RAGOM Volunteer: Mark C. and Rosemary B.

Mark C. and Rosemary B. began volunteering as fosters shortly after adopting a wonderful senior dog (Harley 12-384) in 2013 and joined the transport team as well. Rosemary has also helped the foster roster team. Mark currently also serves as a foster mentor, on the foster help team, and on the RAGOM Board of Directors.

"We totally fell in love with our boy Harley and thought we could help other dogs, especially the older dogs who hadn't had many good things happen in their early lives. We swallowed hard and signed up to foster a 9-year-old retired breeder girl (Dakota 13-138).

"Dakota arrived at our house so completely shut down that we had to carry her inside. What followed was one of the most challenging and most rewarding nine months of our lives as we figured out how to help this sweet girl come out of her shell and find a great forever home. We were hooked.

"What keeps us volunteering is not only being able to help these beautiful dogs, but also the wonderful people we've met along the way. We've struck up lasting friendships with other volunteers, with some of the families who have adopted our foster dogs, and with some of the generous folks we've met who help support RAGOM financially.

"We really do feel that we are part of the 'RAGOM Village' that comes together again and again to rescue and re-home these wonderful animals."

Mark C. and Rosemary B.