News Release

RAGOM Rescues Golden Retrievers from Turkey and Names Them After U.S. Olympic Gold Medalists

April 17, 2018

Contact: Marti Jones [email protected]

Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest (RAGOM) will rescue nine Golden Retrievers from Istanbul, Turkey where they had been abandoned to live on the streets and in the forests. More than 1,000 homeless Goldens are struggling to survive in Turkey, and the Turkish shelters are full. RAGOM has rescued almost 100 of these Golden Retrievers since September 2015. When the dogs arrive in Minnesota, they stay with foster families who love and care for them until RAGOM finds their forever homes with adoptive families.

In this Olympic year, RAGOM found it fitting to honor the U.S. Olympians who brought home gold with Golden Retriever namesakes. The boys—Shuster, Landy, George, and Hamilton—represent the U.S. men’s curling team. Meg, Jess, Mikaela (Miki), Chloe, and Kiki are named after female Olympic gold medalists.

“This rescue focuses on hope and optimism, exactly what our Olympians represent, which is why we named them after the champions,” said Patty Larson, RAGOM’s Turkish rescue lead. “These gold medalists have all faced trials and adversity, and still brought home gold. “These Goldens will overcome adversity as well. RAGOM will see to it.”

The cost to transport each dog from Turkey to the United States is $1,850. RAGOM is raising funds to support the rescue and transport of these dogs to Minnesota. Known for their intelligence, gentle disposition, and comforting nature, Golden Retrievers make wonderful family members. To learn more about the dogs being rescued—and to donate—read our article: Nine Golden Retrievers in Turkey Need Our Help.


RAGOM is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that began as Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota in 1985, with one homeless Golden Retriever in a shelter whose time was up. RAGOM’s founder, Jane Nygaard had her spayed and vaccinated and found her a loving forever home. Since then, countless volunteers and generous donors have stepped up with the energy, selflessness, love, and funds to rescue and rehome more than 9,000 Golden Retrievers and Golden Retriever mixes.

In 2017, RAGOM adopted a new name—Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest—to reflect our dedication to expand our rescue efforts from our original home state of Minnesota to include Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and western Wisconsin.