At A Glance

  • Age: 15 years
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 30.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


Sound the trumpets.  There's royalty in town.  Her Royal Highness Princess Peanut has arrived in Minnesota.

Princess P. was escorted to her temporary overnight foster home in Iowa by her owner who loved her very much. The little 6 month old girl came with a portfolio, toys, treats, food, bed and bells to attach to the door for outside demands.  She is up to date with her vaccinations and in excellent condition as far as I can tell.  Her owner just had too many dogs, so amid tears and hugs left her baby in RAGOM's care.  Thank you for trusting RAGOM.

Princess has quite a history.  Her dad, Liam 08-590, is still waiting for his forever family.  Her mom, Hope 08-591, and siblings Shawnie 08-576, Copper 08-577, and Scout 08-578 have been adopted.  The family was abandoned outside a farmhouse at Christmas last year, found by a good samaritan and surrendered to RAGOM.  Princess Peanut stayed behind, and through no fault of her own, has been surrendered to us.

She has already stolen our hearts as well as toys and bones from Meg, our resident golden.  Meg gives everything up with no hesitation or she teases Peanut with the keep away dance and then eventually drops it. 

Notice who has most of the toy.  Our cat, MiMi and Princess play hide n seek, usually ending with both in the window or behind the loveseat.

Her SO wrote that she doesn't like crates and has never been alone more than 4 hours and that she has had free roam at night.  So, we decided to trust her.  She slept straight through with no accidents.  The fur butts were home alone today for about 3 hours and no problem with destruction or accidents.

She hasn't rung the bells, but she whines at the door.  We have been on two walks around the block.  She has a harness and still pulls.  We'll work on that if we can find a medium sized gentle leader.  I chauffered her highness to Petco today without any luck finding the right size gentle leader.  By the way, she sits in the front seat of my Escape and watches everyone and everything with a keen eye.  Very good, quiet passenger.  We met a very LARGE doberman today.  Peanut expected a curtsey and got snippy when it didn't happen.  The dobey just stood there and watched the royal tantrum and walked away.  It was funny. 

Her highness jumped on the blue couch (a BIG NO) to take a nap.  She is the first foster that has not gotten in trouble for that.  She was so tired and still had her harness on so we let her nap for awhile. 

Now you understand how she got her name.

Tomorrow we set up the required RAGOM vet check up and possibly her spay date.  We'll write about our little Princess Peanut after the dr. appt.


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