At A Glance

  • Age: 23 years, 11 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


5/29/06: Sassy is a 7 year old, spayed purebred Golden, medium gold in color with a white face. She really is a sweet girl, and has a very playful spirit for an "older" dog. She walks amazingly well on leash with a Gentle Leader, is very trustworthy with free reign of the house, doesn't chew anything inappropriate, and loves her toys. Sassy came to RAGOM from a loving family that travels a lot and lives part of the year in a place that doesn't allow dogs, so they wanted better for her. Sassy has been to the vet and is up to date on shots.

Unfortunately Sassy and my resident dog didn't hit it off. Due to our shortage of foster homes, she had to go to temporary boarding :( until we can find her a new foster home. Note that I do NOT blame Sassy entirely for the conflict between the 2 of them, but it was creating stress for all of us, and they didn't appear to be "working it out". The good news is that, while she was definitely a bit "sassy" with my dog, there were never any fights or bites, just a lot of growly warnings. If you're like me, and not a dog behavior expert, you might not realize that growling is considered to be using "good communication skills", the dog world equivalent of "using your words" instead of getting physical.

So, I have no doubt that with the right family -- certainly as an only-dog, and maybe even in a multi-dog household (I'll leave that determination up to the behavior experts) -- Sassy will be a wonderful addition to a loving family. She is used to being in a fairly calm environment where she gets a lot of human attention. She loves being a part of family activities, riding in the car, playing with her stuffed hedgehog, rolling around in the grass and loves loves loves the water!!! (Sorry she is wet in all the pictures I took, but it has been HOT in Minneapolis!)

More soon on this sweet girl with a sassy side...

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