RAGOM Volunteer: Cindy G.

Cindy G. joined RAGOM in 2009 after adopting a RAGOM puppy born in 2008. Cindy leads the Goldzilla planning team, manages The RAGOM Shop and warehouse, fosters, and takes great photos of RAGOM dogs at various events, large intakes, and play dates with former foster dogs and friends.

Cindy enjoys fostering dogs that have had a rough start in life and watching them experience love for the first time and learn to trust. Her two adopted RAGOM dogs, both Goldendoodles, are wonderful teachers and companions for dogs needing extra support and confidence.

"There is a special joy in finding the right family to adopt a dog that has come from a less than ideal beginning. Knowing a dog will be a truly cherished family member softens the temporary heartache that comes with letting them go." Cindy keeps in touch with nearly every family that adopts one of her fosters and sees many for play dates and dogsitting.

"I enjoy volunteering and working hard with a team of people to put on our fantastic annual fundraiser, Goldzilla. I take many opportunities on that day to gaze out on the sea of people and 600-plus dogs and see the smiles on all of the faces. The pure joy seen in the dogs at the event is so worth all the work.

"And the hard work carried out by all of the volunteers on a day-in, day-out basis in all facets of RAGOM is truly incredible. We can accomplish so much as a team that we could never do individually."

Volunteer Cindy G.