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  • Age: 3 years, 11 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


8/1/05: I've had Royal (we call him Roy for short) living with me now for about 2 weeks. Sorry so slow to update on him, but we had some work to do with him. Nothing huge, just hair "matters" - namely mats! Poor guy looked like he'd never seen a brush before! So we've had a daily brushing regimen and had a major bathing experience, along with many haircuts! He's been very accepting of all of it. It's got to feel GOOD to get rid of all those mats! He was a virtual BEAR when I got him. The good news is that we know he has lots of gorgeous feathers and a fluffy mane. He just requires some routine brushing, like any Golden does. Now that he's beautiful we can start looking for Royal's forever home.

The good thing about the delay is that he has really come into his real personality! He's very verbal, loves to talk to me when we go out for our morning duty. Also loves to pick up anything on the floor and bring it outside to his "special" place. He has only chewed up one shoe to date - seems he just like to carry things around in his mouth! The kids have quickly learned to keep their valuables off the floor if they want to have them any more.

Royal loves other dogs and pretty much ignores my cats. No altercations with either. He's a little rough, likes to jump, so he could use some training - typical of a young dog like him. He's 2 or 3, as far as we know, and still has some puppy energy and enthusiasm. Loves to play fetch, catch a ball, and swim! He's an all around jock! He likes kids, but can be a little rough, so he needs supervision and obedience training. He loves to go for walks and behaves well on the leash. Again, I would suggest that only an adult walk him until he has more training. He has the basics down - sit, stay, and down and will settle down quickly with a down command. As typical Goldens go, Royal follows suit and is all about making his human companion happy and loves to learn. He has become my shadow, so he is a true companion! I would not like to see him left alone too much, not that he'd be destructive - he hasn't done that, but he was a farm dog and freedom and companionship are crucial to his well-being. (OK, I'm biased - I want the very best for this guy!!)

Royal is going in this week for his vet visit. He needs a Rabies shot and check up. My guess is that the vet will say he needs more exercise to drop a few pounds. He's pretty thick, even after the haircuts!

Royal is a sweetheart, great easy-going disposition, and truly a love to have around! Stay tuned for more updates and photos!

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