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  • Age: 11 years, 5 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


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Kathy & Murphy
"In memory of Sweet Miley Girl"


This dog came into RAGOM from a commercial breeder and has not been adequately socialized to humans. RAGOM requires that any adoptive homes contain a physical fence (due to the risk of escape); another fairly confident medium to large sized dog to role model from (everything is new and scary for them); no children under 10 years old in the home (normal kid behavior scares these dogs). Our goal is to find the forever family for these dogs and our experience leads us to use these criteria.

April 3, 2012

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to "Spirit," one of the MO puppy mill girls that came in 1 week ago.  The "Spirited One" or the one that rendered the glamorous title, "Tempermental" during the Intake process does live up to her name....but...with good reason.  She is strong, courageous, and knows what she needs to feel safe---she is a Survivor! 

Spirit is an 11 mo. old PB Golden Girl and is absolutely as gorgeous on the inside as she is on the outside.  Spirit met our crew with great joy and comfort.  She went from hiding in her crate...

Spirit's Safe Place

to play-bowing and engaging in a game of chase with our resident dogs in a matter of days.  Still extremely cautious around us, she is the complete opposite--confident, playful and adventurous--while  surrounded by our resident dogs. 

Room to Run!

Exploring with the pack...

Spirit and Foster Brother Jonah playing chase!

It took us a few days before we even attempted going outside with her.  She was so fearful of being on a leash, she bucked like a bronco so we contained her to the house and the attached garage became her "outside" for doggie play and potty breaks.  Yes---potty and poop in the garage---but technically---it was "outside" and not "in the house" so it works for us for now.  Spirit keeps her kennel clean and while in the house, chooses the kennel (with the door open) for comfort.  Last night (6 days after arriving) she ventured out to explore freely without scattering across the floor back into the crate at the first sign of noise or movement.  This was a great sign indeed!

Today, we went to the vet.  Spirit weighed in at a whopping 35 lbs.  It doesn't appear that Spirit has had a heat cycle so we are thrilled about that and hoping to get her in soon to be spayed.  No motherhood for this girl!!!  Spirit does have ear mites---very common in dogs that live in tight living quarters with lots of other dogs.  She also is suspect for an intestinal parasite...so we'll have the results on that in a few days.  Other than that---the vet was very impressed with this little lady.  She found comfort in us (which was a joy to experience) and she allowed the vet to touch her, look in her ears and mouth, and give her a good once over.  He thought for a puppy mill girl, she showed great signs of adjusting to this brave new world of hers in such a short time.

Cuddle time with Foster Dad

While it appears that Spirit is "settling in," please realize there are still many trying days ahead before Spirit is ready to be adopted by a family with a fence, another confident med/large sized resident dog(s) to teach her the ropes, and no small children.  These photos tell a story of very good progress thus far...huge baby steps....but also know that everyday we begin anew---If you've seen the movie, 50 1st Dates or Groundhog Day, you may have an idea what I mean :).  Each day, we reintroduce ourselves to Spirit.  She is afraid of us every day, but each day the time it takes her to warm up to us shortens and these are the little steps we celebrate.  This is progress....each day we just hope to touch her and show her love.  And as you can see, this little beauty is going to find her way to the Golden Life just fine....she is AMAZING!

More to come as we continue working with Spirit.  If you are looking for a dog to sponsor, please consider this special little lady!  She is a Survivor and will make you very proud in the days ahead...one baby step at a time!!!  THANK YOU!!!!  

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