Event Coordinator

Team: Events

Role Overview

Event Coordinators plan, schedule, and conduct public events for a specific geographic area to increase awareness of RAGOM and its mission, as well as recruit volunteers, donors, and adopters. Public events are held at established and new locations including Petco and Chuck & Don's. Time commitment: approximately 3 - 4 hours per event.


    • Manage local events.
    • Partner with pet stores and other businesses to schedule and coordinate public events.
    • Ensure proper volunteer staffing for each event.
    • Ensure materials are consistent, reflect the RAGOM brand, and tell the RAGOM story.
    • Ensure all donations or calendar sales collected at events are properly sent into RAGOM.


    • Strong communication skills
    • An understanding of the RAGOM organization and processes

    Interested? Please complete a Volunteer Application or email volunteerinfoatragom [dot] org for more information.

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