At A Glance

  • Age: 17 years, 3 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 95.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


June 15, 2012


Shilo arrived at my house on Wednesday evening, June 13. She had been at a temporary foster home for a few days. They had vetted her, given her several baths and combed out a million mats. She had already been spayed. She has no health issues other than her weight. We only need to go back to the vet in a couple of weeks for a booster on one of her shots. Thank you Rhonda!!!

Shilo is a seven-year old female. She is black with the coat of a longer coated the right light she looks like a Gordon Setter. She is currently very overweight. She weighs 92 pounds and she's the same height and build as one of my dogs and he weighs 55 pounds. Her owner was an elderly person that apparently fed Shilo human food. When I put a dish of dry dog food in front of her, she looks at me and I can see her thinking "Are you crazy? I'm not eating that stuff!" We are currently at a stand-off. I'll stop at the store and pick up some decent canned dog food later today and hopefully she'll start her shift from spaghetti and pork chops to dog food.

So far, it seems that Shilo is a bit shy when first meeting new people but warms up once she knows everything is okay. She is very sweet and a very nice girl. She met my two dogs and barely even looked at them, she has seen the cat and ignored her too. She is not a very active dog, probably because of her weight. She has no storm anxiety but she doesn't like to go outside when it's raining or too windy. She is totally housebroken and despite not wanting to go outside on the stormy Thursday, has not had a single accident. She can stay alone too. She seems to have no anxieties.

Shilo was surrendered to a small shelter in Minnesota with her dad Stubby if you were interested in adopting the two of them, we could figure out a way to make that happen.

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