Rosie 18-220

Rosie 18-220Rosie 18-220


Rosie came from a commercial breeder. She is a beautiful, sweet, and smart girl who is learning quickly and adapting well to her new life. She loves the resident dog who is teaching her so much, especially how to become a Velcro dog. Rosie is still a little skittish when experiencing new things for the first time, but she is curious, a trait that helps her discover just how brave she is.

At a Glance #18-220

Golden Retriever Born: February 2012
Female 84 lbs

Status: Adopted


Rosie came from a commercial breeder. She is a beautiful, sweet, and smart girl who is learning quickly and adapting well to her new life. She loves the resident dog who is teaching her so much, especially how to become a Velcro dog. Rosie is still a little skittish when experiencing new things for the first time, but she is curious, a trait that helps her discover just how brave she is.


Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Rosie has found her forever home!

She will be showered with love and affection by two wonderful humans and two adorable fur-sisters. We will miss you so much Rosie, but we are so happy you found the most loving family who will treat you like a queen. You deserve every minute of it!

Monday, February 18, 2019

Rosie had a happy 7th birthday. She enjoyed her special birthday cake, which she shared with her best buddy/resident dog.

She is such a smart and loving girl. We love the way she looks at us now—when she first arrived she would never make eye contact. Now she holds her head up high and looks at us with those beautiful brown eyes.

She eats well, sleeps well, and is not destructive, although she is a little too interested in our palm tree plant. She is protective of us and barks when the doorbell rings. She is getting used to household noises—she doesn’t run from the vacuum anymore. She still does not like it when her people make quick movements, but she is much more at ease with everyday life now.

She has an appointment to see the vet this week, because she has some symptoms of a possible urinary tract infection.

We are so proud of the brave girl she has become. It is truly amazing how much she has blossomed and our hearts are so happy to see her enjoying the life she so truly deserves. Rosie’s journey to her Golden life will be complete once she is able to share her love with a forever family.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Rosie had a fun time staying with another foster family earlier this month. They have a 3-year-old Golden Retriever who has a lot more energy than our resident dog, so Rosie enjoyed playing and taking walks with him.

She did well adapting to a different house and routine. She absolutely loves her bed, so we made sure to take that along for her stay. Although we have tried to entice her, Rosie has never ventured down the steps to our basement, but she had no issues going to the basement in the foster home.

Rosie likes the snow to romp in and she even likes to eat the snow. One thing she doesn’t like is getting her body and feet wiped off when coming back inside. Our resident dog is trying to show her it doesn’t hurt and you even get a treat after having your feet wiped. I’m sure she will get better at this once it becomes more routine.

Rosie’s coat is much softer now and we see a few “Golden waves” starting to appear. Her confidence grows stronger every day. She is a happy, beautiful, smart, gentle, and loving girl who will celebrate her 7th birthday in a couple weeks. She’s making her birthday wish list, and a forever family is at the top of that list.

Rosie 18-220

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Rosie made it through Christmas much better than we expected. With extra humans in her house, and more noise and commotion, she didn't seem too nervous or anxious—we even caught her taking a nap right in the middle of it all.

She waits a bit before she comes up to someone new, and she's very careful when making her approach. But when she sees a gentle hand reaching out to her, she doesn't back away and seems to enjoy the attention.

Rosie still has her fears—riding in a car, sudden movements by humans, loud noises, and getting her feet or body dried after being out in the rain/snow—but she tries so hard to be brave in these situations. She met her first small humans today and was quite nervous. These were children under the age of 10, and we all know that small children move fast.

Rosie loves other dogs, especially her best buddy, our resident dog. Here is a picture of her giving him kisses.

Rosie 18-220
Rosie 18-220

Rosie will be spending five days at another foster's home, and we hope that will give her a chance to spread her wings even further.

We are so proud of Rosie's perseverance and courage. She is a sweet girl that deserves a wonderful life with a loving family. Are you the family she is searching for?

Rosie 18-220

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Rosie had one tooth pulled, the infected one, and it was decided by the vet to keep the fractured tooth intact for the time being. She did very well during and after the surgery. She ate only soft foods for two weeks, and after healing nicely, she is eating dry food and enjoying treats again.

Rosie must have a high pain tolerance—with both the spay surgery and the tooth extraction she handled it all with such a brave spirit and not a single complaint.

Rosie continues to make strides in learning what the Golden life is all about. She follows our resident dog’s lead in many situations, and is stepping out of her comfort zone each and every day in her attempt to be trusting of humans.

There are still many things that make her feel uneasy (quick and unexpected movements of her humans, putting on her leash, going anywhere near a car, and experiencing new places outside of her foster home), but she tries so hard to be brave and accept new things that come her way. When we think back to the first day she arrived at our home, we are so proud of how far she has come.

Awesome things about Rosie:

  • She is a super sweet girl, who is smart and very brave
  • She has lost 8 pounds since coming into RAGOM – her weight is now 84.5, down from 92.5
  • She does very well with free roam of our home and hasn’t bothered anything other than shredding dog toys
  • She loves her meals and treats
  • She walks well on a leash, with no pulling
  • She loves other dogs and is learning to trust humans

Some things she will need in her new foster home:

  • Another confident dog
  • A regular routine and a quiet environment
  • No small children
  • Lots of patience and love

If you think your home would be a good fit for Rosie, please review our adoption process.

Rosie 18-220
Rosie 18-220

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Rosie is recovering well from her spay surgery. Her incision is healing beautifully and her appetite has returned. While Rosie was under general anesthesia, it was discovered she has a fractured tooth and an infected tooth, both of which need to be extracted. She will have this surgery done this coming week.

Rosie is feeling much more comfortable in her foster home. She no longer wants to be in her kennel, so we have been allowing her free roam. She is handling it well, but does shred stuffed toys. She has realized that dog beds are super comfortable and she sleeps the entire night without a peep, curled up in her new-found bed.

Rosie 18-220

Rosie wants to be near us but is still a little timid when she approaches for pets. She just began taking treats from our hand. She is afraid of car rides, but when our resident dog leads the way it doesn’t seem so scary. The more she rides, the less afraid she will become, especially when we go fun places (and not just to the vet).

Rosie 18-220

We love to watch her run and play in the yard. We are sure we can see her smiling.

All in all, Rosie is making great progress adapting to her new life. She is a sweet soul who has so much love to give. Please stay tuned for her next update. She is working so hard to be ready for her forever family.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Please welcome… Rosie!

Rosie came to RAGOM from a commercial breeding facility. She is a 6-year-old dark red Golden Retriever.

Rosie did wonderfully at her first vet visit. She is up to date on shots. She was given a healthy report, although she needs to lose a few pounds (she weighs 92 pounds). We have already starting working on this with nutritious meals and daily walks. She tested negative for heartworm and parasites. Rosie will have her spay surgery next Wednesday.

Rosie has learned so many new things in the short time she has been with us:

  1. She does wonderfully going through doorways and up and down steps.
  2. She is completely house trained, (not one accident in the house).
  3. She likes her kennel for her quiet time, and sleeps there overnight and when we are away from home.
  4. She is very good on a leash, walking on our right side with no pulling.
  5. She is learning how to playfully gallop around the backyard.

Rosie loves to lay on the family room floor with the resident dog and watch TV. She does not seem to be afraid of noises. We have a road behind our house and she doesn’t even notice a car go by. When we vacuum she lays in her kennel and watches, and we even had a smoke detector go off unexpectedly when changing the batteries, and no issues for Rosie.

She likes toys (even squeaky ones), but she will try to shred the stuffed ones. She is still a little shaky when getting into the car, but rides nicely.

We see Rosie’s confidence growing stronger every day. She needs another dog in her forever home to continue learning that confidence.

Rosie is unavailable until she has her spay surgery.

Rosie 18-220
Rosie 18-220
Rosie 18-220
Rosie 18-220