Ruby (Kate 19-048)

Kate 19-048Kate 19-048


Kate left the breeding life behind to become a RAGOM girl. She has not lived in a home before and so far is shy and timid in her new surroundings. Because of this, Kate can only live in a home with no children or children age 10+. Kate needs a medium/large confident dog to show her how to trust and embrace being a family member. A physical fence is required to keep Kate safe. Kate will require a quiet family with plenty of patience as she becomes accustomed to her new life. She has no known health issues.

At a Glance #19-048

Goldendoodle Born: August 2014
Female 64 lbs

Status: Adopted


Kate left the breeding life behind to become a RAGOM girl. She has not lived in a home before and so far is shy and timid in her new surroundings. Because of this, Kate can only live in a home with no children or children age 10+. Kate needs a medium/large confident dog to show her how to trust and embrace being a family member. A physical fence is required to keep Kate safe. Kate will require a quiet family with plenty of patience as she becomes accustomed to her new life. She has no known health issues.


Friday, July 26, 2019

We are so excited to announce that Kate was adopted by a wonderful family in the Des Moines area last week. Along with having a new family, she also has a new name: she is now known as Ruby!

Ruby joins a 'doodle brother, Truman, who is 3 years old. She will also have a mom and dad, along with three human siblings that will love her very much.  

Ruby is a great gal and we are so happy that she will be living the Golden life with such a loving family!

Kate 19-048
Kate 19-048

Monday, May 27, 2019

Kate (we call her Katie Kat) became an Iowa gal just about two weeks ago. Kate is a very sweet but shy gal. She loves to poke around outside and lay in the grass. She is very interested in what the neighbors are doing. Kate will need a confident dog to continue to learn from.

Kate 19-048

Kate is a great walker but has yet to take the lead while walking. She stays next to or behind our resident dog. If our dog stops walking, she stops walking. The last couple days she has stopped on her own to take in some smells along the way.

Kate is very easy to walk. She is not reactive to other dogs or other adult humans we see along the way. However, she continues to be shy and hesitant around children. Katie is a great dog who is looking for a family committed to helping her become her best self!

Kate 19-048
Kate 19-048
Kate 19-048

Monday, April 29, 2019

Well, Brave Kate is back home after a stay at the hospital! She was showing signs that she wasn't feeling well and had soiling accidents in the house, which is not like her! She became pretty lethargic prior to her vet appointment.

The vet found a mass in her abdomen so RAGOM said their girl needed to go to emergency care. It ended up being a complication from her spay surgery so the poor girl had to go through surgery again to remove the mass.

Kate 19-048

She is back home, sporting a collar, and taking some medications. The hospital was worried that she wasn't eating while there and said she was really shy. Well, she snapped right out of that when she got home. She ate a LOT and drank water like she had been in the desert for days.

She has been looking me right in the eye without dropping her head, as if to say she is glad to see me and the resident dog. She goes outside to take care of business and wags her tail the whole time.

Kate 19-048

Brave Kate is so sweet and lovable. She even took a treat I was offering from my hand when she got home from the hospital! Even in recovery, she is making gains by leaps and bounds.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Kate had quite a weekend! She is recovering from her spay surgery very well. She started eating again a couple of days after her surgery and now seems to be trying to catch up!

She played with a ball in the backyard this weekend—it was a sight to see! Of course, Kate's style of playing isn't what we would typically see from a dog. First, she went and sat by it. Then, after sniffing it a few times, she carefully carried it away to another part of the yard. She shook it (she sees my dog do that) and she nudged it with her nose.

This may not sound like playing to most dogs’ standards but this is big for a former breeder gal! My dog then saw that Kate was playing with a ball and ran over to join in the fun. But Kate didn't know how to react when the ball was stolen from her. She just turned her head in resignation. Baby steps!

Kate also met another Goldendoodle over the weekend! My dog and Kate and I walked to the neighbor’s house that has a ‘doodle. Once my dog saw her friends she started running and Kate joined in, dragging me along. Kate's tail was wagging big time!

We then went for a long walk altogether, Kate smiling the whole way. She seemed to know that she is on her way to being a dog who gets to enjoy life,

After the walk, we went to their fenced backyard for a little play. Kate ran a bit and wagged her tail, enjoying the attention from two ‘doodles. She continued smiling while in the new yard. She also met a 14-year-old boy and appeared very interested in him.

Kate 19-048

I pushed Kate a bit too hard that night, though. I closed the door of her kennel in the bedroom so she could stretch out on the rug by the bed. Upon waking, there was a chewed up ball next to her—a ball that was not there at bedtime. She had gone out to the kitchen area and chewed up the ball there and had wet the tile floor. Lesson learned from this first-time foster mom...

Another side effect of her upbringing in a commercial breeding situation is her need to clean up after herself. I have caught her trying to clean up her poo after doing her business. I tell her no and she stops. Really need to keep an eye on this girl.

Kate continues to amaze me by her bravery and timid willingness to try new things, as long as her beloved resident dog is along!

Kate 19-048

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Kate was spayed yesterday. Poor girl is still loopy and I'm getting worried because she hasn't eaten! She has gone out and braved the blizzard to take care of business though! The vet said Kate needs to gain some weight.

She still isn't doing well in the car, she gets sick even when she hasn't eaten anything. I will need to take her for drives around the block, according to the vet. He said short car rides will get her more used to the motion.

Kate continues to be a gentle and compliant girl. She needs so much patience and love within a calm surrounding. My resident dog tries to get her to play, but Kate just doesn't get what that is all about yet!

This sweet girl has been around my friend's 8-week-old puppy the last several days. The pup tried to play with her in the beginning but Kate just turned her head from him. Now she will sniff him when he comes by, and the pup seems to understand she just isn't ready for play.

She went for a walk with me and my resident dog this week. It was so gratifying to see her walking! She really seemed to enjoy it. We only went for a half mile, as she still is pretty low energy, but I am very hopeful that she will continue get more active.

Kate 19-048

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Kate continues to make so much progress! Her vet appointment proved that she is a champion of overcoming ear infections—the vet said her ears look great.

Kate has also gone for a couple of walks. No long walks yet, but she loves to go wherever my resident dog goes. And she is exploring more of the house all the time, following us wherever we go.

Kate 19-048

She has been making eye contact with me, knows her name and twirls in a circle, robustly wagging her tail when I come home.

She now loves to sleep on the rug by the bed at night time and needs to be by her pack.

She is getting groomed this weekend and is getting spayed later this week.

Kate 19-048
Kate is such a brave, beautiful girl!
Kate is such a brave, beautiful girl!

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Meet Kate! This beautiful Goldendoodle is a retired breeder momma and is getting ready for her forever family and home. She has been out of a commercial breeding situation for less than two weeks. Kate is a sweet girl who is learning about a world with humans who want her to enjoy life.

Kate tries new things on her terms. She is always watching what is going on around her, seeming to assess the situation. She watches my resident dog to see what her reaction is to people and situations. This is why she needs a medium to large confident dog to learn what living in a loving family is about. She now accepts pets and attention without trembling!

Kate does not like to be left alone in one part of the house when her people and dog are away from her. She ventures out to see where everyone is, and then skedaddles back to her safe spot once she has been discovered.

After a few nights in her foster home, Kate began to howl at night. We think she figured out she didn’t want to be alone! Now that she gets to join everyone in the bedroom at night (in her night-time kennel), she sleeps silently and happily through the night.

We have a webcam set on her and have seen her do some pretty interesting things! One week away from the breeder situation, we left her kennel door open to see what she would do. She went out of her kennel, gathered up some toys, and, one by one, brought them into her kennel.

She also batted a ball around the floor and chased it! She moves rather quickly when there are no humans around to see her. Then, when I walked back toward the kitchen where her kennel is she would quickly go into her kennel and look at me like, “I’ve been in here the whole time!”

Kate enjoys being brushed—or at least tolerates it well. She is shedding a lot right now which could be due to recently weaning a litter of pups but could also be due to the stress of a new home. Some Goldendoodles shed their whole lives and others do not.

Goldendoodles require a lot of grooming. They need to go to a professional groomer every 6 to 8 weeks. Kate’s forever family will need to brush her often. Without regular brushing—every day or every other day—their hair/fur can become matted. Matting is VERY painful for the dog, can lead to hotspots, and will require a “shave down.”

Kate is dealing with a major ear infection right now. She’s being treated for that and is patient and accommodating while getting her ears cleaned and her medication put in her ears. She will be spayed soon.

Kate wags her tail when she sees her people. She doesn’t live with kids currently. She startles easily so it is recommended that kids be 10+ years of age who will respect her fears and needs.

She is not very active yet but she wags her tail while taking a stroll in the backyard, seeming to enjoy stretching her legs and smelling new smells.

This dear girl has not yet been on a walk as she tends to crouch down and appear scared to go near the front of the house. She also has vomited in the car the few times she has been in a car. She needs to get used to the motion of a car. We are hoping this is something she gets over, just like she is getting over her fears!

When Kate arrived, she continually crouched down and cowered. In less than two weeks, she holds her head up and will look at me without putting her head down. She is learning to trust and needs a stable, loving, and patient home where she can continue to blossom.