RAGOM Volunteer: Kelly B.

Kelly B. joined RAGOM as a foster volunteer in 2007. He's also a transport volunteer and has served as RAGOM's finance manager since 2011. Kelly's first foster Indy (Jacinda 07-253) arrived from a commercial breeding facility in April 2007. "Something resonated with getting a scared young dog that had not experienced life outside a small pen and helping her to blossom."

Kelly adopted Indy, who became a gracious host to the many scared, retired breeding dogs Kelly has fostered. "Some of them come from the absolute worst of conditions, yet they still learn to trust and bond with a new family. Truly a rewarding experience to be part of that journey, even when it takes months to get there."

Kelly clearly recalls driving to South Dakota in December 2012, with three other RAGOM volunteers, to rescue more than 30 dogs and puppies the USDA seized from a breeder due to health and safety violations. "The hard part was knowing that cold December night that we were leaving with less than half of the dogs on the property." RAGOM subsequently rescued two more groups from the same breeder. 

"We filled our three vehicles with all the dogs the USDA would allow us to take. We even exchanged our cars with complete strangers from a nearby rescue and boarding kennel and drove their cars to get a second load of dogs. By partnering with fellow rescue groups, the boarding kennel owner, and the USDA we rescued some amazing dogs on that cold December night.

"That is what RAGOM and rescue is all about. You never know what dog you get next. You just know that the dog needs a foster home filled with love, good food, medical attention, and more love."

Kelly B. and his dogs