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  • Age: 13 years, 1 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 120.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Entered Foster Care Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 5-28-2014 Not requiredYes 12+Not RequiredYes 
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Who's the new big guy in RAGOM?  Oh, it's Max! Max is approximately 6 years old and was surrendered as his owner was moving into a townhouse. When he arrived at our house, he met both resident Goldens with no issues. He has been here for 2 weeks, and he peacefully coexists with them. There have been times when one of the resident dogs would try to play with him, but he will just walk away from them. If your looking for a playmate for your dog, Max probably won't be your guy. At his old home, Max was an only dog. Max is cat friendly! We have 2 cats here and he will ignore them. My cats are quite relieved as the last few fosters we have had, would chase them. So far Max has been a velcro dog. He will get up from laying down to follow you to the other room. He enjoys being petted, and if you stop he'll give you the golden nudge. Max has had no potty accidents since arriving in foster care. From day one, he also has had free roam with the other 2 dogs, when we are gone. Let me tell you about the obvious. He's a big guy. At the vet, he weighed in at 155lbs. The vet wants his ideal weight to be at 90-100lbs. He has been brought up to date with his shots. He tested negative for heartworm but positive for lyme. Treatment for lyme isn't necessary at this time, as he isn't showing any symptoms. When testing positive for lyme, doesn't always mean it's an active infection. There has been a couple of challenges with Max. Getting in and out of my small suv takes work. Mostly because it's his size. He needs a boost to get into the suv. Half the time he will put his two front paws up and then I'll boost him up. The other half he will pace back and forth, wanting to get in there but just can't. Getting out of the suv is more work. He won't jump down. I'm guessing because of his large size, it might hurt him? With these challenges, I went to Lowes and tried to build my own dog ramp. This has helped a little. I do have to guide him by the collar but he has walked up and down the ramp a few times. Another quirk is the door that we use to let all dogs out into the fenced yard. He doesn't always go outside with the other dogs. At times he will fake us out, meaning he looks like he wants to go out but just stands at the door and doesn't go thru it. If I do want him to go outside and he's playing that trick on us, I will go outside myself and will shut the door on him. I give it 5 seconds and open it back up, and then he will want to join. Like I said earlier, he is potty trained. When he actually has to go, he will go thru the door with no problems. Max is picky about his food. He favors canned food over dry kibble. I have been adding pureed vegetables like carrots and green beans in his food. When he's done eating, I look in his food dish and he picks through it and usually leaves the kibble left in it. But he does eat his blended up veggies! Which should help him with his weight loss. In the backyard, we do play fetch. He will chase the ball but usually doesn't drop it. The only way I can get the ball away from him, if he's sees another ball. I can say he has shown no resource guarding at all. Sometimes he'll go after the same ball as the other dogs, but have seen to aggression at all. I do believe because of his large size, at this time, he should go to a home with kids that are 12+.Max knows sit and shake. We only have a martingale collar on him. I do weigh less than Max so the times I've walked him on the leash can be difficult to control him as he tends to pull and want to look and sniff at things, I tend to get dragged by him. I don't think he would run away, but if he did he's not that fast and tires out easily. What does Max need in his future family? Max will only ask for love but I want a family dedicated to help him with his weight loss with exercise and nutrition. Although he isn't playful with the other dogs, he does get playful with me, he loves people. He is sweet enough to give us kisses!For comparison of size, here is Max with the residents dogs that weight 60lbs vs his 155lbs. 

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