Recato 07-163


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4/5/07: Recato is a very sweet ex-puppy mill mom. I have had her for over a week and she is the nicest dog ever. She is very, very shy and loves to hide in her corner. She likes to go on walks, be petted and brushed. Even though she has never been in a house before she knows it’s not the place to go to the bathroom. We are not quite sure on her age. The inside of her ear is tattooed ’06 but she seems more like a 4-6 year old. She had her first bath a couple days ago (much needed)! Getting in the tub was hard but once in, she did great. She is doing well with my resident dog and cats, although she is not really interested in them yet. We are working on bringing this beautiful dog out of her shell. I can just tell she is going to be perfect!


At a Glance #07-163

Golden Retriever Born: March 2002
Female Weight not specified

Status: Adopted


Sponsored by: Friends of Brier Goldens 



4/5/07: Recato is a very sweet ex-puppy mill mom. I have had her for over a week and she is the nicest dog ever. She is very, very shy and loves to hide in her corner. She likes to go on walks, be petted and brushed. Even though she has never been in a house before she knows it’s not the place to go to the bathroom. We are not quite sure on her age. The inside of her ear is tattooed ’06 but she seems more like a 4-6 year old. She had her first bath a couple days ago (much needed)! Getting in the tub was hard but once in, she did great. She is doing well with my resident dog and cats, although she is not really interested in them yet. We are working on bringing this beautiful dog out of her shell. I can just tell she is going to be perfect!



Monday, January 21, 2008

Well, this is so wonderful!!!

I had to send so there can be a final adoption story and the end of Katie's bio.........

What a wonderful adoption............
This is one super family and they adopted a super RAGOM dog.
Another SUPER our lives and hearts forever....she touched many many people and pets.

This story gets better all the time and I want to share.

This is WHY we do what we do---foster. Place a rescued golden in a warm, loving, responsible, wonderful forever home. And to also meet these absolutely wonderful familes all over the midwest, and continue to know them, grow with them and their new rescue dog from RAGOM, and to have these great families pass the word out on this rescue process and just how wonderful it is and how great it works....

We LOVE our Katie so much......and really miss her. We are SO HAPPY for her new parents and home! They are just the best ever and Katie will be happy the rest of her life...


Hello Rona, Tim and the FUR gang,

We are home and everyone is doing REALLY good. The ride went very smooth, in fact @ one point Miss Katie actually had her head on Spirits back/butt sleeping ! ! ! When we got home, I took Spirit and Molly in the house in the back bedroom, opened all of the curtains and turned on all of the lights. Joel let Katie out and walked around a little (she did not go potty) and then brought her in through the garage door. She walked right in like she "owned" the place. We took off the leash and she literally walked through the entire house, from room to room w/o missing a beat. We were AMAZED.... I let the other two out and everyone kinda walked around together. Joel then took S & M out to run around and I prepared Katie' supper, showed her the water, etc. She continued to just check things out and followed me into a couple of rooms ~ each time that she followed me I bent down to pet, scratch, etc. and talk to her a little and then I continued to walk about. Then back on the leash and out we went to join the others ~ we went into the front pasture and let her off leash to run, which she did ! ! ! She ran after the other two for a little and then piddled and then she explored on her own a little and run w/the other two a little more. It was VERY cold so we limited it to about 10 minutes. Back in (through the front door) and more of the same routine. She ate a little supper from her bowl and then decided that Spirits tasted better so I was ready to go have a tiny little chat w/her when Spirit walked up to her, stood next to her w/o a peep and started eating his own food... she just walked back to her dish ~ problem solved ***** About 6:30ish she settled down by her new bed which we moved already from behind the chair to in front of and the pictures show........"the rest of the story".

Joel and I have said over and over, both on the way home and all evening ~ this was truly meant to be, Katie has not only filled a very precious void in our lives but she has created a whole new dimension, in short... we simply love her already. I don't want to get all "mushy" but I have to tell you that "grateful" just doesn't cut it when we try to say how we feel when we say how thrilled we are that you and Katie have joined in our lives.

You two can without exception look back @ the past seven months and say...

Without a doubt ~ job WELL DONE


Enjoy the pictures, there will be plenty more whenever you want them.

Take Care and our Heartfelt Thank You for Sharing Miss Katie with us.

PS: We thought you might enjoy seeing our Markee & Lillith too.



Sunday, January 13, 2008

Recato/Katie had a grooming done last week and she did fine. She went with her golden sister, Cheyenne. My groomer said she did just fine but was a little more fidgety/nervous (last time one of us was there with her a couple hours too). Katie was a little more nervous this time when ‘dad’ left. Not nuts about the water but good manners. When ‘dad’ came to pick up the girls, wow was she happy! Tail going and just ‘dove’ into the truck! Cheyenne got her butt up in after her. So she made a big step here by ‘trusting’ someone will come back for her and she can ‘let it out to be happy’ once she is ‘saved’ from a new place. I think Katie would maybe do well to meet and greet at an obedience class sometime just to see no one will harm her. See other dogs actually trusting their owners. There are not many classes available around here right now.

Katie is wagging her tail a lot more, coming into visit us more and more. You can be sitting at the breakfast bar and there is something ‘wet’ at your hip or if your hand is hanging down….and there she is! All by herself! She does follow Cheyenne too, so if Cheyenne comes to give me attention, Katie is right there…sharing the love! She comes up to me just fine when called and it is ‘treat time.” They all, 4, come in and sit/stay and Katie will come…unknown if she sits and stays by accident or for real!? Takes treats/food ever so gently, cannot hardly tell she does. She sure does like them. Or it could be chicken, turkey, carrot, etc. Katie does really enjoy her walks. When she goes to the big parks for runs on weekends with dad, (I walk a few miles around here in the residential area….and do not load up in truck…I walk 1 (Maggie (white), then 2 (Cheyenne and Katie) and 1 (JJ) corgi (has a tough hip right now). Three dogs load up in truck and go to a park to go for a run. Katie of course is always on lead with her harness. She in the worst way, wants to run off lead like the others…..(She does at the doggy park though when we get there). Katie truly enjoys being outside, sniffing, walking, and just checking out the area. Once in a while she and Maggie will put their butts up and play a little bit. Katie is really liking poop patrol! The weenie! So of course, that is definitely done daily to make sure her ‘diet’ does NOT include poop!

I really think Katie likes/loves it when I just go cuddle up to her on the floor, and watch TV and talk to her…she ‘listens’ and puts her head in my lap, which is HUGE! Her way of telling me I am ok? She is just beautiful now from her groom and smells so good! Katie eats good every day. Once everyone is all done, and after they all go outside ONE more time after breakfast, she will come in and check all the food dishes just in case someone left a morsel! Katie remains sleeping in the lower living room by fireplace at night in her safe spot….wants to come back and sleep, then changes her mind….and that is just fine. I always make sure there are hard bones available and her water down there too, and her flannel sheet she sleeps on. What a total doll this girl is. Making steps every day, ever so small. Someone will have to really appreciate these little steps, manners, looks, etc. to love this girl. I think how wonderful it is that Recato/Katie is in this great program and also to a wonderful sponsor to make all of this experience possible!!! Even in doing another intake here last week for another golden to go into rescue, she was right out there saying “hello, I am Katie and I am fine…wanna check out the backyard?” Made the dog right at home….the lover she is!!!!! Wow…so special.

Katie and Sis Cheyenne

Katie and another safe spot!

Coming up for a love...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

What can I say about this lovely girl? She is doing so well.

Katie really enjoys her freedom out in the backyard with the others and running in the snow. Have to check out if any new bunny balls, left over peanut shells from the blue jays, a bone Maggie/sister hid, and just chase around in general. Sometimes she will roll in the snow with Cheyenne the other golden resident, and it is so cute to watch! Both on their backs just swishing and rubbing away! Have to try and get a photo of that when I can.

She sits patiently and watches me wrap gifts wondering what that’s all about….and sometimes the cutting paper will startle her, she leaves and backs up a little, then comes right back to watch. Katie has the softest mouth of any dog I have given a treat to. Can’t even tell she takes a morsel! Katie loves her walks and of course, prefers a walk with a resident than alone. (We switch off and on with the 4 of them.)

We are taking her for more rides in vehicle while we go run some errands. She still needs coaxing getting in, but once one dog goes in, she follows right in too. She greets dad after he gets home from work, after he sits down she will come up for loves/pets. Same in the morning…we usually have one golden on one side and our lovely Katie on the other. Her head is not all the way up but her tail is happy! And yes, she flutters those wonderful blonde eyelashes and make you just melt.

She is so well behaved, still never, never had an accident…not a beggar, and loves to chew on her bones – or shoes – if you leave them out! A big part is I think she likes to carry them to her big rug in the living room, it is hers, and proceed with chewing…. Katie knows now when I softly ask her did you take the slipper? And see her with it, she knows she is caught….and she just has that ‘look’. Then I give Katie her bone and she proceeds to chew it…. This is such a wonderful golden, so beautiful inside and out.

Her health continues to be great. Sometimes if she lays on her side too long, she will get up and hobble a little bit until the leg is not ‘asleep’ anymore…she almost seems surprised when that happens! Katie does dream a little and it is joyous to watch. I have no idea where she is ‘running to or chasing’ and she makes small little noises… so so cute! I am glad whatever it is, it seems to be ‘good’ dreams. Katie goes back to the beauty parlor in a couple weeks (January) so we will see how she does for a second time…. Her appetite continues to be just fine and she is at a very good weight.

This is a great PM golden who is so wonderful and just deserves the very best!!! Can’t wait until Christmas to see what she thinks of all the kiddies here again! So far, so good… likes her corner when company around but not horribly scared. Just a ‘watchful’ eye and needs to be safe…she does come up to our other two girls who come over too.

There will be the ‘just right’ family out there for her when the time is right. Lots of patience and understanding.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Our Katie is experiencing snow and really likes it. I don’t think she was real sure at first, but she sure ended up liking the snow with the other doggies. She will lick the snow, and run and romp in it. Now with the snow, Katie thinks she can “nibble” on her poop too! A lot more obvious now! She also loves to “nibble” on slippers or shoes if they happen to be left out! She knows when you walk by and see her, that is not what she is to be doing….we then give her a bone and she is fine again. What a face when you “catch her!” A gentle “no” and she is fine. Katie is coming up to us all the time now, sitting waiting for a pet, right along the others. She stills hangs her head down, but loves to be pet and pet, ah….a golden!

Katie continues to have a good appetite and takes her treats ever so gently. We wait until she comes up to us and sits like the others before she gets one. Katie loves her bones. We give her and Maggie the real hard white ones….and she also likes the pig-wrapped ones too. She is so nice to have and no trouble ever. It is so wonderful to see her grow each day….coming up more and more, nudging, loving, and smiling! How great is that! Katie of course always looks forward to her walks and she does prefer to walk with one of the other dogs than by herself. She will look back at the house thinking we left someone behind…..just not quite sure…so cute.

We are better and better meeting people on the way too. We really like taking her to the doggie park where she meets others and goes off lead. She always comes back and/or stays by us… does very well. She is loving the ‘run-free” thing! She is getting more and more trusting and just pure joy to have around.

She and the kitties do swell too. She and Maggie put their butts up and run around the backyard, what a cool sight! She can bark up there at the neighbor dogs too, with the rest of them. A regular choir! Never have we had an accident or any guarding or anything. Just a perfect beautiful golden……… wow… coming so far……….

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our girl is continually getting more friendly and warm to us.  Katie wants to really come up and get some of that Golden lovin’.  Follows us around more, seeing where we are at, and hanging out with the rest of the crew.  During Thanksgiving break she got to go more in the truck to parks on outings versus long walks around home.  Now she thinks everyday we are going to do that.  She jumps right up into the truck, ready to go to a park for a long walk with the others (2 of whom bark the entire way!). She is thinking the doggie park (where we can be loose) is pretty neat deal and people are not so bad, and that the people COME with the dogs…Katie is just coming along so very well, with people coming in and out of the home, new and old noises and understanding she will not be hurt and that there is nothing to be afraid of.  The kitties can come right up and curl up next to her also….that is so cute.  She is just a delight to have around.  Frolicking in the backyard with the others, checking all the new and old smells, or just basking on the patio soaking in the rays!  For a smaller girl, she does have a crisp, lower bark.  She does not bark very much at all….and listens very very well to “quiet please” and she stops. She does listen very well.  Like “no” gently said when she cannot finished someone else’s dog food…(I have one who takes forever to finish!)


Katie’s blond eyelashes and dark brown eyes just make you melt.  Her soft, quiet, gentle disposition is so heart warming and everyday we are so thankful we get to be a part of her life and she is not in that horrible mill place she came from.  Such a Golden beauty, that’s our Katie girl!!!


 The photo includes our other golden girl Cheyenne, who is 11, Lexie calico cat who is 5, and the white border collie/eskie mix, Maggie who is 6 and of course our girl, Katie/Recato.  They were laying by the front door soaking up the rays from the sun!  So there is 4 of the 7 crew!  Sure would be a blast to get all 7!!!!!!!!  Yikes.....


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ahh, our lovely Katie girl!  Such a dream dog!  This past week we have seen MUCH MORE attention, MORE coming up, loving and smiling from our girl.  Follows all over the place.  She has decided going to the doggie park once a week is pretty darn cool seeing all those BOYS!  We have brought in a few different dogs here for a few hours for rescue and she is wonderful.  Katie loves her long walks and getting into stuff she is not suppose to....stuffed toys/end of doggie brush/rug....something soft to lightly tear apart...or, my dog brush with the wood handle.  Man, 2 minutes can do a lot!  She is a total beauty inside and out.  Just making better and bigger steps each week.  She would be happy in a place where someone is home most all the time and of course a pal or two at least!  Walks and lovin' and total commitment......She deserves the best.  A true Golden girl...Slowly but surely we are putting the past behind, little by little!  Just love her...she is so good....just a perfect little girl...




Thursday, October 25, 2007

Some recent photos of Katie, with her pal Cheyenne! Also with Dad. Katie I cannot say enough good things about. She is doing so good. She comes out of her "shell" and loves to be by us, be outside with her buddies, and just be the doll that she is! It at times takes coaxing of course, but she seems very content. This is coming with patience, lots of loving and petting, a good schedule and time. She so deserves the right forever home. Someone who is willing to take the time and truly enjoy all these baby steps; to witness just how far these PM babies can go with a lot of love. It is so heartwarming to know she has come so far from where she originally came from and how rescues DO work so well. All a part of a big team (rescues/sponsors/dog lovers/ to bring these dogs from hell to a wonderful life of trust, love, caring, and that not all folk are bad. I am only guessing here, but watching her all the time and wondering, I bet she was a SUPER mama too.

If you have a BIG heart, time, and a lot of patience, this is one of the most wonderful dogs I have met and have the privilege to foster.




Thursday, October 18, 2007

Katie is really coming up to me a lot now....comes and sits by my feet, waiting for that LONG time of petting and loving....very relaxed with that. So wonderful! Of course there is another dog on the other side too, but she is ready and willing to come to me, follows me around much more in the house, getting more and more used to different sounds, etc. She is used to the cats blowing by her too! She is so willing to come and see (snoop) and see where I am, see if it is ok, and really getting that trust thing going....

I am having her sleep more off our bedroom in the bathroom floor just couple feet off our room and where everyone else sleeps rather than on her own in the den...I want her closer to us, and now I think that is what she is wanting too. I have a large blanket/comforter on the floor with a water bowl of course (I have them all over) and she seems to be very comfortable there. See photos...

Katie eats good every morning and night. She eats right by everyone else no problems...She is very good to go out and potty in any weather....and she has her schedule down perfectly. She loves it outside.

Also, a new one! One day I had all the dogs in the backyard while doing something in the front yard, walk around to the backyard through the gate and my almighty girl ran out and up (about 20' from me) and BARKED! She even had a little hair up on her back! It was so cute....she is so trying I think, in her way, to take care of the yard and area!! Once she realized it was ok and it was me, she WAGGED her tail! It was so cool to see. More and more personality, freedom in her eyes and trust that no one will hurt her, and even going so far as to bark....just warms me all over.

She is coming up and asking in her way, to go for a walk. Again, I think she prefers WITH a dog than without. But doing better and better with that too as far as noises, cars, kids out of school, and smells. Just has that beautiful head up ready to meet the world (to a point of course!). I always use a harness. It takes a minute to get that on and she will bow her head a little yet with getting it on but once on, we are ready to go.

I cannot say what a joy this golden is. Each day she shares with me a little more trust, happiness and just plain being a dog! She has that loving, warm, deep look that just makes your heart melt, along with, of course, those blonde eyelashes!!! I know with the right home, she will really open up and be so happy. She is a very healthy girl and just the most wondrous foster we have had!






Sunday, October 7, 2007

Katie is beginning more often now to ‘sneak’ up and get a pet/lovin’ from us. Once she comes up of course her head is still down, but those blond eyelashes….wow! Batting those eyelashes just gets ya! Once she sees others in the pack getting attention, getting pet, eating, etc., hey, Katie wants in there too! All part of the family and pack!

She still needs to have a leash on to go bye-bye in the truck and go for a long walk at a big park with the rest of the gang but boy does she enjoy it! Once in the truck, hey let’s go. Once at the park, her head up, ready to see what is out there. She has played, and done more ‘frolicking’ in the backyard. Such a pretty sight to see!!! Just knowing what she has probably been through, she is happy, beautiful and most of all, a regular DOG!

We did have a bath last week. After I put leash on, in the tub she went and that seemed ok. Was not quite sure what to think. Once in she laid down, I scrubbed her to which I think the messaging felt real good to Katie. She did not shake (nervous type) or anything while in the tub. Once out, toweled off somewhat, outside and run! Shake and run some more! I think she actually enjoyed it? Once calmed down some, the brushing came (lots of hair!) and she is liking that more, too. Oh, she smells so good! So that was another step in her life where she can trust more and know there are more and more good feelings to learn and try.

Katie has a good knack of being able to take a doggie toy and get the stuffing out little by little, leaves a little “path” and walk around, check to see who is around, and see if the coast is clear (of course it is not…) and keep trying to get that stuffing out… cute. Her mouth and manners ever so gentle. She knows when I say softly, “Katie, what ya doin’ girl?” I think she knows ‘oops…caught, better pretend I was interested the bone!!’….so once again, the soft doggie toys get put away for a little while….and she goes back to hanging out. Then we can bring out the basket and watch her try and do it again, carefully taking a toy out, go in living room and lay with it, and once again, try to get the stuffing out….then once again, POOP, my mom found me out again!

She also enjoys the Nyla bone and rawhides, all of course, while we are around to supervise. She shares very well, no problem (as do the others). She is taking treats better all the time. (The very SOFT golden mouth….) I try and get her to come to me, slow but sure.

Of course Katie girl mimics the other residents, and I believe that is a huge help to her in her emotional growth. She sees the safety with us petting, playing and all the things with the other dogs and figures is must be ok! She still sleeps at night by herself. At times I wonder if she would like to ‘spend the night with us’ and bring her in our large bedroom with the others and just gently lay a baby-gate by the door, and she just sleeps quietly on the floor on a blanket, never a doggie bed. Katie is not particular where she sleeps, and in our room with us and other dogs and cats makes no difference.

Therefore, Katie usually sleeps in living room or den and I keep a nice light on for her at night in the living room, so she can’t worry or be in the any darkness. While I am at work (for 4 hours in the am), they all get to watch Animal Planet! What a deal! Spoiled babies!

Once home from work, I let the ‘herd’ out and off they all go out, potty, and come back in waiting for a snack….all sitting in a row! It is so cute! Every day at least once, a nice walk. I think Katie prefers to walk with one of the other dogs rather than alone. She has truly come a long way with new sounds and happenings in the neighborhood too. I am so proud of her.

We will be making a vet appt. and get our nails cut; and make sure all is well and there is nothing to worry about with the prior tumor that was removed prior to me fostering this wonderful baby or anything else! Katie is in great shape, good weight, nice teeth and just all around super. So a new vet update will be coming as well. When we had our bath she also did not mind at all getting her ears checked and cleaned. So our girl is doing great. Such a love…batting those blond eyelashes, making you melt and so glad to have her, love her and help her and SO thankful she was brought into a wonderful rescue!!!!! As I write now, she is by my feet, dreaming I believe, and perfectly content. Just a wonderful golden indeed.



Sunday, September 30, 2007

Katie is just doing so well.  Each day we make some small steps forward into a ‘normal’ dog world and she is truly loving it.  Lately there have been a few “boyfriends” for her to see and oh boy, does she like them!  I have brought a few males lately into Ragom for rescue, and or/transport, and Katie is a happy camper!  She even frolicked around in the backyard showing them just how beautiful she is!  So fun to see “happy” in her face and that gorgeous blond body!  She showed those nice ‘guys’ just how great it IS to be a RAGOM rescue!  So now we have lots of new smells to check out, oh boy! 

Something else new is we discovered when we got a  little bored, the rug looked appetizing!  Just a ‘little chew’ on the corners!  There is a basket of doggie toys too and it is so cute to see them ALL brought out and laid out all over the place in the den!  Sort of like ‘see, is can drag all these things out, play, and be safe and mom doesn’t care!’  She will chew on Nyla bone, as does one of our other resident dog, Maggie (border collie/Eskie)  Everyone shares just fine.  I also went and bought a couple new ‘soft’ doggie toys.  We how nice is this?  When Katie gets one of those, we can, very quietly, and with great care, take out all the ‘insides’ and leave in a nice PILE, and proceed to play with the now “DE-STUFFED” doggie toy!  Wow, what a great thing to do….and so much fun to pick apart!  So we are getting the toy thing down! 

Also, WITH SUPERVISION, we are really into a couple LARGER rawhides…I do not mind giving dogs those while I am there to watch.  It is funny because one of the ones I got is like a HUGE Leg….(I don’t get ones with knots on the end) and she drags that big thing around like she has a new quest to do!!!  So cute. 

Katie so loves her walks.  With our without a buddy, does not matter.  Holds her head up high, ALWAYS on my right, and is beginning to stop and sniff a little and getting much better with other strange things (People, mowers, etc.) out there.  A quiet ok and consistent pattern of walking by all these things is working out fine.  Another BIG FIRST is when I was getting 2 other dogs ready for our daily walk (I alternate who goes with who), I had her harness and lead ready and she CAME UP to me, and WANTED to go….head still hangs down some and I imagine it always will to get “permission and be very cautious” but how wonderful that was.  Once walked I still bring her “inside” the house and not to take any chances of getting scared out in garage and bolting, not worth it.  I do not think Katie would ever ‘run away’ but she could get scared of something/noise, etc. 

Katie is getting a little more used to being brushed.  She is due for another bath.  I plan on taking her to the vet for a ‘visit’ and exposure, and get toenails clipped.  We will update on that great adventure when it comes…..We also have a BRAVE girl.  We had quite the thunderstorm/rain the other day and our Katie girl, does not mind rain to go out potty, BARKED back at the thunder!  It was cute….She is all wet, barking at the thunder gods and lightening gods….not a lot, just a couple good “ruff ruff’s”!!! 

Katie has a good appetite and would LOVE to finish someone else’s bowl if it has some left over food in it!  NEVER an accident and she is really really enjoying go in and out, in and out of the patio door….amazing.  I need a ‘revolving door!”  She is such a love… sweet and just melts your heart.  She so loves being out in the backyard, chewing a bone, sniffing all the new smells, checking out the birds, etc.  At least there has NOT been another MUSCRAT!!!  Whew.  I call Katie “sweetness." 


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our girl continues to really open up and be more happy and content each day.  She found a muskrat!  Good girl....
When the usual family members are around and come over, she is doing very well, she will leave for a short time to a corner-type place, then come right back out.  She LOVES her supper and breakfast.  She is taking treats much better.  I have discovered she really likes doggie stuffed toys WITHOUT the squeaker and stuffing!!  She will chew on a hard nyla bone, especially when the rest of the crew does.  Katie does so well with her (our) schedule and I think that really helps.  She does so well on her walks and each time, holding our head up higher.  We will go by our self, or with 1, 2 or 3 others.....She always walks on my right, and will only pee on the grass next to us.  She is fine meeting other dogs and cautious but not scared bad when meeting other people either walking, working, mowing, etc.  These are daily walks of course.  It still takes a little time to put her harness on, she knows it is a good thing, yet, you have something in your hand so she is hesitant.  Hook the leash and call her and we are off......yippee.  We are working and trying small commands without being scared.  She is very attentive.  Trust is a huge key with her and we are really feeling that, mutually....

In bringing new dogs home for RAGOM (rescues) which of course have been UTD; she is in love!  Wow, does she like the new males I have introduced and brought over to evaluate, etc.!  She is so happy with new boys!  Oh my gosh...she is the best 'welcoming' dog ever.  She makes them right at home, shows them where the water, toys and the rest of the big backyard is...has her tail up as if to show off in a small way.  Perhaps she is saying "this is a home and I will be happy to show you around and show you coming to this yard is a good thing."  The new dogs are quite smitten with her, comfortable and all goes so very very well.

She still enjoys her rides in the truck to run errands; sometimes by herself or with another resident.  She is quiet all night.  She always goes to her fresh water stations I have around.  Katie is now coming up to us wanting
some loving....check us out, and perhaps assure herself all is very good.  To see Katie go outside and play, feel so good about herself, and hang with the others is just incredible.  She has come such a long way.  She even was playing with a partially deflated soccer ball! That was so fun to watch...

Katie is getting used to being groomed....she is slowly learning the brush in our hand will not hurt her and it also feels so good once we get going!  Ahhhh

Katie likes to lay on something....I have a sheet on den floor, blanket behind our chair (she likes that spot where she is safe and can still watch TV and what is going on!)  She does not lay on a doggie pillow.  We have actually heard her BARK...during the night when windows were open and all the rest of the crew was checking out sounds in the!  She was right there going to protect!

She has met many friends and other dogs and has truly won their hearts too.  What a doll.  What a warm, wonderful feeling to be able to see such a beauty grow inside and out, from such a horrible past.  There is so much hope, and
work, and rewards to have!  Our hearts are so happy for this girl and we are so fortunate to be able to help foster this great girl and watch her grow both inside and out.

We just love her so.  Our little golden girl who deserves so much.......


Monday, September 3, 2007


Katie and her bone.


A true beauty.


All wet! Had a bath and then went out sunning with buddy Cheyenne.


Katie and her friends.



Saturday, August 25, 2007

Katie girl is making great progress I think.  She is going inside and outside with the others or even on her own several times during the day now.  No leash required!  She does check out the yard and trees, etc after being out a short time.  She is just gorgeous when she is out there, her tail is up and HEAD is up and prancing around!  I have YET to get a photo of that…She is fine with neighborhood dogs barking etc. and other backyard noises.  She has never had an accident in the house and I think can go a long time if need be for a potty break.  She again is still enjoying some rides in the truck, either with out Border Collie or by herself… 

She is so easy to walk, and is sometimes going AHEAD of me.  I take turns which dog I walk her with, but once you have the harness on, she knows….she is even fine if we have to in the rain.  We lay on the grass and ‘visit’ and watch the world go by and she is fine with that.  Trying to expose to different situations.  I think Katie even enjoys when the cats come up and see her now too.   

We have let her pretty much sleep where she wants.  She is fine in our bedroom by the others……….and of course, still likes the corner or bathroom floor (tile) off the bedroom however, the ‘family’ room where we spend the most time off the bedroom she really likes.  She is very used to the kitchen sounds, and all kids, grandkids coming in and out (respectful of her and my others).  There is a wicker basket in there with kitty and doggy toys (safe of course) and sure enough in the morning now, they are all over the floor from some LITTLE GIRL ‘investigating’ and wanting to check it all out.  It is so much fun to see when you come out in the morning and she looks at you like:  “hey, I found all the toys again!  Not sure my favorite yet tho!”   

She is great with a schedule which is very regular here. She knows what to expect and is getting comfortable (for her) with it.  She definitely responds to her name now.  Everyone gets along so well.  She does fine eating her suppers…both early morning (with moist or chicken etc) and evening, (just dry).  She is still getting the benedryl 25 mg 2X a day with it.  She eats it right up.   

Katie does COME to me now….slow but sure.  She is really beginning to understand that love, kindness and food come from people.  We do not raise our voices nor put or carry anything large with us.  She does however, accept my purse as part of me!  Katie is such a delight and so beautiful inside and out.  She deserves such a patient and good home.  Someone (or more) who truly understand the baby steps and happiness with having such a wonderful PM girl such as herself!  Her softness and loving eyes….mean everything. We are SO FORTUNATE to foster such a doll.  She is truly beginning and TRUSTS to a point now…very much so.  Doesn’t hurt she is so beautiful!  We love her…What big strides for this girl now……  Wow…what a golden girl!




Saturday, August 18, 2007

Couple new pics of the girl.........she is coming along great.  This spot is right off kitchen where she can watch everything....Such a doll...........In time she will learn to trust I hope.




Thursday, August 9, 2007

This is my first update since getting this lovely angel girl on Monday, August 6, 2007.  She is now in good ol’ South Dakota.  She came from MN with 4 other dogs in a RV and traveled very well.  She also gets along good with other dogs.  Rec/Katie is of course a ND Puppy mill girl and very, very shy.  She has all the usual PM issues/symptoms (shy, does not come to you, worried eyes, etc.)  She will hide under your car once she is near it (at least the first couple times out).  We have made ‘corners’ for Katie girl and she is slowly warming somewhat.  She really enjoys having the other 3 dogs around and cats don’t bother her at all.  She is just a doll.  With the help of our other 3, she goes in and out doors very well.  To get her outside however, you still need a leash to guide her out.  Once out, she is pretty good.  I will come in and watch her and once I am out of sight, or just inside the glass door, she will venture in backyard (big and fenced) with the other troops.  There are times she does better than other times following others around.  She is so comfortable with them.  She truly enjoys the outdoors, but does come inside with no problems.  She will then find a ‘corner’ to venture to.

I am attempting to have different ‘social’ areas with her and she is coming along pretty good.  She sleeps on the floor, yes, in the corner, by my bed.  She had different watering spots (as I do throughout the house) however, she has already accepted the ‘feeding’ schedule our dogs are on and not free fed.  So she eats early am and supper time with treats after lunch and after supper. In one of the comfort zones I have her go to, it is just off the kitchen, I make up her dish, and she can still see my other guys eat and me, but eats just fine.  There are no accidents whatsoever.  She likes Tim.  We both take turns just laying by her and showing her we are safe.  I do think after the initial ‘nerve concern’ she truly likes having someone close…

So far different noises are not all that bad.  Lawn mower ok, fans, barking, and usual sounds of a house.  A door slammed will startle however (of course).  She is such a sweet, beautiful girl….we want to do everything we can for her.  Today we have our first vet check (wellness check) so we will see she how she does.  In taking Katie for a walk with my Golden, she is great.  She wears a harness and prefers the right side of me.  She was ok with traffic sounds (very minimal around here) and other yard/outside noises.  Really enjoys her walks I think.  It has been so very humid here, we have not walked for long.  She sleeps all night and does dream, so cute.  Little noises, gurgles, or something, but I hope it is happy dreams for her!

We are truly so happy to have this little girl.  She, in time, will earn our trust and our love… the best therapy now for her I think are our other dogs.  It will be slow and wonderful.  She is so soft and such a lovely warm, beauty of a Golden.  So glad RAGOM was there for her!!!  Again, we are calling her “Katie” and “Recato” or “Rec” she does not pay attention to at all.  The name really seems to fit!  She likes the ‘ring’ to it!


All pooped!

Katie and Cheyenne girl

Katie by the fireplace

Ready to lounge

Katie with Cheyenne friend

So pretty!


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rec is doing great. She is still pretty shy but comes out of her shell a little more every day. She had her first camping trip last week and loved it. We walked for 10 miles and she still wanted more. Her favorite was to lie in the water and watch the little fish swim by. It was too cute when she dug a hole in sand so she could rest in the cool sand. She has another vet appointment tonight regarding a mammary tumor. It shouldn’t be a big deal though. More to follow…