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  • Age: 18 years, 2 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


6/4/06: Sasha is on her way to her new foster family in Alexandria. She stayed overnight with resident Golden Kyah and me and the bossy Basset Hound who lives downstairs and I had just had to write and tell you all what a WONDERFUL dog Sasha is! She is very beautiful with some beautiful tail feathering. She is lighter in color and has the sweetest disposition. She is the typical "Golden ideal" that everyone always thinks of when they want a Golden.

Sasha is on the petite side. They will get a weight when she goes to the vet at her new foster home. She attended our volunteer Iowa picnic yesterday on her way to Minnesota. It is my understanding that she did very well at the picnic getting along with all of the other dogs and humans. It was reported that she was growly at another stopover where she spent one night with a foster dog who is rather vocal. I guess if I had someone barking at me and I had just left my family, I might be a little stressed out too. However, since then she has been nothing but sweet and loving to all of the other dogs she has met.

Sasha was a little stressed out last night for awhile and just paced and panted quite a bit but I convinced her to come and lay down with me and petted her for a long time and she calmed down significantly. She met my Golden and the bossy Basset outside and things went well. Then we separated them and she spent some time just with me before we re-introduced Kyah, my Golden, to her again. They are doing very well together. She reportedly likes to be in a crate and I think she prefers the crate when she is stressed because I have a crate here and she did not want to go in it. Since she is sweet and wonderful and acts much like Kyah . .I just spread out a blanket for her on the floor next to my bed last night and left the crate open for her as well. She chose to sleep on the blanket next to my bed and she stayed there all night long. I offered her my bed but she didn't want to come up. We all got up at 5:15 am and went outside to do business but then we all went back to bed and I got to sleep until 9am this morning! How wonderful! At 9:00 both Sasha and Kyah were over at me trying to step on me and lick me and demand that I get up. If I didn't know better I would think Sasha and Kyah planned that!!

Today we plan to take Sasha and Kyah for a 3 mile walk around Lake Calhoun and then she will probably be off to her new foster family. I have not walked her personally yet but have been told that she pulls a great deal so needs a Gentle Leader. She seemed to walk pretty well with the Gentle Leader when I picked her up. Sasha is housetrained, crate trained, knows basic commands, and LOVES pets! What Golden doesn't :) She is somewhat Velcro - typical for a Golden - but hasn't been overly so with me. She was checking out the yard this morning and last night on her own, with me in the yard of course. On her paperwork it says she is used to a fenced in yard and I have a fenced yard and we had no problems.

She has two personality traits that make me smile. First, she LOVES treats. . so much so that when you have one and you ask her to sit she does but she tries to wag her tail when she is sitting and gets SO excited about her anticipated treat that she can't contain herself and is shaking so much that her whole body just wiggles and her paws barely stay on the floor. We had to get a picture but didn't have a digital camera available. Maybe her new foster Mom can get this for you.

Secondly, Sasha has a sock fettish. I don't even know where she got all of them but in one night and one morning she has shown up with about 5 different socks. Doesn't matter to her if they are clean or dirty!

The only thing that has been an issue is that I live on the second floor of a duplex and Sasha was terrified of my stairs. Apparently she must not have gone down a large flight of stairs before. I tried to use Beggin' Strips, which she loves, to coax her down but to no avail. After a while I just had to hold her collar and we took the plunge together. She is better now.. but still requires me to help her down the first two steps, then she can go the rest of the way by herself. It must look scary! Soon she will be able to do a large flight with no fears!

It hasn't even been 24 hours yet and Sasha and Kyah are playing on the floor this morning. I can't believe what a wonderful dog she is. I want to adopt her myself but can't right now. She will make a new family very very happy! I will try to send some pics before she gets to her foster home. If not, her foster will send some in when she gets there!

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