Did you know Golden Retrievers can suffer spring and summer allergies just like their human friends? 

Typically dogs with allergies will develop seasonal itching and scratching. Their paws, bellies and ears become red, inflamed, sensitive and itchy—and in some dogs, persistent ear infections may be present. Some dogs sneeze, cough or develop watery eyes as well. Goldens can be allergic to pollen, fleas, mold, mildew, certain foods, and other irritants.  

There are ways to provide relief for your Golden friend. First, contact your vet about antihistamines or other prescriptions that will provide some immediate relief. Your Golden might require antibiotics as well to fight bacterial ear or skin infections. (Allergies tend to suppress the immune system.) 

Second, try to identify the irritant that is causing the allergy. If the problem flares up in the summer, you can narrow it down to seasonal pollen or flea allergies. If the problem persists, examine your dog's diet and identify ingredients (corn, wheat, dairy and soy are common allergens in dogs) that could be causing the symptoms. Once you narrow down the allergens, limit or remove them from your dog's environment.

Lastly, bathe and groom your dog often. This will remove allergens and irritants from their coat. It will also give you a frequent, hands-on look at your dog and you can spot any problems early on.