RAGOM Volunteer: Ben and Gail H.

Ben and Gail H. began volunteering in 2012 and are trained as fosters and home visit volunteers. Their adopted dogs ​Artemis (Nick 11-298) and Eddie 13-298 serve as RAGOM ambassadors and accompany Gail and Ben at local events to educate and spread awareness of the organization.

Ben is a web developer and consultant with an interest in local non-profits and saw a need to improve RAGOM's database and website operations. He now serves as RAGOM's information technology manager, supporting the many volunteer teams "who work so tirelessly to bring in, care for, and advocate on behalf of all dogs."

Gail and Ben have adopted three RAGOM dogs. "As fosters and three-time RAGOM adopters, we've experienced first-hand the benefits that rescue can bring to the dogs as well as their families. Just as importantly, we've experienced the professionalism and dedication RAGOM volunteers provide throughout the adoption process." Ben and Gail value the support of fellow volunteers and have witnessed how quickly RAGOM responds when needed.

"One of our foster dogs was so anxious during the transition to our home that he bolted and ran. Countless RAGOM volunteers jumped into action and ultimately helped bring him back to safety. This didn't surprise us, as we'd already been impressed by the care and thoroughness that goes into matching dogs with their forever homes. When we found ourselves eagerly applying to adopt through RAGOM a second time, we were inspired to become even more involved."

Ben and Gail H.