Russ (Riley)


At A Glance

  • Age: 18 years, 11 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


5/9/06: Hi there, my name is Riley - it's nice to meet you.

Guess I should tell you a little bit about myself and how I came to RAGOM. Back in November of last year I was found running along a big road called the Interstate. Some really nice people saw me, so they pulled over and picked me up and took me to the nearest town and gave me to a nice lady named Michelle at the animal shelter. Turns out that city was Sturgis, SD. Well - Michelle took really good care of me - until the RAGOM lady from Rapid City found me. Guess nobody lost me, so nobody came looking for me. The RAGOM lady, who's my SD foster Mom now, took me to her house on my 169th day in the shelter. She said I pretty much grew up there 'cause I still had baby teeth back in November. But now - I have all my big teeth. Foster Mom says I'm about 10 months old and probably a mix of Golden Retriever and Border Collie. She said I look a like a little fox, and I have the softest fur on the planet and the most beautiful smile she's ever seen. She is always telling me how gorgeous I am.

When I got to my foster home in Rapid City, I was with my friend Delancy 06-181, so it wasn't too scary. He was at the same place as me and she just couldn't leave him, so asked RAGOM if they'd take him too - which they did. We're both very lucky and we sure know it. Del got to move to Minnesota already and lives in a foster home in Mankato. You should read his story, he is a really nice dog - older than me, but nice and he looked after me when we were in Sturgis. Foster Mom says that I'll be going to Minnesota in a couple of weeks too and she is really gonna miss me, like she misses Del. She said that she wishes she could keep us for herself, but then she'd have too many dogs and couldn't help other dogs like me, so I have to go to another foster home like Del, to find my 'fur'ever family.

Anyway - since I've been here - I've made friends with the four dogs that live here and I've been a very good boy. I weigh 38 lbs., got neutered (boy that was awful), got all my shots, they tested me for worms of all kinds and I'm totally worm free, and even got a thing called a Microchip.

Foster Mom wants me to tell you that I LOVE to snuggle, love to play with my foster brothers, especially Rudy - he's a RAGOM dog too. I really like squeaky toys and nylabones. Only thing I've chewed on that was bad, was my collar - but it was laying on the bench, so I decided to see what it tasted like. Just between us - it wasn't very good. I only had one accident (and it was a #2) - because they forgot to let me out after dinner and wrestle time. Boy did they learn their lesson and I'm learning to go to the door so they know I want out. I am very quiet and only bark when I'm playing, I sleep on a dog bed in the big bedroom with everybody else and I'm very quiet all night. In the morning when I first wake up - I check to see if anyone else is awake and if they are, I like to start playing. Foster Mom says it's okay to play, but not at 5:00 a.m. Guess I need to learn how to tell time. When our people are at work, we all get to be in the kitchen and breakfast room behind a thing called a baby gate and we are all very good - but boy are we glad when they come home at lunchtime and after work.

Well, foster Mom says that I have to go play with Rudy, he's getting lonely. I'll see you in Minnesota in a few weeks when I move there. I hope I like it!



Russ (Riley)Russ (Riley)
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