At A Glance

  • Age: 20 years, 8 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


3/10/06: Sam has been with us now for exactly 48 hours. We are just getting to know him. He has made himself very comfortable here with us--a very quick adjustment. He is as problem free as a dog could be. He is 4 years old.

Yesterday he had his vet visit and is very healthy. No skin problems ever, no ear infections ever according to his previous owner. He has been very well taken care of. He even came with a bath and his nails clipped and all of his paraphernalia--leashes, toys, treats and food.

He loves chasing balls. He lives for that. He gets so excited when he knows that he is going out to play chase the balls. If he had his way, we would be throwing them in the house. Unbelievably, he manages to fit 3 of them in his mouth at the same time. The third one sticks out the side of his mouth held there only by his lip I think. He is very possessive with them but never aggressively so. He wants to chase them, but he doesn't want to give them up so that we can throw them. They need to be pried out of his mouth or he needs to be distracted so we can get them. He is very good natured about it.

We'll send more when we find out more about him if we have him that long.

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