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  • Age: 22 years, 8 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


8/28/05: Skippy is a Golden mix that came to RAGOM from the local pound. He was surrendered by the owner to animal control after a neighbor complained about neglect. The Humane Society was going to take him for adoption after they evaluated him and found how sweet and friendly he is, but none of their other dogs were adopted before Skippy's time was up, so they didn't have room for him. They then called Adopt A Pet for help and they also evaluated him and felt he was a wonderful dog and deserved another chance, but they couldn't find a foster home for him on short notice. They were able to get him a one day extentsion while they worked on other arrangements and then they called us. He was very dirty and matted but happy as can be. A bath and lots of brushing have done wonders for him. He had a 2004 rabies tag on so we called that vet and found out his name and that he is 6 years old and has no health problems. They also said his heartworm test is up to date and negative and shots were also up to date, although the pound had also given him shots and Frontline. We have him scheduled for neutering and micro chipping on 9-1 and then he should be ready for his forever home.

The vet's office said on his chart it says he is a Springer/Golden mix. He is dark gold in color with some white on his face, paws and chest. Very sweet and no aggresion and will let us do anything, like shaving behind his ears, bathing, etc. He doesn't really play much with toys - I suppose he didn't have any - but will chase a ball or carry a tug rope around. He loves to play with Sunny.

He does have one little quirk - he always eats laying down. He drinks water standing up and eats treats standing up but lays down when he eats his dog food. I have never seen a dog do that before. He loves to be with us laying on our feet or sitting with a paw in the lap. We are crating him at night and he does whine for a while but then settles down and is quiet all night. We have babygated him in the kitchen when we are gone with no problems. We will take him to the lake tomorrow and see what he thinks of the water.

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