Why We Volunteer

Why we volunteer
Annie recalls her first auction dog intake and a scared female who refused to leave her kennel. "Another volunteer and I finally got her out, and she ran to pin herself between the wall and a fridge. With lots of coaxing, we got her to go to the bathroom and then safely back into her kennel. I followed her story and watched her learn to trust people. She was adopted and is living a great life. Knowing we were the start of changing her entire... read more
Cindy enjoys fostering dogs that have had a rough start in life and watching them experience love for the first time and learn to trust. Her two adopted RAGOM dogs, both Goldendoodles, are wonderful teachers and companions for dogs needing extra support and confidence. "There is a special joy in finding the right family to adopt a dog that has come from a less than ideal beginning. Knowing a dog will be a truly cherished family member softens... read more
"My focus is working with breeders to help with dogs they no longer want or cannot sell. I have a soft spot for the breeder dogs, having fostered a litter of 4-week-old pups with parvo, to fostering and adopting Willow 12-112, who came in from an auction. My philosophy and hope is to always do what is best for the dog. I am constantly amazed at the dedication of RAGOM volunteers when I've arrived in Minnetonka at 2:00am on a Sunday morning with... read more
"We totally fell in love with our boy Harley and thought we could help other dogs, especially the older dogs who hadn't had many good things happen in their early lives. We swallowed hard and signed up to foster a 9-year-old retired breeder girl (Dakota 13-138). Dakota arrived at our house so completely shut down that we had to carry her inside. What followed was one of the most challenging and most rewarding nine months of our lives as we... read more
Kelly's first foster Indy (Jacinda 07-253) arrived from a commercial breeding facility in April 2007. "Something resonated with getting a scared young dog that had not experienced life outside a small pen and helping her to blossom." Kelly adopted Indy, who became a gracious host to the many scared, retired breeding dogs Kelly has fostered. "Some of them come from the absolute worst of conditions, yet they still learn to trust and bond with a... read more
Frank and Christi have adopted two RAGOM dogs: Hunter 05-00-146, their former foster dog, and Maverick 13-070, who accompanies Christi on home visits. Maverick also volunteers as a therapy dog who listens to children read and visits nursing home residents. "We volunteer because we enjoy working with other dog-loving people who are dedicated to helping rescue Golden Retrievers and Golden mixes. I (Christi) really enjoy home visits and meeting... read more
Tracy began volunteering after the death of her mother, who had become an animal advocate late in life. Tracy then lost her beloved Golden to cancer. "My aunt saw a RAGOM brochure at her vet's office and picked one up for me. Volunteering seemed the perfect way to honor my mom's generous spirit and my Golden, Casey. My mom and Casey got me started. Twelve years later, the dogs keep me going."  read more
"I volunteer with RAGOM because I care about rescuing and rehoming our dogs. This is such a great organization with so many dedicated and passionate volunteers. Being new to Minnesota in early 2015, I was also looking for a way to become part of a 'community,' and RAGOM was a perfect fit. I've met and become friends with so many wonderful people that it has truly helped me to feel at home in Minnesota. I also know my digital marketing skills... read more
Jean enjoys fostering dogs who have physical challenges. While fostering Starr 12-403 and her eight puppies, Jean was aware that Joy 12-418, a young dog with mobility issues, needed a foster home. "The whole time I was caring for Starr’s puppies, Joy was pulling at my heart." The day after Starr’s last puppy was adopted Jean began fostering Joy, who happily motored around using her two front legs and a specially fitted wheelchair for her back... read more
"As fosters and three-time RAGOM adopters, we've experienced first-hand the benefits that rescue can bring to the dogs as well as their families." Ben and Gail have also experienced the dedication of RAGOM volunteers and witnessed how quickly RAGOM responds when needed. "One of our foster dogs was so anxious during the transition to our home that he bolted and ran. Countless RAGOM volunteers jumped into action and ultimately helped bring him... read more