Meet Our Featured Dog: Rokey, a Lovable Goldendoodle

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Learn more about Rokey on his webpage:

Meet Rokey, a 6-year-old Goldendoodle with oodles of love to give. He was surrendered to RAGOM after his original adopter needed to care for a family member and could no longer provide the extra mealtime attention Rokey needs. Rokey is such a playful, affectionate companion. It’s clear he was well loved and cared for by his adopter before coming to RAGOM.
Rokey has a condition called megaesophagus, which means his esophagus has lost its muscle tone and can’t move food to his stomach. The solution? Gravity! Rokey eats his meals in a special Bailey Chair that positions his body in a way that allows food to seamlessly slide into his stomach for digestion.

Rokey sitting cute in his chair.

Rokey has eaten in a Bailey Chair since he was diagnosed with megaesophagus in 2015, so he’s comfortable in it and climbs in willingly and without any assistance. In fact, Rokey sits by his special chair to let his foster parents know when he’s hungry!

Rokey’s food (the same kibble his resident dogs eat) is soaked in water for about 10 minutes until it’s a soupy mix. He loves it so much, he'd eat all his food in a matter of seconds if he could, so his foster parents have to slow him down a bit. He currently eats three times a day, but his foster parents’ goal is to get him down to two meals a day.

Rokey stays in his chair for about 20 minutes to let gravity do its thing. During that time, Rokey loves to get pets or a good light combing while his foster mom sips coffee or wine and talks about her day. Sometimes he even sneaks in a quick snooze! Rokey’s foster mom says that time with him is really special, just relaxing and being present in the moment, and she looks forward to it every day.

For hydration, Rokey enjoys Knox Blox made with chicken broth or coconut milk between meals. He eats them either in his chair or off a spoon. Otherwise, she tries to get him most of his hydration during mealtime in his chair.

After his upright time in his chair, he spends some quiet time in the house for a bit. Then he's off being a playful, spirited dog again, playing with the resident dogs, going for rides and enjoying the regular routine.

Rokey wears a pillow collar to help him keep his head up and avoid regurgitation, which is common with megaesophagus. His foster parents say this has made a huge difference for him. They take it off when he’s running and playing outside, and he happily goes in and out of it as needed. He’s the most easy-going, patient dog imaginable!

Rokey in his neck pillow collar

Rokey laying down looking at the camera with his neck collar pillow

Rokey is tall and weighs 75 pounds, and, in a moment of unabashed enthusiasm, might end up accidentally knocking over a smaller child. For that reason, Rokey would probably do best in a home with kids ages 8 and older.

Rokey with other foster dogs

Rokey does not get on the furniture, is fully potty trained and a great sleeper. He really enjoys playing with his foster brothers and sisters, sometimes quietly in the house and other times playing chase in the backyard.

Rokey running and playing

Rokey playing with another dog in the snow

Rokey will occasionally bark when there's something to alert to but overall, he’s not a barker. A delivery truck can come and go without so much as a peep from Rokey. He does, however, have an endearing habit of roo-roo-rooing when he's happy, which melts his foster parents’ hearts.

Rokey by the fence

Rokey in the yard

Rokey has so much love to give. And while it's easy to focus on his special feeding requirement, what's really special about him is his charm and ability to connect with people and enjoy life. He’s patient, happy, easy-going and playful. He loves life. He’ll be the perfect companion pup for his lucky adopters.

Close up of rokey's cute doggie face

If you’re lucky enough to adopt Rokey, here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Gets along well with other dogs and cats (likes the dogs, ignores the cats)
  • Good with children 8+ (Rokey’s a tall boy so he might accidentally knock down little ones)
  • Potty trained
  • Loving, affectionate, bright, active, happy and loves his people
  • Needs a few extra minutes at mealtime and a fenced yard