Recent Updates

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Winnie was one of the original 15 Turkey dogs that came to America in 2015 because of the great efforts of RAGOM.  We were very fortunate to have been chosen to be her forever family. Winnie had been found as a... read more
Hello RAGOM! We adopted Earl back in June. He was one of Ava’s puppies. We wanted to give an update on him! Earl is doing so well, we just love him. He has acclimated to our home, family, and even our older dog... read more
It's been a while since I've provided an update on Misty. That is probably because she has been a busy girl! Our little Misty is a bit of a celebrity in these parts! She was on Kare11 news earlier this month... read more

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Harvey settled into his new foster home right away. He used his foster dad as a bed. He also snuggled with his foster baby. Therefore, Harvey is kid- and baby-friendly as well as cat-friendly. Then he went to St... read more

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Carley moved to a new foster home last week. Her previous foster felt that a change in location might enable her to make more progress. read more

Monday, September 16, 2019

Carli Rose has been adopted by a wonderful couple who have had other rescue dogs in their family. She has a new sister, Elsa, who promises to be a good big sister and continue to show Carli Rose how to have fun... read more
We are absolutely heartbroken to say goodbye to Jade at the age of 5 years old due to an aggressive form of cancer. Jade was a sweet, wonderful, loving dog and was such a character. She was a very vocal dog that... read more
Cara has discovered her voice.  She is excited when mealtime has arrived. It begins when she spies the bowls being picked up and progresses to barking, doing a little dance with the head and tail held high. Cara... read more

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Mimi got lucky and the perfect family has adopted her. She has a well-adjusted canine sister and two humans who are already in love with her. She has been renamed Lola. She came so far during her time with us.... read more
It's been a few weeks since we first met Bonnie and now that she's settled in, she's showing a lot more of her affectionate side -- she's perfected the soulful look and specializes in using that to get treats.... read more
Chester, now named Gus, went to his furever home yesterday. His new family, Debra, Doug, and fur brother Chance, were excited to bring Gus home and thought he would be a great addition to their family. Debra and... read more
Since our last update, Florence/Katy has now been spayed. She did well and has recovered just fine. It's always so good to have “this procedure” behind us. No more breeding babies. She is making progress getting... read more

Friday, September 13, 2019

Precious Greta was adopted and is getting all settled in her new home. Along with mom and dad, she has two teenage boys to dote on her and snuggle with. Artie, the very curious cat, is not quite sure he wants to... read more

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Leo is such a wonderful boy! His world has changed so much in less than a week’s time. On Thursday, September 5, he boarded an airplane from Seoul South Korea and landed in Chicago more than 15 hours later. He... read more
Hello—it’s Gracie! I thought I better help Foster Mom with her update about ME. I was so disappointed I had to miss Goldzilla last weekend. I know it would have been so much fun, but since I’d had my last... read more

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Cubby has been with us almost two weeks and has settled in nicely. Every day he seems to get cuter as he is more trusting of his new home, us and the dogs. We have not introduced him to any other dogs since... read more
Just a quick update for Morgan: This boy will only go up or down one or two steps and will refuse to do any more. So a home that doesn't require Morgan to use stairs indoors or to exit/enter the house would be... read more

Sunday, September 8, 2019

It’s been a while since we gave an update on Stella (Malibu). Stella has charmed the entire household with her sweetness and her crazy puppy zoomies. No matter how much activity she has during the day to keep... read more
Rufus has found his forever home. He is joining a wonderful family with older kids and Toby, another former RAGOM dog. He now has a playmate to play chase and ball with. Rufus finds himself in a home with people... read more
Otis and Missy 19-051 are a bonded pair of senior Goldens. They came into RAGOM’s care after their world was turned upside down when their owner passed away and they were taken by animal control to a shelter in... read more
Missy and Otis 19-052 are a bonded pair of senior Goldens. They came into RAGOM’s care after their world was turned upside down when their owner passed away and they were taken by animal control to a shelter in... read more

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Today Harvey went for a car ride to the RAGOM volunteer picnic. He enjoyed meeting many dogs and getting petted by lots of dog-loving people. He got his own homemade pup cup and lots of treats, and he shared his... read more
Just wanted to give an update on Buddy, FKA Jake 06-549. Adopted as a 14-month-old pup, Buddy has been my constant partner through thick and thin. He will turn 14 this October and I relish the times yet to come... read more
Leo comes to us from Korea. He was found as a stray and is estimated to be 3 years old. Leo is a large boy with big feet and a blocky head. He is as sweet as can be and loves everyone. He met the resident dogs... read more
Florence/Katy is a very petite, dark red retired breeding girl. Katy remains shy yet. This will take time and patience. She will need a quieter home. No small children. She still enjoys the safety of her crate... read more