At A Glance

  • Age: 23 years, 3 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


This beautiful Christmas Rose is a 6 year old pure-bred registered Golden Retriever who is light gold in color. She weighs 65 pounds which is a good weight for her. Rose was returned to her breeder because she ran right through her previous owner's invisible fence and would then get out onto a busy highway. For her protection, her new foster mom will only place her in a home with a physical fence.

Rose was born on 12/20/98 and has a very distinguished pedigree. Unfortunately, she does not appear to have received any training so far in her life. Rose was under the impression that proper leash etiquette includes trying to wrap the leash around my legs very quickly, including any post within ½ a mile. The Gentle Leader put a very large cramp in her style, very quickly. We will be continuing daily practice on my version of correct leash etiquette. Since I also dislike being laughed at when I speak, Rose will also be learning the meaning of "sit".

Now that we have all the negatives out of the way, Rose is a beautiful, loving sweet, intelligent, Golden Girl. I expect her to be easy to train because she is treat motivated and is very eager to please. She is house-trained and loves toys. She has discovered that if she does it just right, she can have a ball in her mouth and play with a stuffed animal at the same time. Because she holds the tennis balls in the back of her mouth, she hasn't yet figured out how to put more than one in her mouth at a time. But, I expect that she will continue to try, she gathers all the balls together and keeps trying to break the world record for most tennis balls in the mouth at one time. I have put away all but 4 of the tennis balls to limit her frustration!

Rose is energetic and will benefit greatly from regular exercise and participation in obedience classes. My impression after only knowing her for 3 days is that she would prefer to be an only fur-child. However, she does love to play and does get along very well with both her foster sisters, who are more submissive and allow her to hoard their toys.

Rose went to the vet today and is now UTD on shots, has had her heartworm test, and is Microchipped. She has scheduled her girly girl surgery on Monday. Following her surgery, she will be ready for her forever home. This girl is worth a little bit of time so you can teach her to be your perfect best friend. If you would like to meet a Christmas Rose, send an email to [email protected] today. She is just too special to be available for very long.

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