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Rose is a 5-year-old spayed female purebred Golden Retriever. She follows her humans wherever they go, is perfect in the house with free roam (although she has learned to counter-surf), and loves car rides and walks. She is recovering from her second knee surgery and doing really well.

At a Glance #17-217

Golden Retriever Born: December 2012
Female 65 lbs

Status: Adopted

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From: Michele & Scooby
"Thinking of you Sweet Rose!"


Rose is a 5-year-old spayed female purebred Golden Retriever. She follows her humans wherever they go, is perfect in the house with free roam (although she has learned to counter-surf), and loves car rides and walks. She is recovering from her second knee surgery and doing really well.


Saturday, April 21, 2018

Rose has found a perfect forever home! She will have a king-sized bed to sleep in and a vacation home in Florida so she can get away from the cold and snow! (She is not a fan of deep snow!) Many happy tail wags to Rose!

Monday, March 26, 2018

We have opened Rose up for applications! 

Rose will make some family very happy. Rose is a sweet dog who follows her people everywhere and wants to be petted lots! She LOVES car rides. She LOVES walks. She LOVES watching squirrels (she's not healed enough to chase them yet). Rose is a perfect house guest as long as your counters are free of food. We joke that she has a bladder of steel - she doesn't need to pee very often.

Rose will need adopters who will finish her physical therapy and keep her weight on the lighter side of normal for the rest of her life. Rose needs some training, mostly with impulse control. For example, she walks pretty nicely on the leash most of the time, but if she sees people, dogs, squirrels, etc., she will pull like crazy to try to get to them. She really wants to say hi.

She has gotten along with the dogs that have come to visit our house and gets along great with our dog, but doesn't seem too crazy about the in-your-face kind of dogs. Part of that could be because she is always on a leash and some of the dogs are off-leash and running around her. Rose has shown interest in romping with our dog, though (it's not allowed yet), so she could be a good playmate for the right dog once she is healed.

Rose is recovering well from her surgery. We are up to two 20-minute walks a day. We also do extended range of motion (with heat prior and ice afterwards) and sit/stand exercise twice a day. On Monday, we start massage twice a day. Each exercise needs to be done for 4 weeks, so for 2 weeks, we are doing all 3 exercises. She needs to be on a leash - even in the backyard - at all times until she has healed.

Does Rose sound like a good fit for your home?

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Great news! Rose was able to have her right knee surgery on March 1st. We are on week 2 of rehab, and she is healing as expected. She already feels well enough to counter surf. This last time, she helped herself to dog food out of her bowl on the counter while Foster Dad was gone for about 30 seconds.

In a couple of weeks, we can start looking at applications for her adoption. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Great news! Rose had a follow-up X-ray, and it shows that her knee is healing well. That means she can up her exercise a little (short jogging spurts) - at least until her next surgery.

Rose has already increased her exercise amount by becoming a counter-surfer. She has snatched bread twice when we were only out of the room for less than a minute. Rose is training us to keep food up high. Oh, she also scratched up the refrigerator while trying to get to butter that I had on top of it. She couldn't reach it, thankfully!

More updates will follow after we get her in for her right knee surgery.

Rose found a bench to rest on during our morning walk.
Rose found a bench to rest on during our morning walk.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Rose would like to thank her sponsors! Your contributions towards her healthcare are greatly appreciated! Pain medications are expensive, even with the discounts that the vets give us.

Rose is doing so well since her first knee surgery! She was on 3 different pain medications when she arrived at our house and now is down to only one! Rose was having tremors in her face and chomping her teeth, which the vet thought was a mild facial seizure. Since Tramadol can contribute to seizures, we took her off that. (The seizures are less frequent, but she still has them occasionally.)

Three weeks after her surgery, we stopped the Gabapentin, and she is doing fine without it. She currently is taking carprofen (Rimadyl) twice a day, but we may see how she does without that too and use it on an as-needed basis. After her second surgery, she will need some pain meds again, at least for a while.

Rose is on week 4 after surgery. Here is information about the surgery she had.

In case you are interested, here is the rehab schedule after knee surgery:

  • Week 1: two 5-minute walks a day (increase 5 minutes a week, up to 20 minutes)
  • Week 2: range of motion exercise followed by ice
  • Week 3: walks, plus heat, range of motion (ROM), then ice (for 4 weeks)
  • Week 4: walks, heat, ROM, ice, plus sit then stand 10 times twice a day (for 4 weeks)
  • Week 5: walks, heat, ROM, ice, plus 10-15 minutes of massage twice a day (for 4 weeks)

That's where we are right now. In week 6, we can start walking faster and add hills and stairs. After 8 weeks, we will get a follow-up X-ray and see if she has healed well enough to do the surgery on her right knee. When Rose is a few weeks into rehab on her second knee, we will start reviewing applications for her forever family. Stay tuned!

When the surgeries and rehabilitation are complete, I believe that Rose will be a very playful dog. She loves all toys - especially stuffed toys that squeak. She also loves rolling tennis balls around the house. I know Rose is getting frustrated with her post-surgery restrictions, but once she has healed, she will make up for lost time.

Rose's other favorite things continue to be being petted and car rides. She also shows quite an interest in critters - Foster Dad moved a dog bed near the patio door so she can watch for squirrels and bunnies under the bird feeders in comfort.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Rose had surgery on her left knee on December 28th. She is recovering very well and will have a re-check after 8 weeks of rehabilitation exercises. If all looks good, we will schedule surgery for her right knee. As the vet said about her knees, "they are both equally bad."

Rose has lost about 5 pounds! She weighed 70.8 pounds when she went in for her surgery. We think that her normal weight should be in the 65-to-67-pound range.

Rose will need a forever family who is committed to keeping her weight on the low end of normal in order to reduce stress on her knees. Car rides are her favorite thing in the whole world, so a family that can give her a ride every day and provide 2 walks a day (to help keep her weight down) would be great. She needs lots of stuffed animals, because when you come home, she will greet you at the door with one in her mouth while "talking" to you so you know just how much she missed you. Once Rose has healed, I think she may retrieve tennis balls, too. She loves to play with those in the house.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Sweet Rose has been in my care for about 2 weeks now. She did test positive for Lyme disease and Anaplasmosis (tick-borne disease) for which she is currently being treated. She will need to be retested for Lyme in six months. Rose’s first ACL surgery is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, December 6th. If all goes well, the second surgery will be two months after that.

A few things about Rose:

  • She weighs 75 pounds (needs to lose 5).
  • She is up to date on vaccinations.
  • She is microchipped.
  • She coexists with other dogs in the home, but doesn't engage them in play.
  • She is house trained.
  • She does not counter-surf.
  • She loves to go for short walks around our yard. She will pull on the leash, so we are working on that.
  • She wants to be with you when you are home. She will be waiting by the back door for your return.
  • She likes to sleep in the same room as you. She loves her people!
  • She carries around a stuffed tiger she brought from her previous home. She also loves tennis balls!
  • She likes going for car rides.
  • She is pretty laid-back, but I feel after her surgeries, she will have a lot more energy!
  • She loves to be groomed and brushed and doesn’t mind having her paws rubbed! The groomer said she did very well.
  • She shows no guarding of food, toys, or space.
  • During the first few nights, Rose slept in a kennel in our bedroom. We were told she was not used to a kennel, but she went in fine and we did not hear a peep out of her.
  • She loves to cuddle with you.
  • Right now, I’m going to say Rose’s future home will need a physical fence. She is very curious on our walks when we see squirrels, birds, or even deer. If she is not on a leash, I'm pretty sure she would run after them.
Rose loves looking out the window.
Rose loves looking out the window.
Evening cuddle time.
Evening cuddle time.