?! That's because I just let him in on a little secret - he gets to meet Santa this weekend!! He's such a good boy - I wonder what he'll ask for this year?! :)

If you'd like to meet this happy boy - and give him a few belly rubs - he'll be out and about all weekend long. Please stop by the Rochester Petco on Saturday December 1st and meet Preston between 12-2. He'll also be at the Plymouth Petsmart on Sunday the 2nd from 2-4. He's getting groomed on Friday so he'll look extra special for his pictures with Santa! And perhaps he'll catch the eye of his forever family, too. :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hi everyone – it’s Preston again! I’m excited to write another update and tell you all the latest news about myself. I’m fully transitioned to a grain free food and I’ve also lost a couple pounds – it’s given me a little extra spunk and I love it! I love to run around the yard when we go outside – I used to be the first one in after a potty break, but now I take my time and do a few extra laps around the yard with Bauer. We have so much fun! Speaking of fun, did I tell you how much I love my Foster Dad?! He is so much fun to hang out with – he even lets me watch the Vikings game with him!

I am a very lucky boy because my foster family lives close to a state park. The other day we all went hiking - I can’t remember ever having so much fun!! They had a long leash on me, so I could still stretch my legs. Oh boy, I was in heaven! Foster Mom said I surprised everyone because I ran and ran and ran like a 2 year old! There were so many great smells out there and we even saw some deer! I tried to chase them but they were faster than me. I also showed my foster family how much I looooove water! Every time we were near the water, I would try to dart off and take a swim. They finally caught on to my game so they would pick up my leash and keep me close each time we passed the water. I tried to be sneaky and hang back, pretending to sniff something, but they were totally on to me! Foster Mom took lots and lots of pictures and she’s having a hard time deciding which ones to post. I told her she can post more in the future, if I’m still in foster care of course!

I don’t remember if I told you, but I used to go to doggy daycare in my old home. I had lots of fun there. I would also love to go to the dog park, if that’s something you like to do! I get along with just about every dog I meet and I’m incredibly sweet. When Foster Mom takes me to events, people just can’t get enough of me! 

If you think I might be the one for you, don't forget, this is what I’m looking for in my forever home:

Another large breed dog – I’ve been around big dogs my entire life and they make me feel comfortable and secure. 

A fenced in yard is a must – I come from a puppy mill and dogs with my background can startle easily. Plus, if there was a rabbit in the yard, I would chase it and probably wouldn’t know when to stop!

Preferably a home without kids, or at least with older kids. Little ones make us puppy mill dogs nervous so a quiet home is best for me.

If you meet my requirements, what on earth are you waiting for? Your next best friend is right here!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Hi everyone, it's me Preston. Foster Mom and Dad said I could write my update because I have been such a good boy. I'm getting really good at going in and out to go potty. In fact I am so good I have even done it by myself a few times. I really like just going out and running around the whole yard first. Of course I always bring a toy (or shoe) with me!

I love, love, love going for walks. In fact I get so excited that I run around with my tail wagging. I sit right away and they put this thing called a gentle leader on me and I'm ready to go, go go! Foster Mom says I have a mind of my own on walks though. Every time she wants to turn I just keep going straight. She has to nudge me to get me to turn. I guess I just get so focused on enjoying myself I don't pay attention to anything else!

I do have to tell all my fans that I had a mild focal seizure this week. It was noted in my prior home that I had a few seizures that were spread out, but I've never been medicated for them. This was the first one I had in the 2 months I have been in my foster home. I have to say I got a little scared when it started and I hid behind Foster Mom's chair. Foster Dad came down and sat by me and was so gentle and just kept petting me. It wasn't a major seizure as I was still alert enough to pay attention and look at Foster Dad but I was trembling and shaking a bit. I even gave Foster Dad the paw when he stopped petting me while it was happening. Foster Dad said it lasted about 2 minutes and then when we went outside to go to the bathroom I was completely fine. I even helped my foster brother Bauer chase a mean old rabbit around the yard!

Well I better get back to my nap, other than walks that's my favorite thing! Talk to you all later. 

From Foster Dad:

As Preston said he did have a very mild seizure this week in our home. We talked to the vet, who subsequently reviewed his chart and indicated that all the blood work Preston has had in the past has always come back good. He told us that it indicates that this is not a metabolic issue, and for now he is calling this "idiopathic epilepsy", meaning Preston has epilepsy but we don't know why. He felt that the seizures seem to be very mild and so few and far between that at this time there is no need to medicate him. The vet also told us that even on medication his goal for most dogs is to keep seizure activity to one time per month. We are keeping a journal starting with that seizure and will note if he has further ones, keeping note of time of day, activity level before and after, so if possible, we can develop a pattern for a "trigger" of the seizures. That will be helpful in case they do become more frequent or last longer.

While this is important information we wanted to pass along, please don't let this scare you away from meeting this sweet boy. He still loves to play fetch, run around the yard, and go for walks. This by no means decreases his quality of life and he is looking forward to the day his forever family finds him. In the meantime, please enjoy a couple of pictures taken at the last RAGOM event. A big thanks to Devon for the wonderful shots!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This past weekend we took a road trip to Duluth so Preston and Bauer could meet and greet their fans at the Duluth Petco. To say they had a great time is an understatement! Preston loved all the attention and simply could not get enough pets from everyone that walked by - that's our Preston! He gets a lot of interest at events, but unfortunately they haven't met all the requirements he needs in his forever home. Preston is looking for a home with another large breed dog, a physical fence, and a quiet environment without young kids. As you can see below, Preston is a "SUPER" dog! :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Preston LOVES this cool weather! We attended the outside event in Roseville last weekend and he was a busy little bee for the first hour or so. He rarely let Foster Mom sit down and was prancing and pulling her toward every person and dog that he saw. He had so much fun! At home he is zooming around the yard more and can often be found engaged in a wrestling match with Bauer!

We continue to feel Preston would do best with at least one mom in his forever home. He loves everyone he meets, but he is really attached to females. I have Friday’s off, so after everyone eats, Preston comes back and lays by the side of the bed with me. Foster Dad showers and gets ready downstairs, but when he comes up to grab his lunch, Preston gives out a few barks until we let him know that everything’s okay. He was also a little unsure when our Uncle stopped by to visit yesterday. He was pretty shy, and since it was only Foster Dad and Uncle home, he kept his distance somewhat and didn’t approach for pets like all the other dogs were doing. We feel he would have been more outgoing if a female was home with him, to let him know he was safe. He loves Foster Dad, don’t get me wrong – he has even cuddled in the chair with him a time or two!

From what we can tell, Preston doesn’t seem to have any storm anxiety. Yay! It was storming a few days ago and it didn’t seem to faze him at all – we were all sleeping, and he continued to just lay by us on his dog bed. It was also pouring yesterday when we woke up, and he ran outside without any hesitation. He ended up getting pretty wet because he took his time and wasn’t in a hurry to come back in! :)

Preston is a wonderful, laid back guy, who’s as sweet as they come! If you meet his requirements, please contact your Placement Advisor if you’re interested in meeting him.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Preston has been with us in his permanent foster home for almost a month and he’s the easiest foster we’ve ever had! People always ask how we can handle having 4 dogs, but with dogs like Preston, it’s hard to tell we’ve even added to our pack! He’s calm, sweet, obedient, and very loving. He gets along with our dogs very well and fits seamlessly into our routine. He’s potty trained, loves walks, takes his medicine like a champ, and doesn’t fight over food or toys. He loves his humans and will often nudge us for pets. He loves both of us but he is really bonded to me, his Foster Mom. He enjoys going to events because he gets lots and lots of belly rubs and pets from everyone he meets. He’s a dream!

Preston does have some requirements in his forever home and we’re confident his perfect family is out there waiting to meet him.

  • Because Preston lived in a puppy mill for the first 4 years of his life, he’s used to having another large breed dog around at all times. This helps him feel comfortable and safe, so it’s a must that he has another large breed dog in his forever home. He doesn’t care much for puppies and would do best with a dog that isn’t too energetic and rambunctious. He does like to play occasionally, but overall he’s just a laid back guy.
  • Due to his upbringing in a puppy mill, he will also need a physical fence to keep him safe. He does have good recall and tends to stick close to his humans, but dogs with his background may startle easily and we never want to risk him taking off and not coming back.
  • Finally, Preston needs a quiet home without young children. This is a requirement for all dogs with his background because the movement and energy of young children tends to make them nervous. Preston has had no issues meeting kids at events, and actually seeks out pets from them, but for his day to day life he would really love an adult only home or a home with older children where he can feel relaxed and completely comfortable.

Preston has been an absolute dream to foster and we love having him here. He will often put his head on our knee, let out a big sigh, and fall asleep. He is a very loving boy who is waiting patiently for his forever family to find him.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Preston asked me to send a great big thank you to everyone who came to our event last weekend! He had such a great time and thoroughly enjoyed all the love and attention he got. One word that everyone kept repeating was SWEET! Yes, Preston is a total sweetie and is such a love bug! Just look at him soaking up the love from Leo’s Foster Mom – he was in heaven!

Preston continues to do very well in our home. He’s such an easy going guy and gets along great with all of our dogs. He’s found a best friend in Cooper and they are inseparable! They can rarely be found without each other, likely because they are so much alike. Cooper’s about the same age and is a laid back guy just like Preston. They love to go for walks and play a little fetch each day, but inside they just love to lounge around near their people. They also enjoy hanging out while we do yard work. Of course, Preston has to have his favorite toy nearby!

It didn’t take Preston long to figure out our routine. We get up every morning and go for a walk before work. Preston is sooooo excited when we get up and joins in the chorus by thumping his tail against the bed and letting out some happy grunts. He greets us at the door when we get home from work and lets out even more happy grunts. He grabs his favorite toy (or shoe!), races outside to go to the bathroom, and runs a lap around the yard to stretch his legs. Then we get out the balls and play some fetch, which he loves! Of course we have to take a few breaks to give him some belly rubs, but we are very happy to oblige! When it’s time for dinner, Preston will sit and wait for his food until we release him. He is so smart! He takes his Proin with his food, as long as you put a little peanut butter on it before you put it in his dish. J He eats all of his food first and saves his pill for last. Silly boy!

We absolutely love having Preston here, but he’s ready and excited to find his forever family. If you’d like to meet this sweet boy in person, he’ll be meeting and greeting fans at the Multi Rescue Event this Saturday from 10-12 at the State Fairgrounds. How can you look at this sweet boy and not want to love him up?!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Preston arrived at our home last week and we are absolutely smitten! We can’t thank his temp foster family enough for all the love they gave him while he was in their care. Preston sends lots of kisses your way!

Preston now lives with 2 adults and 3 other Golden Retrievers named Cooper, Bauer, and Betty, ages 6, 4, and 2. He enjoys their company and will play from time to time, but is also happy just lounging with his humans. He stays off the furniture unless invited, and loves to relax on his dog beds. He sleeps thru the night on the side of our bed in our bedroom.

Preston had a few accidents when he first arrived at our home, which often happens when a dog moves into a new environment. Everything is new and sometimes they just need to learn the routine and settle in. We also learned we were originally given the incorrect dosage instructions on his Proin, and after looking thru his vet records and visiting the vet, found out he should be given a ½ tab twice a day, rather just once like he was being given. Once we got that straightened out, things started to improve and he hasn’t had an accident for days. I know some people may be scared off by the fact that he has been diagnosed as having incontinence. His condition is mild and most people would be surprised by how many dogs have the same issue and are on the same medication. One of our residents was on it and it is very cheap – less than $10 a month for the dosage Preston needs. You can’t even go to the movies anymore for that price! We also learned his cloudy eye is genetic, as there was another dog rescued along with Preston a few years ago that also developed this same issue. They took their dog into the vet, who believed this condition wasn’t serious and didn’t affect the dog's sight. Our RAGOM vet said the same thing during Preston’s visit.

Preston is a total love bug who seeks out pets and belly rubs. He loves to carry stuffed toys around in his mouth and looks forward to our daily walks. It was reported he was nervous in the car and would get car sick from time to time, however, when he went to the vet today he did well with his foster brother Bauer along for the ride.

We know Preston is going to make his forever family very, very, happy. Here is what he needs in his forever home:

  • Another confident medium to large breed dog to help him adjust to his surroundings. He likes to play from time to time, but otherwise just lounges around.
  • Cats are unknown to us, but it is reported he needs a cat free environment
  • A home with children 12 or older, or an adult only home
  • A family committed to providing the medication he needs. Remember, it’s cheap!
  • A physical fence to keep him safe

Since Preston just came back into foster care a short time ago, we decided to let him relax at home with his foster sister Betty during Goldzilla. If you were looking forward to meeting him, you’re in luck because Bauer has offered to accompany him to the Petco event in Apple Valley this weekend! We are hoping to take a shift sometime on Saturday, so check back later this week to find out all the details. He is already practicing his handsome smile!

Monday, September 17, 2012

We have great news; the vet called today and confirmed the mass removed from Preston’s mouth was benign! No cancer!! What wonderful news.

Today we brought Preston to his permanent foster home in North Branch, MN. This lucky boy gets to run and play with three other dogs in a beautiful fenced in yard. If you think you are the right home for Preston, please contact your placement advisor to set up a meet and greet. You will most definitely fall in love with this boy!

Friday, September 14, 2012

If you are thinking Preston is right for you please contact your placement advisor. He is a great dog and will be ready to go home with you the weekend of September 22nd after his follow-up vet appointment. He just needs to live with another dog, have a fenced yard and adults who love him. He would like to have one if not two human Mom’s, since he is attached to the woman in his life.

Preston went to the vet yesterday for his surgery to have the mass in his mouth removed for biopsy. While he was under the vet cleaned his teeth and removed a cracked tooth. I asked the vet what she thought of the mass and she thought it was promising the mass was just that…a mass.

Preston’s clean teeth

We will know for sure early next week. Please do not let this keep you contacting your placement advisor. Asking to meet Preston will put you first in line to adopt him. Then you could be “checked out” to this wonderful boy until we know the results. I cannot say enough good things about this dog. He is wonderful!!

We knew Preston had a history of eating Kleenex or paper. (Our resident dog does the same thing) Today he proved this. Preston snacked on the aftercare instructions from the vet. He must have like the smell of the paper. We all know the vet clinic can smell like treats and other animals.

Tastes great!

Preston will not be at Goldzilla. After taking Preston to the Chuck and Don’s event we have decided the Goldzilla event would be too stressful for him, but that does not mean he does not want you to come meet him at his foster home.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

Hanging out in the yard

Caught mid-sneeze

Preston and Ally (Preston on the left)

Getting some love

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I wanted to send a big thank you out to everyone who stopped by the Chuck and Don’s meet and greet to say “hello.” Preston did pretty well at the event; he was a little stressed toward the end, but is super glad he stayed. We had two RAGOM Super fans stop by toward the end, just to meet Bear 10-247 and buy each dog treats. Preston says “Thank you” for the yummy treats! He liked getting a take home bag. The bone and meat stick did not last long. Yummy!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Preston continues to great at our house! We were even snuggling with him last night and he was kicking his feet while dreaming.

We took Preston to the vet for his check up and to get him up to date. He weighed in at 64lbs and from his history he is most comfortable at 60lbs. The good news is he is now up to date. He did have a small skin infection which we are trying to clear up with a few baths. It is starting to look better and he does not seem itchy. I have made an appointment for the groomer next Wednesday. Preston also had some troubling news. The Veterinarian found a mass on the upper left side of his mouth. We need to schedule a surgery to biopsy the mass to test the tissue.

Thankfully RAGOM is able to help out many dogs, just like Preston. If you are looking to sponsor a RAGOM pup, please consider Mr. Preston. He could use 3 to 4 sponsors to help offset his vet costs.

We are planning to take Preston to the Chuck and Don’s adoption event this Saturday, September 8th, from 12:30 – 2PM. Please come say hello if you want to meet Preston or just visit with him. We have not had Preston to an event before and some dogs can be stressed out at these events. You may want to come early; Preston can be a little shy and we may need to leave if the event is too stressful.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Preston is a very gentle and very sweet Golden Retriever. It has been an absolute pleasure to have him around. We are able to easily take stuffed toys, raw hides and marrow bones from his mouth. If we touch the toy or bone he will just release his jaw. He has even allowed our resident dog to take bones and stuffed toys from his mouth. We monitor our resident dog, Ally, so she is not stealing what Preston is chewing on.

We will report back on what we learn from the vet when we take him this week, to be updated. However, one thing you need to know is Preston does take medication, for bladder control. He has incontinence and his condition is easily controlled with 1/2 pill daily. The medication is super easy to give to him; he likes to lick the pill up in a ball of peanut butter. (I can't believe I never thought of that before!) Mr. P has not had any accidents in the house since we have had him. He does not have a signal to go outside, but we let him out when Ally needs to go or just when it fits our schedule. They are out in the morning, before we leave to go, when we come back and before we go to bed.

Sweet Preston is a medium size dog around 65-70 pounds and will need to live with another medium sized dog. He does look to our resident Ally for guidance of what is "safe" and what is not. Thanks to his surrendering family, Preston is pretty well socialized. He seems to really like other dogs. He loves the people in his life. He prefers adult female people, but will love adult male people too. He did growl at my husband his first night here, but after we assured him Tyler was "okay and safe" he will now seek out pets and kisses from both of us. It is unbelievable Preston used to be terrified of people and now he has learned to be leery and then trust his people.

Preston has been taught to walk on a Gentle Leader, head collar, and does great. He seems to have pretty good recall and will check in with us. Unless, perhaps a squirrel is available to chase, but this is completely normal in our household.

As soon as Preston visits the vet and is brought up to date on his shots he will be ready to meet his forever family. Please contact your Placement advisor if you are interested in Preston; and you have a resident dog, fence and no small children.

Monday, September 3, 2012

First of all we would like to send out a thank you to Preston's first sponsors... from 2008! A sponsor is a person or family who decides to make a generous donation to contribute to the typical vet costs for a particular dog; some RAGOM dogs end up with multiple sponsors. THANK YOU "M" family for sponsoring Preston when he first arrived at RAGOM! Each sponsor helps offset the vetting costs. Preston is "virtually" nudging the "M" family's hands asking for head scratches to show his gratitude and love.

Preston's surrender family wanted us to include the below write-up in his bio. You can tell how much he was loved!

"Preston, Sweet P, Mr. P....he had a lot of nicknames around here. He definitely had us at hello. We were blessed to have Preston with us for the last 4 years. We were "foster failures" with Preston and ended up adopting him from RAGOM. He came to us from a commercial puppy mill and had a lot of puppy mill characteristics. With A LOT of love and patience, Preston transformed into a soft, beautiful dog with confidence and more love than we could have ever imagined. He truly touched our hearts in such a profound way. He became such an important part of our family and best friends with our other golden retriever, Jackson. Preston grew to love his daily walks and an occasional swim (or rather lay) in the lake up North, but mostly, Preston just loves to be LOVED. He will literally sit for hours if you will pet him. To say we will miss him is an understatement. As his foster said, Preston just didn't take well to a one year old baby climbing on him--who can blame him?! Our hope for Preston is that he finds a home that is really low-key and peaceful and where he continues to get spoiled. Thank you for reading about sweet Preston."

I can assure you, Preston is doing great in foster care and will make one family very happy!! Click here to see the greeting we receive when we get home. We are sometimes confused because Preston and resident dog, Ally, are the same color with white masks and they both greet us with stuffed toys in their mouths. Preston is the first to grab a stuffed toy in this video (Blue Bear).

We also celebrated Preston's belated birthday today, with a traditional cheeseburger from McDonald's!