RAGOM Volunteer: Annie K.

Annie K. began volunteering as a RAGOM foster in January 2016. She joined the Intake team that summer and also helps to find foster homes for special intake efforts such as Turkish Goldens and auction dogs.

Annie recalls being at the RAGOM office to meet a group of incoming auction dogs in the spring of 2017. "I was learning about these auctions, and to see these dogs come in was eye opening. One of the girls refused to leave her kennel. I tried everything: treats, toys, food, water. Another volunteer and I finally got her out, and she ran to pin herself between the wall and a fridge.

"With lots of coaxing, we got her to go to the bathroom and then safely back into her kennel. I continued to follow her story and watched her grow and learn to trust people in her foster home. She was adopted and is living a great life. Knowing we were the start of changing her entire world really put value to what we do and how much of an impact we make with every dog we rescue."

Volunteer Annie K.