Foster care provides a temporary home that helps RAGOM determine a dog’s needs in a forever home. A foster home also provides the adoptive family with helpful information about the dog to ease transition and ensure a successful adoption. Foster families understand some dogs may have behaviors not typical of a Golden Retriever.

Essential To-Dos

  • Provide food, exercise, and basic wellness
  • Follow RAGOM’s procedures to keep them safe
  • Schedule and attend veterinary appointments
  • Improve the dog’s basic obedience
  • Build the dog’s confidence
  • Work with internal teams as needed

Finding Forever Homes

  • Inspire adoption through weekly updates for the dogs website
  • Evaluate the dog’s needs to determine the best forever home
  • Collaborate with other RAGOM volunteers to support the dog’s needs
  • Talk with and meet potential applicants, their families, their dogs in your home
  • Understand foster care requires basic computer knowledge and skills