From Lonely to Loved—Mama and Four More Dogs Rescued

From Lonely to Loved—Mama Has Been Rescued
Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Generous donors and volunteers save Mama and four more dogs from China

In March we posted a story about the dogs we rescued from China—as well as the dogs we had to leave behind. One of those dogs was Mama. She'd recently had puppies and her eyes held intense sadness. We never stopped thinking about her.

After reading about Mama, the RAGOM village sprang into action and donated funds towards her rescue. Then a wonderful volunteer family offered to travel to China to help her, and other volunteers handled the complicated logistics.

Last night, Mama arrived safely in America and into RAGOM's care, along with four other dogs rescued from the Chinese meat trade. Mama 19-117C, Georgia 19-118C, Sissy 19-119C, Jovi 19-120C, and Mosby 19-121C are settling into their foster homes. Their rescuers report that they all crave human attention.

Adjusting to a new life

Mama has already enjoyed running and playing in the yard, and she's trying to figure out what tennis balls are all about. She loves the affection of her foster family but flinches around sudden movements.

Mama relaxing at her foster home.
Mama relaxing at her foster home.

Georgia is soaking up as much affection as she can, as if making up for lost time. She delicately nudged volunteers' hands, hoping for a little more love. Jovi suffered a bite wound in China, so he will receive veterinary care immediately. He loves food and treats and craves attention.

Mosby is mellow boy who will need to gain some weight. Sissy is the spitfire of the group. She entertained our volunteers with her goofy antics and generous kisses. She would probably enjoy agility. 

Sissy  en route to her foster home.
Sissy en route to her foster home.

These dogs have been through unimaginable stress and will need time to adjust to their new lives in their foster homes, as well as receive any necessary veterinary care. As each is ready, he or she will be available for adoption and posted on the Adoptable Dogs page. (Please note that we cannot accept inquiries or applications until they are posted.)

Because these dogs have touched so many hearts, we expect to receive several inquiries from wonderful and deserving applicants. Although it will be difficult to choose just one family for each dog, we have to trust our proven adoption process and our fosters to find appropriate forever homes for these dogs and ensure they will live the Golden life they deserve.

Every dog deserves a Golden life

Rescues such as these are challenging and costly, but we believe these dogs matter and deserve to have a good life. We will continue to do all that we can to help more dogs like Mama, who crave the love of a family.

We hope to rescue more dogs in June. Your donation to RAGOM International Outreach will help us rescue up to five more dogs from China's meat trade slaughterhouses.

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