At A Glance

  • Age: 2 years, 10 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Woody is a great dog - very handsome - he has a thick golden coat. He is 6 months old, up to date on shots, and currently intact..if you know what I mean. I will schedule an appointment for Woody for a little nip and tuck. Woody is very sweet, curious, and a lover. He has lived with kids and his fur-brother Henry 04-369 all of his life. Poor guy, I can tell he misses his brother. Woody and Henry are not being fostered together, as they are young enough to be separated and cannot be adopted together.

Woody loves to play, enjoys peanut butter in Kongs (who wouldn't??), and is a big puppy. Woody will need obedience training and I think he would do excellent. Yesterday we went for a walk with a gentle leader on and he was the best walking buddy ever. Woody stayed in heel position for most of the walk. This little guy is going to make someone really happy. Woody would love to have a playmate that is at least a one year old or older. He is wonderful with my 8 year old female. He is a little too much for my 13 week old pup Oakley. It is not necessary for him to have a playmate but it would be nice.

Woody would be great for almost any activity. You should see how alert he is when he hears ducks or geese flying overhead. I've never had a hunting dog but I think Woody would be excellent. He would also make a great walking buddy, running buddy, or just a best buddy all around.

Woody is housebroken; the previous owner said that he would go to the door and ring a bell. I don't have a bell but it would be really cute to see. I guess it's a reason for me to go dig through my Christmas stuff. Woody is another one of those perfect dogs that is hidden in a puppy body. After he receives training he will be an excellent dog. Plus, what a better way to get over the winter blues then to attend dog obedience classes? It will give you something to do plus you get to meet other dog lovers just like yourself. I love going to obedience class with Oakley and it?s so fun to mold these guys into the perfect dogs.

This guy is going to find the perfect family fast, so don?t even hesitate for one second and contact placement today.

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