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  • Age: 8 years, 5 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 60.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Entered Foster Care Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
8/2/2014Physical fence preferred10+RequiredAbsolutely
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Bonjour, potential forever families and RAGOM fans! Renoir is an adorable Goldendoodle who is full of puppy love and energy.

Renoir, born January 23, 2014, came into RAGOM’s care through a Good Samaritan along with 8 other Doodles. He is learning what life is all about and enjoying every minute of it.

Renoir is a quick study and has already mastered doorways, stairs, getting in and out of the van, and so many other things that we take for granted that dogs of this age should know. House training is a work in progress and he is kenneled when not supervised. He doesn’t mind having his ears cleaned, especially when there is a treat involved. Renoir is learning his name, how to sit, come, and not to jump up or give puppy nibbles. He is very easily redirected when his puppy manners are not as good as they should be. Renoir does have a funny quirk that Foster Mom wants everybody to be aware of – when Renny dreams, sometimes his tail will start wagging so hard that you will think someone is knocking to get in! Renoir is up-to-date on his shots and has been neutered. He was such a good boy, he did not even need to wear the dreaded “cone.” He weighs 48 pounds and is eating about 4 to 5 cups of food a day since he is still growing. He will likely go down to about 2 cups when mature. He does have a slight ear infection that is being treated with antibiotic ointment for 10 days.

In the past few days, he has discovered toys and is carrying them around proudly. As you can see, he really likes his Finntastic Fleece Toy . He is also the typical Golden who loves his tennis balls as well!

Renoir loves other dogs and is starting to initiate play with his Foster brother, Maksymilian; a Northstar Great Pryrenees Rescue of Minnesota foster, Oliver; and RAGOM foster sister, Lexi 13-204 .

Left to right: Lexi, Maksy, and Renoir

Left to right: Renoir, Oliver, and Maksy

Here is a video of Renoir playing with the pack.

He also loves his kitty foster brothers, Harley and Buttons.

Here are some things that Renoir will require in his forever home:

  • A family with another confident dog.
  • A family with a fenced-in yard would be the best, but not a deal breaker.
  • A family with children 10 or older.
  • A family who is committed to his training and socialization so that he can grow up to be a well-mannered, well-adjusted dog.
  • A family who understands that he is still a puppy, with lots and lots of energy.
  • A family who will laugh at and have patience with his puppy antics and especially his puppy transgressions.
  • A family who understands that this handsome guy had a rough start in life
  • A family that is willing to share the love, laughter, loyality, and devotion that Renoir has to give.

If you are looking for a delightful, young Goldendoodle who is loving, wanting to please, smart, dog and cat friendly, ready to play anytime, and has a GReat personality – Renoir is your guy! Please contact your placement advisor to meet him.

Renoir here -- Foster Mom, Lexi 13-204, and me will be at Chuck & Don’s in Edina (6821 York Ave South) on Saturday, August 16th, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.Please join us. I might even have a kiss or two for you!

Au revoir for now,

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