(Tammi Rose)


At A Glance

  • Age: 18 years, 10 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 60.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


May 24, 2010

A big welcome to Tammy to the RAGOM family!

Tammy is a former puppy mill (PM) breeding mama and she comes to RAGOM with very typical PM characteristics. Tammy has had very little exposure to the outside world so everything in her new foster home is new and scary. I've had her since Saturday and I am already seeing some glimmer of her comfort increasing but we have a ways to go. So far I can tell you she is sweet as pumpkin pie, loves her people and is pretty easily won over, she is a gorgeous girl with great eye contact and a waggy tail. She's already starting to respond to her name and comes very happily when I call her. She likes to go outside and so far has done all her business out there but wants to retreat back inside to her safe spot quickly but she is getting braver and braver.

Tammy is about 6.5 years old and I discovered after reading over her paperwork that we have the same birthday! Tammy will turn 7 on August 24th. Can two Virgos live in the same house? :)

More updates to come and as I get to know her.

Tammy doing her best to stay outside
and hang out with the pack.

Resident dog Murphy making FM's job even easier
and hanging out with Tammy to make her feel better.
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