At A Glance

  • Age: 8 years, 2 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


August 22, 2012

Let me introduce Sophie, a beautiful reddish-gold 8 yr. old PB golden girl. She is full of energy and truly a delight. She was surrendered to a shelter in South Dakota and arrived at our home last week. She did fine on her ride, but she is a bit nervous & anxious in a car. We had several storms the first few nights with us, and she showed no signs of storm anxiety.

Sophie had her health check visit. She weighs 48 lbs; the vet recommends she gain 5 lbs of good nutritious weight. Sophie is presently being treated for an ear infection, and hook worm. Her heartworm test was negative. The vet feels she is a very healthy, strong girl.

A couple days after Sophie's vet check, she received a well needed bath. Sophie was patient with us as we trimmed her feet, combed through mats, gave her a deep scrub-down, and even a thorough blowout with the dryer. She did great! She has healthy skin and a beautiful coat.

From her history, we learned that Sophie does not like cats or small dogs. We have noticed on our walks that she does get very excited, barking and pulling when we meet up with other dogs. She also seems to have a stong focus and interest in squirrels, rabbits, and the like. We have not had any exposure to cats. The shelter said she was around older children, and she did fine.

Our time with Sophie has been great. She does the golden nudge and loves being near us. When invited, she likes to sit on our lap. There have not been any accidents in the house, and she does fine in her crate when we are away. She loves to go for walks. We are working on 'sit,' and she does settle down after she explores a bit. Sophie is very curious. With her focus on squirrels and bunnies, we are working on 'leave it,' focusing her attention back on me, and settling. It is ideal for Sophie's forever home to have a high fence, so she can run and play freely and safely.

If you feel this could be the golden for you, and you're interested in meeting Sophie, please contact your placement adviser. I can tell you, she is a real sweetheart, and we are enjoying every moment with her.

Sophie's Foster Mom


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