Give to the Max 2018

Thank You for Giving to the Max

Our tails are wagging! You helped RAGOM raise $73,444 for the dogs in our care.

RAGOM Events Calendar

Meet & Greet and Fundraiser Saturday, Nov 17 11:00am Rochester, MN Rochester Pet & Country - South Store
Meet & Greet Saturday, Dec 08 12:00pm Shakopee, MN Chuck & Don's

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Daily dose of our little Rose 🌹 we’ve had her for a little over a week now and this pup continues to show us her personality and spunk! We love you, crazy girl! #Repost @harper_highlights_and_hi_jax with @get_repost
It is give to the max day today and we are obviously giving back to the doggies, because we love them so much! We are donating to @secondhandhounds because they helped us get our loveable, goofy Jax and we are donating to @retrieveagolden because we have a special place in our hearts for goldens and although Harper wasn't from there, she (and all of us) fully support rescuing goldens! There are so many great places to donate today and many charities and nonprofits have matching going on today, so it is a great day to donate to your favorite causes! Where are you donating today for #givetothemax2018 ? We have another #givetothemax match! Former board president Louise D. and Tom T. recently lost  their beloved Meg (Megawatt). In her memory, they have offered a $400 matching gift. Help us reach our Mega goal in Meg’s honor. Visit the link in our bio to help us reach our mega goal for Meg! #rescuedbyragom #ragom #givetothemaxmn #gttmd #givetothemax2018 When you #givetothemax, your impact is immediate and lasting. You're helping create amazing lives for dogs like Mama Tessa and her puppies - brought into #RAGOM just in time, before she gave birth. Visit the link in our bio to help dogs like Mama Tessa today! #rescuedbyragom #givetothemaxmn #gttmd #givetothemax2018 Why do you #givetothemax? We want to read their stories - to understand why you donate to #RAGOM. Because of your love, your support, and your donations, we're able to provide health care, a warm home, and loving families to dogs like George 18-055TD. Will you help us continue our mission by Giving to the Max today? Visit the link in our bio to #givetothemaxmn. #gttmd2018 #Repost @parkermann with @get_repost
Parker, my boy, Wo-Man’s Best Friend #goldenretrievers @retrieveagolden #mansbestfriend