RAGOM Volunteer: Missy S.

Missy S. signed up as a foster volunteer in 2015 and fostered three dogs ("challenging, but so rewarding"). Then a job change made fostering impossible. So Missy talked to the Goldzilla project manager and accepted a newly created role as Goldzilla Marketing Manager. "Since then, I've continued to help RAGOM with digital marketing and social media.

"I volunteer with RAGOM because I care about rescuing and rehoming our dogs. This is such a great organization with so many dedicated and passionate volunteers. Being new to Minnesota in early 2015, I was also looking for a way to become part of a 'community,' and RAGOM was a perfect fit. I've met and become friends with so many wonderful people that it has truly helped me to feel at home in Minnesota. 

"I also know my digital marketing skills will help RAGOM create and execute targeted, measurable campaigns. I want to help RAGOM maximize its reach and continue to grow its donor and volunteer base. This role also challenges me to learn new skills.

"RAGOM has some extremely talented, intelligent, and successful volunteers who I think of as my professional mentors. I encourage anyone looking to expand their experience and professional network to consider volunteering for RAGOM. It will challenge you in ways you didn't foresee, and it's all worth it!"

Why I volunteer: Missy S.