RAGOM Volunteer: Christi and Frank T.

Christi and Frank T. began volunteering for RAGOM as foster parents in March 2006, and also help with transports, home visits, and events. Christi has also served as foster mentor team lead and home visit training coordinator.

Frank and Christi have adopted two RAGOM dogs: Hunter 05-00-146, their former foster dog, and Maverick 13-070, who accompanies Christi on home visits. Maverick also volunteers as a therapy dog who listens to children read and visits nursing home residents.

"We volunteer because we enjoy working with other dog-loving people who are dedicated to helping rescue and rehome Golden Retrievers and Golden mixes. I (Christi) really enjoy doing home visits and meeting prospective adoptive families. Everyone, no matter what type of job they have within the RAGOM organization, plays an important part in helping dogs find their forever homes."

Frank and Christi T.